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Did your chronic illness insist that you spend your vacation in bed?








Did your chronic illness insist that you spend your vacation in bed?

Before fibromyalgia, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and other chronic illnesses took over my body, I would return home from a vacation feeling relaxed or energized.

At first, my illnesses would require a little more rest while away. Because I pushed through pain and fatigue in hopes of keeping up with my family, I always returned home feeling like death.  It was not unusual for my body to need days, weeks, and a few times months to recover from a week away from home.

Through the years I have not only made changes to how I address and relieve my chronic pain, but I have made changes to how I vacation too!

Here are a few tips to help you better enjoy your summer vacation!

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You See Her and Think……










You See Her and Think……

I have a serious question and I want you to answer honestly……

You see this young girl lying on a park bench, what is your first thought?

Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear or what you know would be most acceptable to be said, but tell me what your true first thought was………

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I am a fighter!











**The aim of this site is to tell my experiences with honesty. Therefore, some blog posts may trigger an adverse reaction. If a post is beginning to upset you, I advise that you please stop reading it immediately and talk to your support team.

I am a fighter!

I have been a fighter for my entire life.  What and who I have fought has changed throughout my lifetime, but my nonetheless I continue to fight.

Not everyone understands why I fight.  In fact, some people will never know the demons I have battled and I am happy that they will never be able to comprehend the torment that I have survived.

I spent my childhood, teen years, and twenties fighting to protect myself from my abuser.  When I reached my thirties, I had finally broken the chains that had held me back for my entire life.  I thought that would be the end of my fight, that from that point on life would become easier. But I was wrong.  In fact, not only did the battle that I thought was over take on a whole new life, but I also found myself at war with multiple chronic illnesses.

I will never be grateful to my abuser.  I will never thank him for the horrendous things he has done to me or my family.  I will never consider myself lucky to have been through what I have, but I will admit that the fight I wish I had never fought is what taught me how to fight for my life after my chronic illnesses hijacked my body.

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Bed Rest Just Got Better









Bed Rest Just Got Better

If I have learned anything in my 20 years of living with multiple chronic illnesses such as psoriatic disease, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and degenerative disc disease to name a few it is that comfort is a necessity when riding out a flare. Not just flares, but also when prescribed bed rest after an injury or surgery.

After being diagnosed with multiple broken ribs and being prescribed six weeks of bed rest, I wasted no time finding and purchasing products that would provide comfort during my recovery period.

The product I am reviewing today has taken my bed rest experience to a new level.

Check it out!

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Say Yes to a Foot Massage!









Just the thought of having someone else touch my feet used to send shivers down my spine.  Then I discovered that when done well, a good foot massage can provide some amazing pain relief!!

You don’t have to book an expensive spa day or give up because you don’t know a massage therapist.  Many years ago my husband, who has no massage experience whatsoever, took it upon himself to learn how to massage feet in order to help reduce my chronic pain.  Through the years his technique has improved and so has the level of relief that I experience from his massages.

Find out why you need to say yes to a foot massage and pick up some tips to help your partner or friend learn how to help reduce your pain!

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Make your bed more comfortable for under $50

How to make your bed more comfortable for under $50








How many nights do you lie awake wishing your bed was more comfortable?

Even with an amazing pain management plan, discomfort in bed has the ability to derail my attempt to sleep, interrupt my slumber, or increase my morning pain level.

Does this sound familiar?

Look, I get that not everybody has thousands of dollars just waiting to be spent on what feels like a selfish purchase, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a good night’s sleep.

First, never allow yourself to think or listen to anyone who tells you that purchasing items to make it possible to sleep better is a selfish waste of money.  A bed might just be a bed to someone who has never had to recover from surgery or was bedridden for weeks, months, or years from chronic pain or an illness.  But for those of us who have, we KNOW that a comfortable bed plays an important role in our daily lives.  That without reaching a restorative level of sleep, our pain increases and our productivity decreases.

Now let’s take a look at some products that are all priced under $50 and that will have you looking forward to going to bed instead of dreading it……..

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How to plan the best summer vacation despite your chronic illness

How to plan the best summer vacation despite your chronic illness









Does the thought of taking a summer vacation get you excited or does it send chills down your spine?  I loved traveling before I became chronically ill.  In addition to yearly Disneyland vacations, I loved exploring new areas in other states or within the ones that I lived in.  Weekend road trips without a destination were my favorites.

Soon after chronic pain became a part of my daily life I began to loathe traveling. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go exploring, instead it became too painful. Not only did my excursions increase my pain while away, it would take weeks and sometimes months to recover from them once I returned home. Not wanting to spend most of my time recovering I opted to stop traveling.

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