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How to reach your daily step goal without leaving the house











It’s the beginning of a new year and you’re excited about the fitness goals you set.  Then it hits you, not fear, not the urge to take a nap, or the desire to quit, but the frigid air that slapped your face when you opened your front door.  You quickly slam it shut and run to hide under your blankets. Then you ask yourself if your goals are realistic, because unless you can walk next to a space heater there is no way you will reach your daily step goal.  The good news is that although I can’t warm up your outdoor temperatures, I can give you some examples of how to reach your daily step goal without leaving your house.

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  1. Get a treadmill

Treadmills are a great option if you have the space.  They allow you to move your body in the same manner as you would typically power walk through your neighborhood.  Some people feel safer walking on a treadmill because they know that if they wear out before their workout is done, they don’t have to figure out how the heck they are going to make it home.  Click here for a list of treadmills that will fit your home and budget.

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2.  Steppers

Steppers are great for those who struggle with walking, but still want to move their hips.  When I first began incorporating walking into my fitness goals, I couldn’t walk for without my back muscles and tendons attacking my spine.  Until I began PEMF therapy, those muscles would not tolerate the motion of walking, so I tried a stepper.  My stepper allowed me to get in a workout without the extra pain that walking across a surface would and increased my balance.  Later after I added daily PEMF treatments to my pain management plan, I was able to begin going for walks.

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3. Step aerobics

Ok, don’t laugh, but yes I am suggesting that you partake in step aerobics! It is a great workout that can be done in any room of not just your home, but you can also take your step and instructional DVD with you on road trips.  Depending on how light you pack, you may even fit it into your luggage when flying.

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4. Dance party

You don’t have to have little kids at home to appreciate this one, but if you do be sure to include them.  Blast your favorite music and dance, dance, dance!!! Dancing will do more than help you reach your steps, it will give you a full body workout!

5.  Home tour

Set a timer and walk around your home.

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6.  Step in place

One of my favorite ways to get steps in is to step and/or jog in place while watching television, cooking, and while doing dishes.  Anytime I find myself on my feet, I start stepping.

How do you reach your daily step goal without heading outside?












Why taking a post trip vacation is necessary for my chronic body

Why taking a post trip vacation is necessary for my chronic body

By Cynthia


My chronic life is unpredictable.  What knocks me down one week might not the next.  My energy level and physical ability varies on a daily basis.  The same is true while traveling, I never know how often I will be able to participate in activities or outings or if I will spend most of the trip in bed.  Nor do I know how much time my body is going to require to recover from each getaway.  For the average person going on vacation equates to escaping their regular schedule for a week or weekend and picking right back up where they left when they returned.  It’s a completely different ball game for the chronically ill.

Many of us are exhausted before we hop in the car or board our flights.  The time spent doing laundry, packing, and planning our excursions decreases and sometimes depletes our already limited energy supply. Then there is the trip itself.  No matter how relaxing of a getaway I plan, it is always tiring for my body because of the prep and traveling involved.  One thing that I can always count on is the fact that my body will require some amount of time to recover before I can resume my “normal” life.  There is no rhyme or reason for how much time is needed, sometimes I am back in action within a day and other times it takes days or weeks to recover.  Prior to learning how to vacation with my chronic illnesses in mind I would be knocked down for months afterwards.  You can learn more about the changes I have made to decrease my after vacation downtime by clicking here.


Although I haven’t been able to eliminate the need of an after vacation holiday, I have found ways to make it easier on myself and others.  Instead of just clearing my calendar for the time spent away from home, I also clear it for the week following.  Sometimes I need less and sometimes I need more, but a week gives me time to see if I will need to extend my after holiday break.  By doing this I also reduce the stress and worry of needing my body to recover faster than it is ready to and decreases how often I cancel plans.  Planning a post trip break allows me to relax, address new pain, decrease pain that I made worse while away, and slowly adjust back to what my body considers normal.  I spend my post holiday downtime allowing my body to rest when it wants to; this may mean taking multiple naps or following an undesirable sleep schedule until my body gets back into its groove.  This time is also for replenishing my body of what I may have denied it while away.  I drink more water, eat healthier, and listen to its needs.  Long hot baths and a massage are musts for me!

Planning post trip recovery breaks has made my returns tolerable and pleasurable.  Do you plan an after vacation holiday or do you find yourself frustrated by trying to force your body into its normal routine?

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Why Exercise is Important for My Body

Why Exercise is Important for My Body

By Abigail


Let’s face it, not a lot of people enjoy working out. I don’t fully enjoy it either. It’s one of those things where people are either “Oh yeah I love working out! I run up 15 mountains a day!” or “Working out? HAHAHA, wait your serious? Yeah no I hate it with every fiber in my being.” One of the most annoying things to go through is when you tell someone you work out and they immediately assume 1 outta 2 things. 1. You’re now a crazy nut who enjoys running across states. Or 2. You’re making it up to seem like you didn’t eat entire pizza by yourself. Now you should be thinking “Those are really stupid.” And you’re right. Don’t get me wrong, there’s probably people who do those things, but it’s not fair to immediately assume these things.


I personally don’t fully enjoy working out, BUT I do like what it does for my body. After working out for a while, I’ve noticed changes that I wouldn’t have if I just continued to lay in bed and play Animal Crossing. I’ve noticed how much it helps with my balance, strength, pain tolerance and many more things. One thing I noticed in particular, which has also been my favorite thing is that I have more energy. I can actually wake up in the morning and not immediately feel tired or exhausted. I’ve been able to hang out at a friend’s house and not want to collapse. I can go to Disneyland and not be sad that I’m already exhausted from walking from our car to Space Mountain.


Yeah, losing weight and being able to carry a case of water into the house is nice, but it’s genuinely nice to be able to do so many things and not have my body screaming at me. Yeah, actually working out may not be fun, but you should think about how it will affect your body and how it can improve your life BEFORE you think about how “unfun” it can be. Also, please don’t push yourself when working out. Make sure you find something that works for you, and heck even if you only do yoga for 5 minutes that’s great because you’re at least doing something to improve your body and life.

What’s your favorite physical improvement from working out?

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