5 Best Outdoor Use Rollator Walkers With Seats For Balance Issues

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I have always been that person who falls off the curb while walking straight on the sidewalk. I fell going down and up staircases all of the time. Throw in a couple of chronic illnesses, and my balance completely went down the crapper!

Fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, and a surgical error resulting in permanent nerve damage in my left leg increased how often I fell and resulted in some nasty injuries. I cracked my coccyx not once but twice!

The worst part is that I didn’t even have to be moving to fall after chronic illness invaded my life. I became someone who falls over while standing completely still! I lost count of the number of times a family member caught me as I began toppling over.

In hopes of reducing how often I fell while away from home, I purchased a rollator. This was way back in 2008 when rollators with seats were becoming a thing. While I was thankful to not have to push around a silver hospital-looking walker with tennis balls on its feet, what was available weren’t necessarily the safest options.

In 2019 I discovered the rollator of my dreams. First off, it provided a safer walking experience than my original rollator walker with a seat did. And secondly, it doubled as a transport chair when my knees gave out, or I became too dizzy to walk independently.

This article shares five of the best rollator walkers with seats available, why I recommend them, and what you need to consider when purchasing one. As you will see, rollators have come a long way in the past decade and even more so in the past two years!

The Disabled Diva and her Medline rollator transport chair combo at Disneyland.
At that stage of my mobility issues in 2019, the Medline rollator transport chair combo gave me the freedom to stroll Disney’s California Adventure on my own and be pushed later when my body had had enough.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied with caffeine. It’s a win for everyone. I am not a medical professional, and nothing stated in this article is mistaken for medical advice.

Living With Chronic Illness Is A Balancing Act

Chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, MS, and autoimmune arthritis often cause balance issues. But they are not the only offenders. Cardiovascular disease, migraine, and medications can also be to blame.

Always consult with your doctor to find the root cause of your dizziness. But also take precautions by using a rollator. Using one does not mean that you will need one for the rest of your life, and even if it did, so what! Isn’t not falling better than your vanity of not wanting to look old or admitting that you have a medical issue?

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What Makes A Rollator Walker Safe For Balance Issues

As I mentioned earlier, my first rollator really wasn’t a safe option for balance issues. Here is why:

  • The wheels were not spaced far enough apart to provide balance to the rollator.
  • It was too lightweight – If I began leaning to one side it would come with me, not help me get back on track.
  • The handles were too low which forced me to walk with a bend in my back. I am only 5’2 and cannot imagine how bad it was for the posture of taller people. Walking with good posture is necessary whether you have balance issues or not.

What to look for when purchasing one for yourself or a loved one:

  • Heavy-duty are the words you want to see! And no, heavy-duty does not mean that it weighs a lot.
  • A wide wheelbase.
  • Thick wheels.
  • Adjustable handles.
  • Adequate storage compartments that were designed for that particular style of rollator. My first rollator only had a small space underneath the seat. Anything I hung on the front would cause it to topple over. Placing my purse on the seat didn’t help either because it would slide off or cause the rollator to lean to one side or the other.

What to look for in a rollator walker with a seat:
* A wide wheelbase
* Thick wheels
* A comfortable seat
* Adjustable handles
* Storage compartments

See which 5 get The Disabled Diva's seal of approval!

My Best Rollator Walkers With Seats Picks!

As you will discover, today’s rollator walkers with seats come in a variety of styles and price points. The key is finding the one that will fit your needs and budget best!

These models take up less trunk or vehicle cargo space because, unlike the less expensive model I first purchased, they fold like an accordion.


Lifestyle Mobility Aids Deluxe Translators – 2 in 1 Rollator Transport Chair

The Lifestyle Mobility 2 in 1 rollator transport chair is an excellent option for balance issues. In addition to having a wide wheelbase, it comes with a cane holder! This would come in handy at places like Disneyland, where you need to leave your rollator and walk a few feet to board a ride or don’t want to bring it to the restroom.

Another option that puts this one at the top of my list is the padded seat!!! We are not talking a little padding like many rollators come with; we are talking the same seat pad that my power wheelchair has! This seat increases your comfort when resting or when using it as a transport chair.

The backrest flips so that you can sit comfortably when used in either mode, and the leg rests flip and fold to the side when not in use. This model is available in a variety of colors. The device weighs 19.5lbs and has a weight capacity of 350lbs.

Drive Medical Nitro Duet Rollator Rolling Walker and Transport Wheelchair Chair

What makes the Drive Medical Nitro Duet a rollator worth considering is its sleek design and wide wheelbase. This rollator walker’s seat is not padded, but it is not a hard surface either, which will not put pressure on your tailbone when seated.

The feet on this model flip up versus to the side. Having not owned a model like this, I am not sure if that is good or bad. One positive thing would be that they won’t clip people walking next to you if they come loose while walking over bumpy pavement. (It has happened with my side flip rollator feet)

This mobility aid weighs 22lbs and has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Medline Combination Rollator and Transport Chair

When I was in the market for a combo device, the Medline Combination Rollator and Transport Chair was the ONLY combo model I could find. It was also reasonably priced compared to other rollators and offered accessories that the others also lacked.

What I like the most about this model is its extra-wide wheelbase! Instead of toppling over with me, it helped me regain my balance. The seat and back provide comfort to my tailbone and spine. And the accessories alone made it worth the price.

It was difficult for my husband and daughter to turn when pushing me in transport chair mode. I feel that larger wheels would solve the problem. You can read my full review of this rollator walker and transport chair here!

This model weighs 18 pounds and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. I recommend this rollator walker with a seat for people who can walk longer distances and plan to use the seat for resting more than being transported.

Rollz Motion 2-in-1 rollator and Transport Chair 

Rollators have come a long way since I purchased my first one! The Rollz Motion 2-in-1 Rollator and Transport Chair in purple is the perfect example! The reviews for this rollator are stellar.

My only complaint, besides the price, would be that it does not have a backrest when used as a rollator. However, that is also why it folds down thinner and takes up less trunk and cargo space. This would be perfect for the person who needs a transport chair more than a place to rest while walking.

This model is also available in Island Blue and Pebble White. It weighs 23.7lbs and has a weight capacity of 275lbs.

OasisSpace Advanced Upright Walker

The OasisSpace Advanced Upright Walker is unique as the armrests provide a different comfort level. Tires versus plastic or metal wheels make it easier to handle the great outdoors! Walking with armrests would decrease the pain experienced in arthritic hands from holding the handles of typical rollators tightly.

My only complaint would be that it cannot be used as a transport chair. Being a taller version you may wonder if it would take up more trunk or cargo space, but it folds flat like the others. The backrest is not reversible, and there are no footrests.

This mobility aid weighs 26lbs and has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Upright walker

Final Thoughts On Rollator Walkers With Seats

Rollator walkers with seats give those with balance issues who cannot walk for long periods hope of enjoying more outings with friends and family.

Although my disabilities require the use of a power wheelchair at the moment, I hope to be able to take my rollator with a seat out for a spin someday again in the future!

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Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

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