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How to minimize chronic pain while on a road trip

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For some people, vacation is all about the destination. While my destination is important, I also love the unplanned adventures that take place on road trips.  When traveling by car I get to see places that I would never plan to vacation at, yet are fun to stop and explore for a little bit.  However, my love for traveling by car turned to loathing after pain from fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and endometriosis invaded every moment of my day.  That is until a few years ago when I began doing things  differently.   Today Donna, Abi, and I (Cynthia) are sharing a few tips that help make our road trips less painful. Whether you are driving to Disneyland or Niagara Falls, these tips will help you arrive at your destination ready to have fun!

Cynthia’s Tips

  1. Stay ahead of and combat inflammation and pain with Oska Pulse and pain relieving oils and lotions like my favorite topical oil from BioCBD+ and HempZ.  Oska Pulse has kept my neck and back muscles from seizing up after sitting for hours in the car.  I apply a pain relieving oil or lotion before getting into the car and then reapply as needed throughout my trip.
  2. Dress comfortably.  While I still want to look cute in the pictures my family takes during stops along the way, it is not a time to wear clothing that binds, scratches, or puts pressure on any of my pain sources.  Heat and cold temps outside and inside the vehicle also affect my pain level.  Dressing in layers, wearing pants (leggings usually) with an elastic waist band or loose clothing, and bringing along a pair of cozy slippers helps me arrive at my destination without unnecessarily increasing my pain.
  3. Rest when needed.  Fighting fatigue while traveling only makes it worse.  As long as I am not the one who is driving, I allow myself to sleep when my body demands it.  There was a time when I was afraid of missing sites or felt like I had to stay awake to entertain my husband while he drove, but all that did was take away from our time together when we reached our destination.  To make sleeping in the car easier, I bring along a neck pillow, sleep mask to block out the sun, and or ear plugs.
  4. Nothing ruins a trip like upsetting my tummy by eating fast food or fatty/fried foods on the road.  To adhere to my dietary needs/restrictions I plan ahead by searching for restaurants that have options to keep my bowels happy.
  5. Prepare for the unexpected.  Sometimes our bowels and bladders can’t wait until we reach our next pit stop.  To reduce my anxiety and fear of not being able to make it to the next toilet, I bring along adult diapers.  While it is not something that I desire to use, they bring me peace of mind knowing that my body and not my clothes or the car will only need to be cleaned up afterwards.  A portable potty is also an option.



This Mickey Mouse neck pillow also comes with a blanket and sleep mask! Click here to check it out!

Donna’s Tips

1. Oska! Use it on whatever part of your body gets stiff when sitting for long periods. For me as a passenger, that’s my lower back. When I take a turn driving, that’s also my shoulders.
2. Stay hydrated! For every sip you take of an energy drink or coffee, take two sips of water to avoid becoming dehydrated.
3. Stop about every 2 hours to stretch and walk for a few minutes.
4. Eat as healthy as possible. Additives, grease, and sodium in restaurant food can make you feel terrible! Snack foods can also be an issue. Pack healthy snacks so you’re not tempted by gas station treats. If you can, pack a cooler with simple pre-made meals, too. If you know you’ll need to grab fast food on the road, scope out nutritional information of major chains online before you leave on your trip; make a list of menu items that are best for your body’s sensitivities.



Abi’s Tips

  1. I use PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse to combat back pain from sitting in the car and to ease the pain in my hands after playing my video games for too long!
  2. Bring something to entertain yourself! My Nintendo Switch and 3DS keep me occupied while stuck in the car for the day.
  3. My mom uses a neck pillow, but I prefer my aromatherapy cat collar by Sootheze (pictured below).  It calms and soothes the muscles in my neck.


Did you notice that Oska Pulse topped all three of our lists?  That’s because this drug-free pain relief device helps each of us combat our chronic pain and inflammation better than anything any of us has tried in the past.  Like Donna, I use mine on my neck and lower back as well.  I also treat my knees and ankles.  Oska Pulse increases blood flow and has prevented my legs and ankles from swelling while sitting in the car.   Click here to see how PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse has helped me since I began using it daily a year ago.  Visit my friends at Oska Wellness to learn more about this amazing device and when you are ready to order, don’t forget that promo code DIVA will save you $55.

Planning a road trip to Disneyland?  Click here to download my FREE accessibility guide and be sure to join Disneyability on Facebook for more tips to make your trip a magical one.

Click here for more tips that will make traveling with a chronic illness something you enjoy again.

What tips do you have to share?

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Movie Movement Mania

Movie Movement Mania

How we turned a popular drinking game into a healthy activity the whole family can play!

movie mania (2)


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In our quest to have a fun girl’s night that included some exercise, Donna, Abi, and I invented a game that is perfect for everyone. We took the popular drinking game where everyone has to drink whenever certain words are spoken during a movie or television show and replaced drinking with movement! This game is perfect for all ages, no matter what their physical ability is.

How to play:

  1. Choose movie that at least one person is familiar with.  Depending upon your energy level, you may also choose a favorite television show instead of a movie.
  2. Have those who are familiar with the movie/show choose words that are spoken throughout it often.  I chose five words from one of my favorite movies Nacho Libre.
  3. Every time one of the chosen words is spoken, everyone must move their body for an agreed upon amount of time.  We chose 30 seconds of movement for each word.  Our movements included running in place, lunges, stretches, and leg lifts.  Choose your movement based on your physical ability.  Other forms of movement could be jumping jacks, arm curls, stepping, sit-ups, pushups,  standing up and sitting down, ankle/wrist/arm circles, waving your arms in the air etc….  Participants can use weights, resistance bands, kettle balls, etc.  If you have workout equipment like a rowing machine, stepper, trampoline, elliptical, or treadmill you could have everyone rotate stations after each word.

Make sure everyone has water to stay hydrated and have a healthy snack on hand to enjoy afterwards.  To decrease the chance of increasing your chronic pain, prepare your body by applying a topical CBD oil on your muscles and joints and treat your problem areas ahead of time with PEMF therapy from Oska Pulse (promo code DIVA will save you $55). Oska Pulse combats inflammation like nothing I have ever tried and the best part is that it does it without drugs. After playing I ran a few more PEMF therapy sessions on my knees and used “I am Peace” vape from BioCBD+ to relax my muscles.

Unlike the drinking version, this game is healthy and family friendly.  It can even be done in bed by modifying the movements with stretches and exercises that can be done while lying down or sitting.  Moving your body is important even if you don’t have a chronic illness, so why not make it fun too!




BioCBD+ “I am Peace” Vape Cartridge Combo Pack Review


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BioCBD+ “I am Peace” Vape Cartridge Combo Pack Review

If you have read my reviews of BioCBD+’s capsules and topical oil, you already know that I am in love with this company and the products they produce.  Everything about them is high quality and no other company that I have tried comes close to the potency and effectiveness that they deliver.

If you haven’t tried CBD yet, you may not realize that it is available in many forms.  There are CBD edibles, capsules, topical oils, oils that you can ingest, and vape products.  However, not all CBD products are as effective as others.  If you don’t achieve your desired effect from one product, try another.  With that said, don’t waste your time or money on other brands when you can get the best from BioCBD+.

What’s in it?

The I am Peace vape from BioCBD+ delivers a dose of pure, extra-strength hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) oil with NO THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana), NO nicotine, NO chemical fillers and NO artificial flavoring.  Other companies add PG, PEG, VG or artificial flavorings.  This product tastes great without artificial flavoring! It is contains organically grown, full-spectrum hemp CBD, plus a proprietary essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Lavender, Clary Sage & Bergamot.  The taste and scent is mild and soothing.


Each combo pack includes case, vape cartridge, battery, and charger. Order yours here!

What comes in the combo pack?

Each combo pack includes a case, vape cartridge, battery, and charger.  You can also purchase the cartridge and battery kit (batter, charger, and case) separately.  The combo pack is regularly $85, but for a limited time you can purchase it for only $60.  The cartridge itself is regularly priced at $60 and is on sale for $45.  The battery kit regularly sells for $25, but you can order it today for only $20.  The battery stick (vape pen) fits well with other cartridges with a 510 thread.

What does it help with and how do I use it?

CBD is known to reduce anxiety, depression, pain relief, and insomnia.  I use it for anxiety, insomnia, and as a muscle relaxer.  For anxiety I only need one or two puffs in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon, LA traffic is enough to make anyone anxious.  Three to five puffs helps relax my body and mind and helps me sleep at night.  Whenever I feel my back or neck muscles tightening I take two to four puffs to relax them and then go on my merry way.  Because it does NOT contain THC, you will not experience the high associated with medical marijuana.

Using the vape pen is easy.  You just screw the cartridge to the battery stick and voila, you are ready to vape! Place the cartridge to your lips and take short puffs to avoid overheating the CBD or burning out your cartridge.  With each inhalation; you’ll receive about 1-2mg of CBD.


In this picture you can see how little I have used in the past two weeks. This is with daily morning and evening use and occasional midday use.

How long does each cartridge last?

Each cartridge contains 500mg of CBD/hemp oil.  How long it lasts depends upon how often you use it.  Typically one cartridge will last anywhere from one to two months.  In the picture above you can see how little I have used in the past two weeks.  I used it every morning and evening and often during the afternoon.  Besides the potency and effectiveness of this product, how long until I will need to replace my cartridge is a huge selling point for me.  Compared to other products that sell for less, this one will last me twice as long, if not longer which will result in spending less.

Final thoughts

You can’t go wrong with this or any product from BioCBD+.  They truly are the best! I do however have one complaint.  My complaint has nothing to do with the CBD as it is fantastic, but instead with the case.  If I want to carry my pen in the case I have to disassemble it and then reassemble whenever I want to use it.  I wish the case was long enough to be able to keep the cartridge and battery stick together.  Overall, you will not find another quality CBD product that is as affordable and effective as this one.

Click here to learn more about BioCBD+ Vape and order your kit today!

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Chronic Attitude

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In part two of our series on Chronic Attitudes on Dish’n with The Disabled Diva Podcast, my co-host Shane and I discuss a destructive chronic attitude that can be overcome after we accept what it is we are really seeking…..

Click here to find out what that attitude is and what you can do about it.

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The Disabled Diva’s Product Picks: Diva shares products that will help comfort you, improve your life, and make you smile.
Spoon Rest: Ran by The Disabled DIVAS this group is a place for the chronically ill to empower and encourage each other

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Stop Pushing Me Around


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Stop Pushing Me Around!

That’s it!! I am done!! Just because I have a chronic illness, it doesn’t mean that I have to let people push me around. That’s right folks, I am done being pushed around!

What the heck is she talking about??!!

Let me start by stating that I am NOT being bullied.  The pushing I am referring to is that of having my family and friends push me around in a wheelchair.  For those of you that are new to my blog, I have been chronically ill for 18 years.  I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and degenerative disc disease.  When I was first diagnosed my doctors never warned me that I might end up having to rely on mobility aids to get around.  Nor was I told to emotionally prepare myself for the possibility of becoming dependent on my family and friends in order to leave the house.  Yet 7 years into my chronic life that is exactly what happened.

Long story short

How far or long I could walk without experiencing excruciating pain decreased as each year passed by.  By 2007 I required use of a wheelchair for all major outings like a day at Disneyland or the zoo.  At the same time I had to also begin using a walker to maintain balance and to have a place to sit and rest my feet often for all other outings.  Then in 2012 my dependence on mobility aids reached a new level.  My walker began gathering dust because my body required that I use my wheelchair for every outing.  This meant that my family and friends had to push me around church, the grocery store, and restaurants.  The daily pain I was experiencing in the bones and muscles of my feet, hips, sacrum, and spine was horrific.  My doctors were of no help.  They said that I would never improve and the only thing they could do was to continue addressing each symptom with another pill.


Not giving up without a fight

My doctor’s plan was the same as it had been for 12 years.  Not once during that period did I ever experience any kind of relief.  Although I accepted my body’s needs and did everything I could to meet its demands, I refused to continue treating my chronic illnesses and pain the way I had been which was obviously NOT working.

*Disclosure: I am not a medical professional.  I am NOT issuing medical advice.  I am only sharing my experience.

Step one of my plan was to stop all of my pharmaceutical treatments and to give my body time to completely rid them from my system.  My second step was to begin treating my diseases with MMJ (medical marijuana).  This included a combination of THC and CBD.  The rest of my treatment plan included but was not limited to using ice packs, heating pads, and massage therapy.  While not all of my friends or family were supportive, I had enough support to give it a try.  Looking back over the past few years,  it is clear that I would have been missing out on a better life if I had allowed the opinions of others and the stigma of using MMJ prevent me from trying it.

bio cbd oil and capsule

BioCBD+ capsules, topical oil, and vape cartridges are my favorite CBD products. They blow the competition out of the water. Click here to find out what makes them so special and use coupon code Save20Jan to save 20% thru Jan 21st .

Strange things are happening

Two major improvements occurred immediately.  The first was regaining the use of my pointer finger and thumb on my right hand.  In the years prior I had lost full use of those digits because of joint inflammation.  Within months of using MMJ daily, I not only regained usage, I could make a loose fist without pain! A year later, I was able to make a tight fist.  The second extraordinary improvement was in regards to sleep.  Before MMJ I was lucky to get 4 hours of sleep per night and that was only when I could sleep.  It became normal for me to experience 2-4 sleepless nights per week.  As soon as I began medicating with marijuana I began experiencing what is known as restorative sleep.  I was sleeping 8-10 hours per night and my sleepless nights decreased to 1 or 2 per month. Reaching a restorative sleep level resulted in my having more energy during the day.  But that’s not all! By the time I entered my 5th year of medicating with marijuana my body surprised me by allowing me go grocery shopping at least once a week without having to use a mobility aid.  However, that wasn’t good enough for me, I wanted MORE!

The Game Changer

In December of 2016 I was asked to try Oska Pulse, an electronic and wearable device that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to reduce pain and promote healing.  I was skeptical, because let’s face it, if this type of therapy could really work my doctors would have surely suggested it, right?  While hesitant to believe that this device could improve my life and health, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it.  I began by only using it for a couple of hours a day, a few days a week.  After a two months I noticed that it was doing more than reducing inflammation and pain in my knee.  My stamina was increasing and my daily pain levels were dropping.  This combination allowed me to begin exercising more frequently.  I began using it for 10 hours a day, every day, in March of 2017 and that was when I discovered how amazing this device really is.  I wasn’t the only one, friends and family who have witnessed most or all of my chronic life were equally astonished.  Within the first month of using it daily I experienced relief from abdominal pain due to adhesions from endometriosis and surgical scarring.  This was after 14 years of living with horrific pain as the adhesions pulled and ripped from my abdominal sidewall and internal organs. Today that pain feels like a distant memory. That relief alone was enough to make a believer out of me.  But there was more! A few months later the pain that had consumed my feet since 1999 had disappeared.  The next improvement was one that not one of my doctors thought would ever improve.  Yet after 3 months of daily PEMF treatments with Oska Pulse, the non-stop agonizing pain that had invaded my spine, sacrum, and hips in 2011 was gone!!! Since then PEMF therapy along with MMJ, ice, heat, massage, dietary changes, and exercising has made it possible to heal a torn abdominal muscle without surgery and is why………. Wait for it………… As of January 2018 I am no longer dependent on my wheelchair or need to be pushed around!!!

Let’s get real

Have I been healed? NO! I still have flares, just not as many and the duration of them has also drastically decreased.  I still experience pain, but my daily pain levels are significantly lower than they have ever been.  Before MMJ my daily pain level was stuck between 8-10.  After I began medicating with marijuana it lowered to 6-9.  Since adding daily PEMF treatments my daily pain level fluctuates between zero and 5.  That’s right, I actually experience pain free days!  In the past month my family and I began going on daily power walks and last week I did something that I never thought I would ever be able to do again.  Last Wednesday my daughter and I started our morning by driving to Newport Beach.  While there we walked up and down the boardwalk and pier.  After we strolled through the streets dreaming about which beach house we would live in if we won the lottery.


A year ago that would have been the end of my day and I would have paid for it with days of bedrest. While extraordinary compared to where I was in the months leading up to where I was a year ago, it was nothing compared to what happened next.  From the beach we drove to Disneyland where we spent a couple of hours riding our favorite thrill rides, Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain.  The remarkable thing is that I did this all on foot!!! No wheelchair! While I needed my walker for our second adventure of the day, it was the first time since 2006 that I was able to spend more than 30 minutes on my feet at Disneyland.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would ever be possible.  While waiting in line for Thunder Mountain, my daughter expressed how strange it felt to be with me in the standard queue versus the handicapped queue (I left my walker at the exit of the ride).  Tears welled up in my eyes because while it felt fantastic to be in the “normal” queue, after so many years of having to use the handicap entrances it felt odd to me too.


Promo code DIVA will save you $55. While I am an affiliate for Oska Pulse, that is NOT why I share my story. I share my experience with this device because I want everyone to feel as good as I do.

Are you experiencing improvements in regards to your chronic pain and symptoms or are you continually getting worse?  Do you want to try something different?

To learn more about PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse I invite you to join The Disabled Diva’s Alternative Pain Fighting Forum on Facebook.  I have a plethora of reports regarding all the different symptoms and conditions that PEMF therapy has been proven to improve.  You can ask me and some of the other members who are using it questions and discover how it is helping all of us live better lives.  Last but not least, be sure to visit my friends at Oska Wellness.  When you are ready to give it a try my discount code DIVA will save you $55.

How will Oska Pulse help you?  The only way to know is to give it a try! You have nothing to lose except pain.

How I treat my chronic illnesses is just one of the many changes that needed to take place in order for me to begin dominating my chronic life.  Find out what the rest were and how they will improve your life in my book: Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life.

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Fighting a Chronic Nightmare

Fighting a Chronic Nightmare

Nightmares often trigger unwanted emotions.  They may startle us, make us anxious, or terrify us.  Our first instinct may be to distract ourselves by thinking about something else.  However, through the many years of my life I have found dissecting and analyzing them to be more helpful and to my surprise I have learned some pretty interesting things about myself.

The other night I woke up screaming. Although I was having a nightmare, it wasn’t the dream that made me scream, but instead that I had bitten my hand! You see in this particular nightmare I was being attacked.  No matter how much I tried to fight off my attacker, I lacked the strength to release their hold on me.  Instead of giving up I bit them!!

While I could come up with a million reasons to explain this dream, there is one point that was very clear.  That point is that I am a fighter.  I refused to allow my dreamland attacker get the best of me.  Not only did I fight back in my dream, but I actually physically fought back by biting myself.  My husband and I joked that we now know why our dog chose to sleep next to him all night and not by me like she normally does.  I don’t always fight back in my nightmares.  Sometimes I run or hide, yet this is still a sign of strength.  Running and hiding aren’t the same as giving up.  Instead they are ways of protecting myself.

How does all of this relate to your chronic life?  As long as you are not giving up on living the best you can with a chronic illness you are fighting. Fighting isn’t always a physical fight. Sometimes it entails running to safety, like searching for a diagnosis, a new doctor, or treatment plan.  It may require hiding in a quiet place in order to give yourself time to create a plan of attack.

You might think that the lesson in this post is that sleeping next to me when I am having a nightmare is dangerous, but the real message of this blog post is this:

Every day that you choose to open your eyes to face another pain filled day, you earn your warrior status.  Whether you are running, hiding, or physically fighting, you haven’t given up.

Keep up the fight my friend and never forget that you are not alone!

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Start the New Year with a New Attitude Towards Yourself

Dish’n with The Disabled Diva Podcast season 2 kicked off on Jan. 13, 2018.

Listen in as my co-host Shane and I discuss negative thoughts, the destructive impact they have on your life, and why we think you are a WINNER!  You will also find out how you can enter to win a copy of my new book Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life.










Join one or all of The Disabled Diva’s Facebook groups:

Dish’n with The Disabled Diva: Discuss show topics, play games, and more!

The Disabled Diva’s Alternative Chronic Pain Fighting Forum: A group for those who are either currently or thinking about fighting pain naturally and alternatively with CBD, MMJ, PEMF, diet, exercise, prayer/meditation, massage, and more…

The Disabled Diva’s Product Picks: Diva shares products that will help comfort you, improve your life, and make you smile.

Spoon Rest: Ran by The Disabled DIVAS this group is a place for the chronically ill to empower and encourage each other.


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