The Super Power I Really Wish For

The super power I really wish for. Admit it; at some point in your life you have wished that you possessed a super power.Β  Some wished for the power of flight, invisibility, the ability to walk through walls, and more.Β  As a child my super power wish was for the power of invisibility. Β The reason for this was that I wanted to be a detective and thought this particular power would help me solve crimes.Β  As an adult living with several chronic conditions, I often joke that my super power is living with chronic pain.Β  However when asked which power I would want, I always replied with the power to fly. The reason I always chose the power to fly had to do with my physical pain.Β  Flying would be a great way to get around when my feet, legs, and spine prevent me from walking.Β  While flying my bones, joints, and muscles would be free from pressure.Β  While still

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Living multiple lives.

Originally this post was going to be called “Living a double life”, but then I realized that I don’t just lead two lives, I live multiple lives.Β  What I mean by this is that my life when going through a flare is totally different than when my Psoriatic Arthritis is in remission and my remission days are nothing like my average pain days.Β  The things that I can or can’t do differ between each one, along with how I react to situations.Β  Many of us that suffer from chronicΒ diseases feel like we are living multipleΒ lives, there is the life people see when we leave our homes and the life no one but those closest to us see when we are unable to leave our beds.Β  It is no wonder that people have such a hard time comprehending what it is like to live with our conditions as they are usually only seeing one of our lives.Β  The three lives that

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Starting the New Year a little later than I had planned

Happy New Years? What? Everyone is done celebrating the New Year?Β  Unlike everyone who celebrated the New Year on the first of January, I wasn’t physically or mentally up for celebrating it until last weekend.Β  Just before Christmas my psoriatic arthritis started coming out of remission.Β  At the same time a few of my other conditions also decided to flare.Β  Four weeks of being bed bound may drive some people crazy, but sadly it’s something that I have grown accustomed to.Β  Last week I could tell that this spell was nearing an end.Β  It was at this point that leaving the house only for appointments or to grab groceries now and then started to bother me. The reason it didn’t bother me during the worst parts of my flare is because I have little memory of those weeks.Β  As the severity of my flare began to decrease, I found myself finally able to think more clearly and that’s when I

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Live the life you have

Someone very near and dear to me has been living with various undiagnosed chronic pains and symptoms of many chronic pain conditions for close to two years.Β  There was a time when she and everyone else, including me, had hoped that she had something that was temporary or that could be cured.Β  But that doesn’t seem to be the case and we are now just waiting for her doctors to come to the correct diagnosis.Β  As I have suspected for quite sometime, her doctors are now leaning towards an incurable chronic condition, because of this I have been gently encouraging her to let go of expecting that her that her life will one day return to normal.Β  While I fully understand that nobody wants to hear that they will never live the way they used, it is one of the most important pieces of advice that I can offer. The sooner one lets go of the notion of living like

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