What I Had to Accept to Move Forward in My Chronic Life – Podcast S3 E18

Welcome aboard The Disabled Diva podcast! I’m your host, Cynthia, and I’m thrilled to have you join me on this journey of exploration and conversation. Together, we’ll dive into the intriguing topics that have been sparking discussions within my vibrant online communities: The Disabled Diva’s Chronic Pain community and the Psoriatic Arthritis community, hosted byContinue reading “What I Had to Accept to Move Forward in My Chronic Life – Podcast S3 E18”

Psoriasis Symptoms That Led To My Diagnosis

Psoriasis symptoms that led The Disabled Diva’s doctor to a diagnosis. Learn more about the beginning of her chronic life.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Lyrica Patient Review Of Side Effects And Benefits

A patient review of the side effects and benefits of fibromyalgia treatment Lyrica.

3 Ways A Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Made My Life A Chronic Illness Nightmare

My fibromyalgia diagnosis is a blessing and a curse. Here are three ways it has turned my life into a chronic illness nightmare.

One Psoriatic Arthritis Diagnosis Should Have Been Enough, Why It Was Not

One psoriatic arthritis diagnosis should have been enough. How I ended up getting diagnosed three times and what to do if it happens to you!

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