About The Disabled Diva

Who am I?

I am a soon to be fifty plus year old wife, mother, daughter, and friend who lives in sunny southern California with my husband and youngest child.

I am obsessed with Disney and visit Disneyland often.

I gave up my career in accounting to become a stay-at-home mom in 1999. Later my chronic illnesses prevented me from returning to the workplace. Four years ago, I began working from home as a freelance writer, patient advocate, and affiliate marketer. Want to work with me? Email me at admin@thedisableddiva.net

My chronic life

Although I had experienced symptoms since childhood, it wasn’t until my early thirties that fibromyalgia, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and endometriosis decided to ruin my life.  And ruin it they did!!!

My life began falling apart soon after my first diagnosis. 

No matter what my doctors prescribed or suggested, my pain and symptoms only became worse.

And a pair of surgical errors from a botched hysterectomy made me the patient that no one wanted.

After 12 years, I found myself mostly bedridden.

I couldn’t walk, stand, or sit for more than five minutes at a time without experiencing blinding migraines and pain like no one should ever know possible up and down the length of my spine.

Fed up, I detoxed I tried a different approach.

Trying something new

The improvements I have experienced in the past six years were unexpected. Who knew that improvement was possible?

Click here to read how I began addressing my symptoms

Then in 2017 I made the biggest changes of all and so far the results have been phenomenal.

Click here to read about my pain management plan.

Besides finding a better way to battle chronic pain, I also learned how to enjoy and live a rewarding life at all stages. 

I didn’t just begin enjoying life within the past two years, I have been enjoying it for the past six since I first began making changes to how I lived and perceived how my life should be. 

Not cured, but living a life I never thought was possible

I want to be very clear that I have not been cured of any of my chronic illnesses or surgical injuries.

Nothing I share will cure you either, but I can help you improve your chronic life and possibly reduce your chronic pain.

Check out my eBook to find out what those changes and perception were and be challenged to make adjustments to your life. 

Click here to download Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life 

Are you ready to make pain your bitch?

the disabled diva and donald duck

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This group is for you if you could use daily motivation and group support to help you reach your wellness goals,. This group isn’t about pushing our bodies to do what they can’t, but to instead figure out what they can do and to improve our health despite being chronically ill.
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chronic illness support group
Support and encouragement for those living with chronic pain.
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