Letting Go of Self-Blame for Flares in Chronic Pain – Podcast S3 E21

Are you tired of shouldering the weight of self-blame for those chronic pain flares that seemingly come out of nowhere? It’s a common struggle, but today, I am here to tell you that it’s time to release that burden and embrace your beautiful reality. In this episode, titled “Embrace Reality: Letting Go of Self-Blame forContinue reading “Letting Go of Self-Blame for Flares in Chronic Pain – Podcast S3 E21”

What I Had to Accept to Move Forward in My Chronic Life – Podcast S3 E18

Welcome aboard The Disabled Diva podcast! I’m your host, Cynthia, and I’m thrilled to have you join me on this journey of exploration and conversation. Together, we’ll dive into the intriguing topics that have been sparking discussions within my vibrant online communities: The Disabled Diva’s Chronic Pain community and the Psoriatic Arthritis community, hosted byContinue reading “What I Had to Accept to Move Forward in My Chronic Life – Podcast S3 E18”

The Power of Connection: Exploring Communication Strategies for Chronic Illness

Did you miss this month’s live chat in The Disabled Diva’s Chronic Pain Community on Facebook? No problem! You can watch my presentation on the power of connection through effective communication in the context of chronic illness here. In this insightful presentation, we delve into the challenges faced by those of us living with chronicContinue reading “The Power of Connection: Exploring Communication Strategies for Chronic Illness”

Chronic Illness Live Chats June 2023

Welcome to an exciting month of connection and empowerment! I am thrilled to announce two upcoming live chat sessions that I will be hosting in June. In these engaging discussions, we will dive into essential topics for those living with chronic illness. First, we will explore psoriatic arthritis summer travel tips, equipping you with invaluableContinue reading “Chronic Illness Live Chats June 2023”

How To Adapt To Chronic Illness Life Without Losing Hope

Learn how to adapt to your chronic illness life with pain without giving up hope of healing. Get tips on adapting to your body’s needs and using adaptive tools to make life easier. Show your body compassion by listening and taking action!

How to Use A Chronic Illness Tracker to Optimize Your Exercise Routine

Living with a chronic illness can be very challenging. Symptoms can be unpredictable, and the pain can be unbearable at times. This makes it difficult to exercise, as one might not know when they have reached their limit until they push too far. But that’s where journaling comes in! By tracking your symptoms and yourContinue reading “How to Use A Chronic Illness Tracker to Optimize Your Exercise Routine”

How Do You Deal With the Emotions That Chronic Pain Stirs Up?

Chronic pain can be difficult to deal with, but it’s important to acknowledge that it stirs up emotions. This journal prompt deals with negative emotions related to chronic pain.

How Journaling Can Help You Find Your Way With Chronic Illness

At the core of chronic illness is uncertainty. Having a journal can help you find your way through it. Here are some benefits that come with keeping a journal when living with chronic illness and how writing in your journal can help improve your daily life.

Chronic Illness Life Journal for Beginners

If you’re living with a chronic illness, then this journal is for you! It can help to track the highs and lows of your daily life in order to better understand your condition. This journal is perfect for newly diagnosed patients or those who find acknowledging their chronic pain and symptoms overwhelming. With enough detail, patterns of flares and triggers should become visible, helping you to modify and improve your life. Excited to start tracking your journey? Pick up a copy today!

The Frustration of Explaining Chronic Illness Life

Sometimes, explaining what it’s like to live with a chronic illness can be frustrating — especially when people don’t understand. Here is a journal prompt to help you deal with your frustration and come up with an easier explanation.

Chronic Illness and Memory-keeping: Why It Is Important to Describe Your Symptoms as They Happen

Find out why memory-keeping is an important part of chronic illness. This post describes the importance of describing your symptoms as graphically as you can while experiencing them, and how that information will help you in the future.

Chronic Illness Flare Amnesia: What Is It And How Can Journaling Help?

What is chronic illness flare amnesia? Why does it happen? And how journaling can help improve the lives of the chronically ill!

How A Passive Exercise Machine Reduces My Worst Chronic Pain

Who would have thought that a passive exercise machine could relieve chronic pain? Here is one device that should be considered!

5 Ways The Alike Health App Benefits Patients and Their Doctors

Discover how the Alike Health App can improve living with chronic illness and your healthcare.

After Hysterectomy Endometriosis Symptoms And Problems, My Never-Ending Nightmare

The after hysterectomy endometriosis symptoms and problems that have made my life a living nightmare.

Why This Chronically Ill Wheelchair User Stopped Attending Church In Person

Attending church as a chronically ill wheelchair user is difficult for many reasons. Accessibility is just one of the challenges, here are more!

Can Cats Detect Illness In Humans? This One Detected Mine Better Than Any Doctor!

Can Cats Detect Illness In Humans is available in both audio and written formats—press play to listen or scroll to continue reading. Earlier this week, my feline fur baby Rocky passed away. He was 21 years old. Rocky was more than a pet. He, as my daughter and I joked, was my soul cat! IContinue reading “Can Cats Detect Illness In Humans? This One Detected Mine Better Than Any Doctor!”

How To Find Your New Normal After A Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Trying to find your new normal after a chronic illness diagnosis is not as easy as you may think. Here are a few reasons why!

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