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The Pros and Cons of Edibles









Edibles were my first choice when I began medicating with marijuana. You will understand why after you read my pro list.  However, there are a few drawbacks.  Today we take a look at both to help you decide if edibles are for you or not.

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  1. Discretion:  Unless I announce it, nobody has a clue that the candy or baked good I am eating has cannabis in it.
  2. Easy on the lungs:  Unlike smoking or vaping, you won’t cough up a lung while medicating.
  3. Long lasting: The high from edibles lasts much longer than from smoking or vaping.  The long lasting high is what gifted me with restorative sleep right from the beginning.  With smoking or vaping I would wake up in pain after a few hours, whereas I would sleep through the night, minus a quick potty break, and wake up feeling well rested.
  4. Cost: The price tag on edibles terrified me when I first began looking at dispensary menus.  But after I realized that each product was more than one or two doses, I discovered just how affordable edibles were.  For example, a $12 chew caramel candy that was marked as 4 doses turned out to be 6-8 doses for me.  Another thing I didn’t expect was that I only needed a full dose before bed.  I could get through most days waiting to medicate until evening and when I couldn’t I only needed a small portion of the sixth or eighth that I would need at bedtime.  Last month during my bout of bronchitis I turned back to edibles.  Each night I would eat either a half or whole square from a 12 piece candy bar.  I paid $15 for the bar which at half a piece per night would yield 24 doses.  The only way edibles wouldn’t be cost effective is if you purchase baked goods that will go stale after a day or two.
  5. Easy to micro-dose:  Knowing the dosage of each edible makes it easy to breakdown and know how much you are taking.











  1. Storage: First, you want to make sure you keep edibles out of the reach of children.  Secondly, depending on the type of edible you need to make sure that you store your edibles at a temperature that it won’t melt in.  Thirdly, make sure that ants, other insects, or your pets can’t get into your storage container.
  2. Strains: Unlike flower and vape, it is almost impossible to find an edible manufacturer that lists what strain was used.  Some will notate whether they used a hybrid, indica, or sativa, but even that isn’t enough to know exactly what to expect.
  3. Waiting for it to kick in:  Edibles are not my go to form when I need to fall asleep fast.  It can take anywhere from 30-120 minutes to kick in.  This can make it difficult to follow a strict schedule.
  4. Different effect from same product: One piece of candy from the same package doesn’t always end with the same result.  Everything can vary from one bite to the next.  From how long it takes to take effect, how long the high lasts, and the high itself.
  5. Long lasting: While mostly a pro, the long lasting effect can become a con when you need aren’t able to carve out a solid 8 hours of sleep.  I am not talking about 8 hours from the point of consumption, but from the point when your meds take effect.


Be smart when first trying a cannabis edible of any kind.  Start with a small dosage, approx. 2-5mgs for first timers.  If you aren’t feeling any effect, wait 90 minutes after consumption before increasing your dosage.  Remember that you cannot overdose from cannabis alone.  With that said, DO NOT take with opioids or other narcotics.  If you are feeling too high, you can try combatting the effect by eating, sleeping it off, or take some CBD.





Cannabis for chronic pain: Let’s talk dosage







This article is part of an ongoing series. Click here to read entire series.

So far we have dispelled some myths like the only way to medicate with cannabis is to smoke it.  I have shared a legal way to try cannabis.  Last week we discussed 4 popular ways to medicate with marijuana and today and we are going to talk about one of the most confusing aspects to someone who is knew to medicating with cannabis, how to figure out dosages.

Disclosure: I am NOT a medical professional and I am not issuing medical advice. This post contains some affiliate links. Meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission from sales. The proceeds offset the expense of operating this site and fund the giveaways for my Facebook groups.

Finding an ideal dosage is difficult, even for those who aren’t new to medical marijuana. There are several reasons for this like; there are many different strains, one method may hit your system harder than another, and other personal factors like if you ate before medicating, how sleepy you are, etc. While I have learned to expect a similar experience when using one strain night after night in the same manner, there will be a night where my experience is totally different even though I did everything the same. With that said, the different isn’t bad, just not what I was expecting. Some nights the high takes longer to hit, sometimes the high lasts longer than others, and then there are times when the exact same dosage of another product is nothing like what I have had with others.

I have two examples of products having a different effect. For some time I needed 25-50mgs of the edibles that I had been purchasing to fall asleep and relieve chronic pain from fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. Then I tried 10mgs of another brand and holy moly!! That 10mgs hit me harder and faster than 50mgs of the brands I had been taking. Needless to say that became my new medication as I needed less and was able to save money. Most recently I purchased an 200mg chocolate bar that could be broken down into 12 squares at approximately 16.6666mgs per square. That is too much for me, unless I plan on sleeping in the following morning. So I break mine down into half squares at approximately 8.3333mgs per serving. This is still an extremely strong dose for me. Funny thing is I have had other chocolates that were much stronger in dosages and they never hit me like this brand does. To micro dose with this chocolate bar I would have to break each square into eighths. Fourths would be more like a typical dosage for me.

Finding your dosage will  be harder depending on whether or not you want to feel high. If you don’t want to feel high, you will need to micro dose which is to take very small amounts. This is easier to do with edibles and tinctures versus vaping or smoking. With that said, most people advise others to begin with 2mgs. If you are wanting to micro dose, I would try 1mg and increase as needed. Personally I find it easier and most effective to take a larger dose of 5-10mgs at bedtime. This allows me to reach a restorative level of sleep and rarely do I feel the need to medicate during the day and can wait for my nighttime dose. If I do need daytime relief, I have a little CBD and run PEMF treatments before digging into my cannabis stash.

Combined with cannabis, this inflammation fighting device has taken my pain management plan to a new level of awesomeness! Check it our for yourself and if you should decide to give it a try, remember that my discount code DIVA will save you $55.00

Micro dosing with flower isn’t impossible, it just isn’t as easy or convenient to do so. To do so, use a pipe and only put enough to take a hit or two in it. Then wait and see how that effects you before taking more.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you happen to get higher than you are comfortable with, you will not overdose. I will discuss what to do if you get too high in a future post. With that said make sure that you are not consuming a synthetic weed or street weed. Know where your weed was grown! Do not use pharmaceutical pain medication along with it.





Remember, start slow and low, no more than 2mgs! Wait, then add more later if necessary.

Now that you know where you can try it, have options on how to consume it, and have an idea how to begin dosing, next week I will explain what to do if you get too high and want to bring it down.





















Where to legally try cannabis for chronic pain

Where to legally try cannabis for chronic pain







I have received many inquiries lately from people who want to see if cannabis could help relieve their chronic pain, but they either don’t live where medical marijuana is legal or it is legal for medicinal use where they live, but they don’t want to sink a fortune into entering their state’s program only to discover it doesn’t help them.  Today I am going to share a legal and safe way to find out if adding cannabis to your pain management plan is for you.











The best and most legal option is to plan an extended visit (at least a week) to a state or country that has legalized cannabis for recreational purposes.  I say most legal, because in the United States, it is illegal to be in possession of or to consume marijuana on a Federal level.  Before you say, hey I can’t afford a vacation, think about this…. A. It is not a vacation, it is a mission to find out if cannabis will improve your chronic pain.  B. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Save money by reaching out to friends and relatives that live in those areas and ask to stay with them.  C. Think of it as an investment. You either find out that it doesn’t work and you are out that money or it does help and you recoup that money with a better life once you begin at home.  We’ll talk more later about how to make the trip more cost effective, but for now let’s figure out where to go!

Here is a list of the states and countries that have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes as of the publication of this post:










Northern Mariana Islands

Canada (Click here to learn more about Canada’s cannabis laws)

While recreational use is legal in the District of Columbia and Vermont, neither allows it to be sold so I would not consider either as options.







When considering where to go, keep a couple of things in mind.  If you don’t do well in cold climates, don’t visit Alaska or Michigan in the winter.  If extreme summer heat, we’re talking triple digits, increases your pain, don’t book a trip to Vegas during the summer.  Another thing to consider is, who do you know there? Do you have friends or family that are cannabis connoisseurs? Going into a dispensary for the first time can be an intimidating experience when you are new it.  Not only can they accompany you, they can also help you choose products.

Disclosure: I am NOT a medical professional and I am not issuing medical advice. This post contains some affiliate links. Meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission from sales. The proceeds offset the expense of operating this site and fund the giveaways for my Facebook groups.











Once you have chosen your destination, you need to figure out where you are going to stay. The most affordable would be to stay with friends or family.  Just make sure that they know why you are visiting and what you are planning on doing while there.  Not everyone wants cannabis in their homes. Don’t be a douche, respect your hosts and if they are cannabis connoisseurs be sure to share!  Another perk of staying with someone who partakes regularly, they can help you not freak out when the high hits and help you decrease the high if you try too much.

My second suggestion is to book an Airbnb that allows smoking, if you are choosing to try it in that manner, or book through a cannabis tour service. Note that Airbnb does not have a policy against the possession or consumption of cannabis.

Here are a few cannabis lodging services/tours to help you on your mission.

Bud & Breakfast

My 420 Tours


Have a cannabis travel business and would like to be listed in this post? Email The Disabled Diva to ask how at admin@thedisableddiva.net

Your last and least favorable option if you are planning on smoking would be a hotel/motel.  Most have no smoking rules and most state recreational cannabis laws prohibit smoking cannabis in public places such as a smoking area.   Anyways, there are other ways to try cannabis that doesn’t include smoking…. and I will cover that next week along with how to find the products you want to try.

One last thing to think about….. If you are traveling to try cannabis, do not purchase more than you think you will consume while there.  It is federally illegal to transport cannabis over state/country borders.  This includes all modes of transportation, including air.

California medical marijuana patients!! Although any resident can purchase cannabis for recreational use, having your medical recommendation allows for you to have access to stronger meds, to possess more, and o spend less than those who are purchasing for recreational use. Click here to get your California rec online today! New and renewals! New Yorkers, renewals and new certifications, click here to get yours online today!




































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Pharmaceutical narcotics, damned if we do, damned if we don’t

Pharmaceutical narcotics, damned if we do, damned if we don’t


The healthcare providers in America need to decide where they stand in regards to treating patient’s pain with narcotics.  As it stands now, we are damned if we use them and damned if we don’t.

When I first became chronically ill, I never had an issue receiving pharmaceutical narcotics.  In fact my physicians handed them out like they were candy.  They filled the prescription with enough, and sometimes more, pills to be able to follow their suggested prescribed dosage.  Because of allergies and sensitivities I was never able to follow the recommended dosages and always had a surplus of pain medication.  Years later when the government began putting restrictions on how often and how many pills they could prescribe, I was still getting the amount that I needed to survive.  By survive, I don’t mean to insinuate that I was addicted to them; instead I needed what little physical relief they provided to not lose my mind and to function. 

Around the time that I moved from Arizona to California is when the government starting coming down even harder on doctors who prescribed narcotics to their chronically ill patients.  From this point I went from always having enough pain medication on hand to never having enough.  Not only did I have to practically beg for my pain pills, the physicians never wrote the quantity of the prescription to fit their prescribed dosages.  Every month I had to beg to receive what would equate to two to three weeks of inadequate relief.  After two years of doctors making me feel like an addict who just wanted a fix, I was done begging.  It was at this point that I went med free.  Still needing some type of relief, I soon began medicating with medical marijuana (MMJ). 

One of the things that attracted me to medicating with MMJ was that I would be in control.  Knowing that I would always have enough pain medication and not having to beg for it was freeing.  With MMJ I also have the ability to medicate as little or as much as needed without fear of overdosing.  It would take inhaling or digesting 1,500lbs of marijuana to overdose, yet one could overdose on as little as 16 Oxycodone! If I was suicidal, the opportunity to overdose on Oxycodone would be easy and affordable.  With MMJ I would have to first spend over $24,000 to purchase the amount needed to overdose. Secondly, I would be fast asleep after smoking or digesting just one milligram! The only reason someone overdoses with marijuana in their system is because they mixed it with alcohol, other prescription narcotics, or drugs like heroin or meth. 

After discovering that MMJ was helping me and my conditions more than any pill I had ever been prescribed, I returned to the same doctor that I used to make me beg for pain meds.  The reason I returned was so that we could get down to the root of my lower back pain.  So imagine my surprise, when he offered me a prescription for pain meds!!  In the past, he never offered, he always waited for me to beg and plead.  He was shocked when I refused his prescription; that is until I explained why.  Since he couldn’t deny the decrease of inflammation and relief that I was experiencing, he agreed that MMJ was the best choice for me.  He never gave me grief and in fact became more vigilant and helped to find the source of my pain.  A few months later, I had to switch doctors as this physician wasn’t part of my new plan’s network. 

My new physicians were all informed during our first visits of how I treat my pain.  All were fine with it, even if they didn’t understand it.  Two years later (last week) I found myself with a new dilemma.  My ER visit ended with the attending physician wanting to send me home with pharmaceutical pain meds.  I refused them.  He was adamantly against using MMJ and was insisting that I take his prescription.   He continued to pressure me even after I explained that I can’t take the full dosage of them more than once a day and without breaks of at least two days in-between dosages.  How the heck was that supposed to help me??!!!   Not to mention that I get horrible urinary tract infections from them and they constipate me.  I asked, how would being constipated from his prescription help me when food is already having a hard time moving through me??  All I received in return was a blank stare.  Later that week I was chastised by almost everyone I spoke to within my network for refusing that prescription.  They rudely suggested that there was nothing they could do for me if I wasn’t willing to pop their pills. 

What in the world is going on????!!!!  Although I haven’t taken any prescription pain medication for over four years, I know of many others who still have to beg in order receive adequate relief.  This is shameful and has made us damned if we take them and damned if we don’t.  Do they or do they NOT want us to take them??!!!!!  In order to protect doctors who treat the chronically ill and their patients that need to take pain meds fulltime, California and a handful of other states crafted up a law.  This law will not penalize those doctors and allows their patients to at the very least have access to pain relief medications.  The problem with this law is that the patient’s pain has to be declared “intractable”.  To declare that a patient’s pain is intractable, the physician must declare that there is nothing medically that can be done for that patient’s conditions.  This does not really help the patient, especially if, like in my case, something can be done.  Instead of it providing a way for doctors to prescribe pain relief while helping to get to the root cause, it makes it easy for doctors to give up on finding the real cause and creates a hospice type of service.  Patients that are declared as having intractable pain will be given narcotics, sleeping pills, anxiety medication, and anti-depressants in order to keep them comfortable.  The dosages and the potency will increase as their pain breaks through each level.  I don’t know about you, but if you ask me I say that this sounds a lot like end of life care! My physicians are trying very hard to declare my abdominal pain as intractable and I am fighting that diagnosis tooth and nail.  Just because the adhesions will return, that is not a reason to not grant me the opportunity to give my internal organs some relief.  I am disgusted by how they would rather heavily sedate me for the rest of my life instead doing something that will help, even if for only a few years.  Even more disgusting is that I am willing to bet that if I was the one requesting the pain meds, they would be forcing me to beg and plead for them.

So I am curious, what has been your experience in regards to obtaining pain medication?  Do you medicate with MMJ or prescription pain meds?  Do you have to beg for your prescriptions?  Does your doctor provide you with an adequate supply?  Have you ever been told “We can’t help you” if you have ever declined their prescriptions? 

The doctors of The United States of America need to start figuring out the root causes to an ever growing list of incurable diseases.  If they don’t the amount of people who will need to rely on either prescription drugs or MMJ will only increase.  In the meantime, they need to respect the patient’s choice and stop treating us poorly whether we choose to take or not take their pain medications. 

Wishing you a day filled with many reasons to smile, including adequate pain relief that you didn’t have to beg for,

The Disabled Diva



Cooking with Marijuana: Trial and Error

Cooking with Marijuana Trial and Error


The one hit wonder strikes again!!!  Check out my post One Hit Wonder to read about my cooking, or should I say lack of cooking skills.  As I mentioned last month, I started cooking with marijuana.  I did this for two reasons.  The first is that it is much cheaper to make my own edibles rather than purchasing premade ones.  My second reason is that by making my own I can be sure they don’t contain ingredients that I am allergic or sensitive to.  At first I began by replacing butter with the canna butter when making a quesadilla or when frying ravioli. But I really wanted to try my hand at candies, so I would have homemade meds to take along when I was away from the house.


Last month I came across a recipe on Pinterest for caramels using canna butter.  I had never made caramels before and was a little nervous.  Surprisingly, they turned out great!  Each piece provided plenty of MMJ and was delicious.  I would throw a baggie filled with my meds in my purse when leaving the house.  They were just as convenient and discreet to use as the premade edibles that I have purchased from my dispensaries.  Because they were so easy to store, carry with me, and to make, I figured that I would make them again this month.

Well…….. I thought they were easy to make!  I honestly don’t know what I did wrong.  I followed the recipe just as I did last time.  But for some reason this time my mixture never reached the point of firming properly.  It firmed a little bit, but not enough to cut into square dosages.  Feeling frustrated and annoyed at the amount of marijuana that this batch contained, I was not going to give up it.  I let it sit for a few more hours.

Well, this batch did not produce the caramels that I had expected.  However, I refused to let this batch go to waste and suddenly was hit with a great idea.  So what if I didn’t have caramels, I had a nice smooth and creamy caramel sauce!!!!  It is fabulous for dipping strawberries and bananas in, but my favorite way to medicate with it is to add it to my iced coffee!


Medicated caramel sauce

The only thing I can think of that was different when cooking my caramels this time was the weather.  It was a warm day with low humidity when I made my first batch.  On the day that I created caramel sauce, it was a cooler day and very humid.  I don’t know if weather can affect how this recipe turns out or not.  I would love to hear from anyone who has made caramels (medicated or not).

Do you cook with marijuana?  Do you prefer using canna butter, canna oil, or a tincture when cooking?  What are some of your favorite recipes?

Wishing you a day filled with gentle hugs and many reasons to smile,

The Disabled Diva



My two year MMJ anniversary.


This past weekend I had many reasons to smile and celebrate.  First my son flew out to spend some quality time with us.  We went to the beach on Saturday and continued celebrating by spending Sunday at Disneyland.  But there was something else that made this weekend special.  It hit me as we were heading to the airport to pick up our son that it was exactly two years ago that I began medicating with MMJ (medical marijuana).  Celebrating this fabulous date with the three people (husband, son, and daughter) that had encouraged and supported my decision to medicate with MMJ was absolutely fabulous.

Now that I have been medicating for two years, I can honestly and without any doubt state that MMJ has changed my life.  Wondering how MMJ has improved the quality of my life?  Two years ago I began treating my conditions with MMJ only in hopes of being able to experience a lower pain level and to achieve a restorative night’s sleep now and again.  Well I received that and so much more!  Here is how MMJ has improved or changed different areas of my life:

Back when I was medicating with pharmaceutical medications I was always tired or in a fog.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything.  Forget blogging, writing, drawing, or even playing  games with my kids, it was like looking through an unfocused lens.  The year that I went med free, the fog lifted some and that is when I was able to begin blogging.  But it still wasn’t enough for me to write as often as I do now.  Since I began medicating with MMJ, fog only fills my head now and then.  Compared to the daily and weekly basis that I used to suffer from severe brain fog, I’d say this is a huge win for me!  Pharmaceutical medications were also the cause of my weight gain. frequent urinary tract infections, irritability, inability to sleep more than four hours at a time, anxiety, and depression.  I quickly lost 30lbs after ditching my prescriptions and maintained that weight loss without trying after I began medicating with MMJ for a year and a half.  Since then by learning to listen to my body and only eating if I am truly hungry I have lost an additional 15lbs!! Marijuana has helped curb my appetite when needed and helps me eat when my nausea flares up.  I never suffered from urinary tract infections prior to medicating with pharmaceutical meds.  But throughout my twelve pill popping years I had one after another.  I haven’t had any urinary tract infections in the past two years!!! Thanks MMJ!!!!! MMJ doesn’t make me irritable or anxious, and I no longer suffer from depression or have suicidal thoughts!!!

I am always annoyed by doctors who are against medicating with marijuana by saying that there hasn’t been enough test studies to see what it can do.  The reason this pisses me off is that they don’t have to wait for a test study.  We, their patients, are here, we are medicating with marijuana!!!  If they would just accept it and monitor our progress they would see just how fabulous this medication is!!!!!  As for me, most of my doctors agree that MMJ is best because of my allergies and reactions to most prescription and over the counter meds.  BUT, they won’t enter how I medicate into my charts!!!!!  My Rheumatologist refuses to see me unless I want him to write a prescription for the same poisons that made my life hell in the past.  Yet if he would see me, he would witness some pretty amazing results.  Two years ago I was unable to drive myself anywhere!!!  Now I am able to drive myself to the grocery store or run an errand once or twice a week!!!!!!  Two years ago I couldn’t stand, sit, or walk for more than five minutes!  Two years later and I can stand, walk, and sit for up to fifteen minutes!!! Now that’s improvement!!!!   Instead of flipping between painsomnia and a pain coma every day/week, I only suffer from a handful of nights/days per YEAR! Most nights I am able to sleep between 6-8 hours!  And I am talking about a good night’s sleep, not just lying in bed praying that I will eventually fall asleep.  I awake refreshed with a clear mind.  No I don’t jump out of bed, it takes me some time to stretch, but most days I eventually leave my bed.

MMJ has not cured my conditions, nor did I expect it to.  I still live in constant pain, but the levels are different because I am no longer suffering from reactionary pain, you know the additional pain caused by your body’s reaction from your main source of pain.  My flares have decreased in frequency and length.  All of this has allowed me to live life again!!  I smile everyday!  I would have never been able to do anything that I have in the past two years if it hadn’t been for MMJ!

(Some of my favorite forms of MMJ)


Cheeba Chews


Soothing Sues




Baked Lollipops

Because MMJ has improved my life in so many ways I will never move to an area in which MMJ isn’t legal.  Of course I hope I never have to leave Southern California.  I have everything I could ever want here, MMJ, Disneyland, and the Pacific Ocean.  My life isn’t perfect and for those who think that my quality of life isn’t what they would consider to be wonderful, I just ask them to look at where I was and tell me that they wouldn’t be shouting  from the rooftop if they were me.

Wishing you a day filled with smiles and a night filled with zzzzzz’s,

The Disabled Diva



The Pain Coma


Painsomnia has an evil sibling, the Pain Coma.  Unlike a real coma, I am not completely comatose, but my physical and cognitive abilities are drastically reduced.  In some ways it resembles a real coma as in no matter how hard I “will” my body to move, it won’t, it’s paralyzing.  Then there is the feeling of being trapped in your own body.  During a pain coma I can hear people speak and even form a response in my head, but I am unable to get all or most of the words past my lips.  It is not uncommon during these episodes for the request of “Please make dinner” to come out as “dinner, you”.

So just what is this thing I refer to as a pain coma and what triggers it?  Sometimes my pain comas hit with no warning, which has led me to accept that there is no avoiding them.  However I have been able to reduce the frequency by changing my pain medication and not physically pushing myself past my limits.  A pain coma sets in when my body is too tired to fight anymore.  It just needs a break.  Interestingly enough, I do not medicate during these episodes, because there is no need.  My body becomes limp. Not one muscle is tense nor does it have that nervous energy flowing through it.  When absolutely necessary I am able to muster the strength to get to the bathroom, but that’s about it.  Just flipping from lying on one side to the other is a major challenge.  Unlike Painsomnia where my brain is racing with thoughts, during a pain coma my mind might as well be filled with sand.  I struggle to form and verbalize full sentences.  Forget catching up on my favorite TV shows, as my eyelids feel as though they are sealed shut.  I am lucky to experience thirty minutes to an hour of time now and again throughout the duration in which I can open my eyes and attempt to use my brain.  The rest of its duration is spent sleeping. Not only can I not predict when one will hit, I also have no idea how long one will last.  For me they last anywhere from one to four days.

In the past when I treated my conditions with pharmaceutical medications, painsomnia and pain comas alternated and consumed my life, there was no in between.  If lucky I would have a few weeks out of an entire year in which I wasn’t suffering from one or the other.  Since I began medicating with medical marijuana I no longer go from one extreme to the other on a daily basis.  I now go weeks and quite often months without experiencing either one.  This was something that I had to remind myself of when I was hit with my latest pain coma.  Once I realized that it had been months since I had lost a portion of my life to my exhausted body, I found comfort.  I knew that this would pass and that because of the way I medicate that it will be awhile until I have to suffer through it again.  It is only because of medical marijuana that my body experiences restorative sleep most of the time and why I am among the living, even if only a few days a week.

I have no tips on how to get through a pain coma as there is nothing you can do except sleep!  But I do have some suggestions to help you and your family get by.  The first is to have at least four days worth of meals in a freezer.  This will make mealtime easier for your family to prepare and will save money as ordering take-out or picking up fast food every time this happens can be costly.  As a family come up with a plan of who will take over whatever chores or tasks you would have normally taken care of.  Doing this will make your life so much easier once you emerge from your pain coma.  The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by more things to do.  Our to do lists are already too long!

Okay, I take that back, I do have one tip.  Like I stated earlier there is no fighting a pain coma, one simply doesn’t have the strength to do so.  BUT, as you emerge you may feel like you want to push yourself to resume your “normal” activities, DON’T DO IT!!! Resist the urge and wait…. Trust me you will know when you are fully back to your “normal” functioning level.  If you push too soon, you will do nothing but extend the length of your pain coma and that isn’t good for anyone!

Wishing you a “normal” day filled with gentle hugs!

The Disabled Diva


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