Get to know Elysha

Getting to know Elysha

Hey everyone! So excited to share my story, the good things and everyday struggles. I just wanted to give you a brief view on my illness.

In 2014 I got sick. I had extreme abdominal pain and nausea. I was in and out of the hospital. Within 5 months I had countless hospital stays, test, scans, switched diets, tried meds, had my appendix and gallbladder removed and went from no specialist to 5.
Because I was so sick and still didn’t know what was going on I ended up resigning from Fry’s where I was a department manager. It was a hard decision but felt that’s what was best.
I went from working 50-60 hours a week to could barely get out of bed. I was weak and tired not just physically but emotionally. I was drained.
After almost 2 years of test, still not working and feeling awful I was FINALLY diagnosed with Stronyloides. I had a parasite! I had asked a doctor to test me a year before but he wouldn’t. I had lived in Haiti in 2012 and nobody tested me. Thankfully my GI doctor tested me.
I did the treatment and I’m parasite free but because I went undiagnosed for SO LONG I now suffer from the after effects. I daily deal with chronic pain and discomfort. Most of the time deal with nausea too. I’ve been diagnosed with a lot all stemming from the parasite. Unfortunately I’m more susceptible to them and have had others since then!!
It’s been a hard road but I’m thankful to be in a better place now. I’ve made a decision to take the bad and use it for good. I’m a firm believer in sharing your testimony, it brings healing to share and you never know how how it will help someone else. In doing this I hope people can find comfort or relate.

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