Get to know Zeva the Diva

Getting to know Zeva the Diva

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Besides being an adorable Chihuahua, I am also a working gal.  I am a trained therapy dog.  I was trained specifically for my former mom who passed away from cancer a year and a half ago.  Before she passed she asked her friend to take me in because she knew we would be good for each other.  And she was right.  I don’t go everywhere with my new mommy because I am not a service dog, but I do take care of her at home and wherever I am able to go. 

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I’ve had my work cut out for me since moving in with my new family.  My mommy The Disabled Diva has multiple chronic illnesses.  She also battles anxiety and depression.  My human sister battles anxiety and depression as well and also has fibromyalgia.  Thankfully my new daddy is healthy and doesn’t need my services often.  However, this weekend daddy was sick so I stayed by his side and comforted him while he rested.


I love traveling.  Last year I went to the beach for the first time.  I loved digging in the sand!! I also went to Denver, CO!  BBBRRRR it was cold!!! I felt snow under my paws for the first time in Vail, CO and then Denver was hit with a terrible blizzard while we were there.  There were times when the wind blew me up and off the ground!! I hope to go back there someday, but I’d prefer that it be in the summer. In a few weeks I am going on a road trip to New Mexico.  I am hoping to find some extraterrestrial canines in Roswell.  Be sure to stay tuned because my mommy and I will be posting lots of pictures and occasionally post some FB live videos along the way on The Disabled Diva and The Disabled Divas FB pages.


Until our trip I will be focused on comforting my family.  Mommy has had some really bad flares because of some nasty summer heat waves.  I help her relax when her entire body is experiencing muscle spasms.  Thank goodness she uses Oska Pulse, because it decreases my work load.  By the way, if you want to experience the relief my mommy does use promo code DIVA and you will save $55.

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Bow wow for now!

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