Love is Stupid

Love is stupid! It never works out anyhow. It’s not worth it. How to chip away at all the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

Use Your Words

“You are so much fun.” My friend said that to me…….my brain processed her words slowly. I heard them, but I didn’t truly digest them until later. Ever since they’ve regularly echoed in my mind and heart and made me smile.

Swimsuits & Shifting Focus

When you shimmy into that swimsuit to play with your kids, think, “We’re going to have so much fun today!”, instead of, “Ugh, my huge thighs are so ugly!!”. This is a struggle for me every time I put on my swimsuit…..

Spring Cleaning Doesn’t Have to be Painful

This month is often when people start thinking about doing some deep-cleaning and a purging of household junk, but when you have a chronic illness, this can be a daunting thought. Spring cleaning can be a PAIN, literally and otherwise!

Winter Wellness Woes

Depending on where you live, six more weeks of winter may mean being stuck inside for a few more weeks. Here are some suggestions to keep your body moving without having to go outside.

An Extra Fabulous New Year

Guest Post Written By Donna Yearyean New year, new you? I bet you’re pretty fantastic just as you are, but we all have room for growth and improvement! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I have some in mind that will make this year extra fabulous if you make them happen. Listen to your innerContinue reading “An Extra Fabulous New Year”

Three Ways to Prevent an Anxiety Attack During the Holidays

This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission from sales.  Guest Post Written By Abigail Covert If you’re like me and suffer from anxiety the holidays can be a pretty stressful time of year. Here’s a few tips to avoid stress this holiday season. 1. AvoidContinue reading “Three Ways to Prevent an Anxiety Attack During the Holidays”

‘Tis the Season to Thrive

So many articles about the holidays talk about surviving the holidays. My wish for you (and myself) is thriving, not just surviving, throughout the holiday season. The holidays create perfect conditions for a……..

Four Things You Don’t Know About Me

Four Things You Don’t Know About Me Guest Post Written By Abigail Covert Now, I figured that I should probably take a break from yelling “comfortable” and actually tell you guys a bit about me. So, buckle up because you’re about to hear how nerdy I really am. 1. I really love robots, I mean REALLYContinue reading “Four Things You Don’t Know About Me”

Do What You Can

Everyone has limitations and roadblocks for exercising, but they can loom large when you’re struggling with a chronic illness. Don’t throw in the towel, though…. You’re going to need it after you conquer your exercise goals!

Mousewait vs. the Official Disneyland App

The two leaders in Disneyland apps are Mousewait, and the official Disneyland app. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but which is best? On our last trip to Disneyland and DCA, I put the two apps to the test head to head. Here are the results of the Test

Shocked Cavewoman (23andme Results and Review)

When I found out I was accepted into 23andme’s depression/bipolar study, I was excited! Not only would I get to be part of a study that could have a huge positive impact for generations of people with those conditions, but I also would get

Mad Mama

If you’ve experienced emotional abuse, the following post could be potentially triggering……Growing up in an emotionally dysfunctional family, I didn’t learn healthy skills for coping, communication, or relationships. What was modeled for me (and done to me) was ….

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