Welcome to The Disabled Diva!!

Although I had experienced symptoms since childhood, it wasn’t until my early thirties that fibromyalgia, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and endometriosis decided to ruin my life.  And ruin it they did!!!

My life began falling apart soon after my first prescription.  One pill bottle after the next and not one ever improved my pain or symptoms.  In fact instead of improving, I just got worse!!! Within a few years I needed a rollator and then a wheelchair. After 12 years of following my doctor’s medicinal suggestions, I ended up for the most part bedridden because I couldn’t walk, stand, or sit for more than five minutes at a time without experiencing blinding migraines and a pain like no one should ever know possible up and down the length of my spine.

Fed up, I detoxed off of all prescription medication.  After my system was cleared I began treating my pain and symptoms (for all conditions listed above and others) naturally and alternatively.  I began with medical marijuana.  Click here to read how I began addressing my symptoms.  Later I made added other treatments and after 4 years I could finally drive myself to the grocery store and go shopping by myself!  Click here to read about my pain management plan. Then I was introduced to PEMF therapy.  This combined with what I was already doing has taken me completely out of my wheelchair.  The improvements I have experienced in the past two years have been phenomenal.

Besides finding a better way to battle chronic pain, I also learned how to enjoy and live a rewarding life at all stages.  I didn’t just begin enjoying life within the past two years, I have been enjoying it for the past six since I first began making changes to how I lived and perceived how my life should be.  Check out my eBook to find out what those changes and perception were and be challenged to make adjustments to your life.  Click here to purchase and download Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life 


Tired of your chronic illnesses running your life? Take back control and possibly reduce your pain by making pain your bitch! Click here to download your copy today!















Nobody cares about our health like we do. If you think they do, you are wrong.  If you think someone or something is going to magically make your world perfect or cure you, you need a reality check.  Your doctors can only do so much, the real work falls on you!

I have recently celebrated my fiftieth birthday and plan on making my next fifty years amazing.  I wasted too much time before waiting on others to fix my body, life, etc.  Do you want a future that is worth looking forward to? How would you like to feel better emotionally and physically next year? What about next month?  Or better yet next week?  If you are willing to take control of your health, accept the responsibility of how you treat your body, and are ready to stop resisting change, then you are in the right place.  I will not coddle you or allow you to feel sorry for yourself.  I will not stand by and watch you self destruct. What I will do is challenge, encourage, uplift, educate, and motivate you to live your best life possible despite your chronic pain or illnesses.

Are you ready to make pain your bitch?



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