Vacation Downtime

Vacation Downtime In the past I was on the go from the moment I left home to go on vacation until the moment I arrived home.  After chronic illnesses entered my life, I began scheduling downtime prior to and following my trips.  However, this was not enough after my conditions progressed.  In the past year I have realized how important it is to NOT schedule outings or expect my body to be willing to leave my bed for a minimum of a day or two after arriving at my destination.  Whether by train, plane, or automobile, traveling takes a toll on a chronically ill body.             After two days of riding in a car, my body is thanking me for not scheduling anything that requires leaving the hotel for the next few days.  Typically I would start scheduling outings for the second day, but because I have four fun filled days planned with family at the end of

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Make it rain!!

I have one thing to say to those who do not believe that climate and weather play an important part of a Fibromyalgia patients’ pain level, “Pooh on you!”.  For over a decade impending storms have caused me to lie in bed, unable to move, and sobbing as I waited for my pain to decrease.  Once the storm opened up and unleashed it’s fury, my pain would decrease.  Once while visiting family in another state, my body predicted a severe storm.  My hosts laughed.  You see they just marked one year without measurable rain and their weather man said there was no rain to predict in the foreseeable future.  I told them that he was wrong.  My skin was on fire.  Every muscle and joint was swollen and it hurt to breath.  My nerves were such a mess that anytime someone touched me or something rubbed against me, I felt as if I were being given electric shock treatments.  This

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