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Kicking rain pain down the storm drain with PEMF therapy










As I shared on Facebook and Instagram Tuesday night, once again PEMF therapy saved the day!!  Southern California is experiencing a wet, cold week and my body isn’t happy.  Since adding PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse to my daily pain management plan, I have been able to greatly reduce how poorly my body reacts to the pressure that pushes storms in.  However, multiple storms still rock my world a bit.

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Since Saturday, I have been able to keep the pain I typically experience from fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis when storms occur by running PEMF treatments up and down my spine.  Around 4pm on Tuesday, an unbearable pain overtook my collarbone.  It seriously felt like a toddler was jumping up and down on it!! With tears in my eyes, I scrambled to figure out how to relieve it.  Besides still having some work that I needed to finish, it was too early for me to medicate with cannabis.  My topical CBD oil relaxed the muscle, but it wasn’t touching the bone pain.  Then it hit me, duh!! Put Oska Pulse on it!!!! Ninety minutes later and the pain was gone!!! Not only did I achieve complete relief, I did without any medications.  I honestly have no idea how I ever lived without my Oska Pulse.














In case you haven’t heard, Oska Pulse has been improved! Instead of only having the capability to run 30 minute treatments, it now runs for 90 FULL MINUTES!!! So while I had to hit the on button three times to go through 90 minutes of treatments, those who order the new version only have to hit it once!

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Riding out the storm: How I deal with rain pain








A few days ago, I shared on Facebook how a cluster of storms heading towards southern California had knocked me down. The pre-storm pain forced me to take a day off from working on anything other than tending to the needs of my body. The pain and fatigue my body experienced decreased just as the first storm hit, giving me just enough time and energy to enjoy a few hours at Disneyland over the weekend.

Typically, I only experience joint/muscle tenderness and a low level of fatigue once a storm has hit. However, this round is a bit different as we are expecting rain most of the week. When dealing with multiple storm fronts, I have to make changes to how I live, work, and play in order to keep my world from falling apart. Today I am sharing my secrets to surviving a week of rain without losing my mind and body to pain.

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I’m a weather watcher. My favorite app is the weather app on my phone.  I always have my eye on the extended forecast and watch for changes.  When I see a disturbance nearing I react by going into a mode of defense. I pay extra attention to my main pain source. In my case that pain source is my spine, from my the tip of my tailbone to the top of my neck.  When I experience swelling at any part of my spine all hell breaks loose.  To keep the inflammation down, I alternate treating the base of neck and my lower back with ice, heat, and PEMF treatments.  As you may already know, PEMF treatments are part of my daily pain management plan, but when weather increases swelling I increase the number of treatments I would normally run on a typical day.


PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse reduces pain and inflammation like nothing I have ever tried or have been prescribed. Promo code DIVA saves you $55.00.  Click here to check it out!















A stormy week is no time to prove how much I am capable of.  To come out of the storm feeling strong, I need to rest when my body wants to.  Multiple naps are not unusual, nor is sleeping later or falling asleep later than normal.  It is not uncommon for me to be awake at odd hours or to have my nights and days turned around.











I remind myself that storms don’t last forever.  Ramping up my pain relief treatments may feel burdensome at the time, but I have to remind myself that this I will be back to my regular routine once the storm ends.  I also remember how I felt after the last time I paid extra attention to my symptoms throughout a storm and vow to work as hard this time too.  Most importantly, I remind myself that I can’t control the weather and this upswing of pain and fatigue is not my fault.

How do you get through a week of wicked weather?

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How to reach your daily step goal without leaving the house











It’s the beginning of a new year and you’re excited about the fitness goals you set.  Then it hits you, not fear, not the urge to take a nap, or the desire to quit, but the frigid air that slapped your face when you opened your front door.  You quickly slam it shut and run to hide under your blankets. Then you ask yourself if your goals are realistic, because unless you can walk next to a space heater there is no way you will reach your daily step goal.  The good news is that although I can’t warm up your outdoor temperatures, I can give you some examples of how to reach your daily step goal without leaving your house.

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups.

  1. Get a treadmill

Treadmills are a great option if you have the space.  They allow you to move your body in the same manner as you would typically power walk through your neighborhood.  Some people feel safer walking on a treadmill because they know that if they wear out before their workout is done, they don’t have to figure out how the heck they are going to make it home.  Click here for a list of treadmills that will fit your home and budget.

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2.  Steppers

Steppers are great for those who struggle with walking, but still want to move their hips.  When I first began incorporating walking into my fitness goals, I couldn’t walk for without my back muscles and tendons attacking my spine.  Until I began PEMF therapy, those muscles would not tolerate the motion of walking, so I tried a stepper.  My stepper allowed me to get in a workout without the extra pain that walking across a surface would and increased my balance.  Later after I added daily PEMF treatments to my pain management plan, I was able to begin going for walks.

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3. Step aerobics

Ok, don’t laugh, but yes I am suggesting that you partake in step aerobics! It is a great workout that can be done in any room of not just your home, but you can also take your step and instructional DVD with you on road trips.  Depending on how light you pack, you may even fit it into your luggage when flying.

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4. Dance party

You don’t have to have little kids at home to appreciate this one, but if you do be sure to include them.  Blast your favorite music and dance, dance, dance!!! Dancing will do more than help you reach your steps, it will give you a full body workout!

5.  Home tour

Set a timer and walk around your home.

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6.  Step in place

One of my favorite ways to get steps in is to step and/or jog in place while watching television, cooking, and while doing dishes.  Anytime I find myself on my feet, I start stepping.

How do you reach your daily step goal without heading outside?












How My Chronic Illness Turned Me into a Vampire

How My Chronic Illness Turned Me into a Vampire

I used to think that I suffered from insomnia. However, insomnia or painsomnia, as many of us who suffer from chronic pain like to refer to it wasn’t to blame. Insomnia is not being able to sleep. Painsomnia is when pain prevents someone from sleeping. After an experiment I discovered that neither were really my problem.

Five years ago I discovered that my body had its own opinion in regards to when sleeping was possible. Weather changes, mainly pressure from storm fronts or heatwaves are mostly to blame for my nights and days getting mixed up. I used to fight them by medicating heavier than I typically did, but that only made me feel worse when I woke up. Or I would just lie wide awake in bed all night long waiting to fall asleep. When I would finally fall asleep I didn’t make adjustments to get the hours I needed, instead I would force myself to wake up when I had planned. Since that wasn’t working I decided to start listening to my body and to give it what it wanted.


I didn’t work outside of my home. There was no reason for me to be awake during certain hours of the day except for my wanting to keep a “normal” schedule. But it was that “normal” schedule that causing my exhaustion. Without an excuse I decided to begin an experiment. Instead of fighting my body I chose to work with it. This meant not forcing my body to go to bed or wake up before it was ready. It also meant accepting that there would be times when my “night’s” sleep would actually occur during the day.
When I began following its lead my body rewarded me with 6-10 hours of sleep at a time. During the hours that I was awake my brain wasn’t foggy nor did I feel sluggish. Once I accepted my natural sleep cycle I learned how to make the most of it. Instead of lying in bed waiting to fall asleep or trying to numb myself to sleep with medication I use those hours the same as I would if I were awake during the day. I use that time to cook for my family so they will have something to eat while I am sleeping the next day. I also use that time to work and catch up on household chores.

sleep mask 1
Going to bed when the sun rises and waking up before sunset isn’t my first choice, but I’d rather live like a vampire several times a year than live everyday like a zombie. Thankfully the current heatwave in southern California is nearing an end and my sleep schedule will soon revert back to its regular pattern. But until then I will continue to soak up moon beams and be thankful that I can sleep, even if the hours aren’t ideal.

Do you suffer from insomnia or painsomnia?  Or could it be that you just haven’t discovered your sleep pattern?  To be clear I am not discounting or saying that insomnia and painsomnia isn’t real, because they are.  They just weren’t my problem.  For me it was truly an issue of not working with or around my illnesses.

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Vacation Downtime

Vacation Downtime


In the past I was on the go from the moment I left home to go on vacation until the moment I arrived home.  After chronic illnesses entered my life, I began scheduling downtime prior to and following my trips.  However, this was not enough after my conditions progressed.  In the past year I have realized how important it is to NOT schedule outings or expect my body to be willing to leave my bed for a minimum of a day or two after arriving at my destination.  Whether by train, plane, or automobile, traveling takes a toll on a chronically ill body.







After two days of riding in a car, my body is thanking me for not scheduling anything that requires leaving the hotel for the next few days.  Typically I would start scheduling outings for the second day, but because I have four fun filled days planned with family at the end of the week, I knew I needed to take precautions.  To further complicate things Denver is expecting not one, but two snow storms this week.  My body is not a fan of storms of any kind, but the storms that Denver beat me up like no other.  I lived here for two years prior to getting diagnosed and it was here that I first began noticing my weather related pain.  The bad news is I know that I will be experiencing more pain than normal this week.  The good news is that because I am expecting it, I am better prepared to plan around it.

Bring along a heating pad to help with muscle aches









Anyways, by allowing for a day of rest after arriving, I give my body a chance to recover from the increase of pain that was the result of traveling.  It also opens new opportunities.  For example, last night I lacked the stamina to go out for dinner.  Instead we chose to eat at our hotel.  This particular hotel offers their guests dinner in the lobby several nights a week.  So instead of having to go out in the cold, we just went downstairs.  Tables were filling up fast.  A woman, traveling alone, and my family spotted the only open table at the same time.  I asked if we could join her.  She was delighted to have the company.  Throughout our dinner conversation we discovered that we only lived a few hours away from each other in Southern California.  We also discovered that we had a lot more in common.  We had such a wonderful time chatting that we were both shocked when we realized that we had been talking for three hours!  After saying goodbye with hugs, I retreated back to my room, medicated, and had a wonderful night’s sleep. Had I scheduled an activity for today, I wouldn’t have been as relaxed as I was last night and most likely wouldn’t have engaged in a lively conversation.


Did someone say SNOW!!??!!??

Did someone say SNOW!!??!!??

Today I am sore, but not nearly as bad as if I would have pushed myself to go out last night or somewhere today.  For those who say, what’s the point of getting away when you could rest at home? I have this to say…. Yes, I could be resting at home.  I would also see all the housework that I will never catch up with, I would see all of my unfinished projects, and more.  Resting a day or more before venturing out of my hotel is way more relaxing.  Between housekeeping and room service, I don’t really have much to stress about.

So while not exciting, my first day is just what I needed.  I am thrilled to spend this day napping and writing.

Planning a Disneyland vacation? Take advantage of the resort’s pools or spa services on your down day!

Do you schedule a day of rest after traveling?  If not, you may want to give it a try!

Wishing you a day filled with gentle hugs and many reasons to smile!

The Disabled Diva

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Thanks a lot Mother Nature!


Once upon a time I enjoyed and welcomed changes in the weather, but now I dread them.  It’s not that I hate rain, snow, or sunny days, it is how they affect my body that displeases me.  I began noticing how the weather affected my body a few years prior to my Fibromyalgia diagnosis.  Over the years I have learned to recognize these aches and pains and can predict the weather better than any meteorologist.  What I find to be most frustrating is that my life is disrupted  when there is a drastic change in temperatures or a storm front moving in.  It doesn’t matter how I medicate or how careful I am to not over exert myself, it is totally out of my control.  In this post I share how weather affects my body for two reasons.  The first is to see if others with my conditions (Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, and MS) or any other chronic condition for that matter, have similar reactions.  The second is to remind you and myself that there are some things in life that are out of our control.  With that said, here is how the weather creates havoc in my life.

Rain and Snow:  My symptoms vary depending on the force and intensity of the storm.  The amount of precipitation doesn’t necessarily matter, but the pressure that precedes it does.  Anywhere between several days or hours prior to a rain storm my joints will begin to ache and swell.  Followed by muscle aches and sometimes a headache.  As the pressure builds I begin to experience nerve pain.  Sometimes the only area on my body affected by nerve pain is my leg that has permanent nerve damage.  Other times my whole body experiences nerve pain.  My skin will feel like it is on fire, yet my bones feel like ice.  I vividly remember the first time that I recognized that a storm front was the cause of my pain.  I was living in Colorado at the time and was suddenly hit with all the symptoms mentioned above (minus the leg as I hadn’t had that disastrous surgery yet).  I couldn’t move.  The pain was something that I had never experienced before.  I was sure that I had the flu, even though I lacked the obvious symptoms of a runny nose and temperature.  Twelve hours later, the pain intensified even more! It became more than I could handle and I began to pray for God to take my pain away. Minutes later there was a loud clap of thunder and a bright flash of lightening.  Then it began to rain heavily.  Within minutes my pain began to subside.  My bones no longer felt ice cold and my skin began to cool.  All pain disappeared by the time the storm ended.  Since then I have learned that location has nothing to do with the severity of my pre-storm pain as I have also experienced the same symptoms in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, and California.  How I feel after it rains depends upon the intensity of my pain prior and the temperatures that follow.

Extreme heat:  My body adversely reacts to temperatures over 85 degrees and intensifies as the number increases.  My joints and muscles ache.  My skin will feel cool and clammy.  Nerve pain makes my body feel like it is being pricked my millions of sharp needles.  If the temperature is over 85 for more than a few days in a row I begin to experience muscle spasms and twitches.  My hands spasm so badly that they make holding anything like a cup or phone impossible.  And forget typing a text or message on my phone, it’s impossible to control my hand to type on that small of a keyboard when I am suffering from these spasms.  When high humidity accompanies extreme heat, I have to stay out of the sun.  When exposed to sunlight in these conditions I feel like my skin is being burned by a blow torch.

Extreme cold:  Any temperature under 40 degrees is what my body considers extreme.  My bones feel brittle. The nerve pain in my damaged leg is intensified.  My skin and muscles feel like they are being ripped from my body and I feel like someone filled my body with ice.  The most frustrating part is that there is nothing I can do to warm myself up outside of using an electric blanket or heating pads, but that only helps my outer body.  Weather like this makes me thankful for my menopausal hot flashes!

Fog:  This is something that I actually love.  My joints are tender, but not so bad that I can’t move about. Foggy mornings fit my life.  It takes hours for the sun to break through, just as it takes me hours to get moving after I awake.

My utopia would have daytime temperatures ranging between 65 and 85 degrees and nighttime temperatures ranging between 40 and 60 degrees, as these are the ranges that don’t cause me additional pain.  There would be no snow and only light rain showers a few times a year.  I am thankful that I live in southern California where the daily temperatures fall into my comfort zone for a large portion of the year.  This has also made deciphering which of my pains are related to weather and which are related to my conditions.  Because of weather induced pain, I know that I can never again live in any of my former states.  It is also something that I take into consideration when planning visits to family and friends that live in those areas.  I used to find it odd that I always felt better than normal when my family used to vacation in California and now I know why.  California is as close as I am going to get to my utopia.

Have you experienced weather related pain?  If so, how does it effect you?

Wishing you a day filled with moderate temperatures, lots of smiles, and gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva



Recovering from a nonexistent workout



You know or remember the feeling you had after a really intense workout?  The aching muscles, sore joints, and fatigue?  Imagine feeling like just because there was a shift in the weather.  Welcome to my week.  Weather plays an important role in my physical comfort.  A change in the weather can cause more pain to my body than if I had actually physically over exerted myself.  I spent most of last week recovering from my latest adventure.  Just as I felt I was beginning to return to my “normal” level of pain a heat wave rolled in.

For me the rise in temperatures is more painful than a decrease.  The increase causes my joints and muscles to swell and spasm.  Normally this ends once the weather stabilizes, but Mother Nature had a different idea this past weekend.  After two days of temperatures at or near 80 degrees, a storm front moved in.  The storm brought rain and dropped our daily highs by 20 degrees.  The pain prior to a storm is horrible.  Depending on the strength and size of the storm I can be rendered practically paralyzed any where from 1 to 12 hours prior to the rainfall.  Every muscle, bone, and joint in my body will throb intensely.  My skin will feel like it is being burned and peeled from my body simultaneously and my nerve pain sky rockets.  Medicating helps me stay sane, but it isn’t until the rain starts that I begin to feel any relief.  Once the storm hits I am too sore to do anything other than to curl up in bed or in my recliner, but the fog in my head clears enough to allow me to enjoy a marathon of a favorite show.

Once the storm is over my body begins its healing process.  The swelling and pain decreases which is wonderful and terrible at the same time.  It’s wonderful because I can move about with a less pain.  It’s terrible because I experience intense muscle spasms until they reach their “normal” level of annoyance.  How long it takes to recover from a storm depends on its strength and severity.

I have done absolutely nothing this week!  But I feel like I just finished an intense workout and then was hit by a car!!  For now I just wait….I wait to feel “normal”.

For those of you that live in areas that experience storms (rain or snow) or extreme weather all the time, you have my sympathy and prayers!!

Wishing you a day filled with Pixie Dust and gentle hugs!

The Disabled Diva


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