Weekend Recap October 22-26

What you missed last week.

Protect Yourself From Trauma Triggers This Halloween

Halloween can be a difficult time for people who have suffered a past trauma. What seems to be harmless fun for some can trigger paralyzing memories for others.
Memories of childhood abuse, rape, domestic abuse, military combat, natural disasters, and/or violent attacks may be unleashed by a number of things, many which cannot be avoided throughout the Halloween season. Some of these triggers include, but are not limited to…….

Living with a body that doesn’t know how to forgive and forget

One frustrating aspect of my chronic conditions is having a body that absorbs its surroundings, mainly sounds and vibrations.  I physically feel every beat of a drum, which sucks since my son is a drummer.  It’s a miracle I survived his days of Marching Band and Indoor Drumline. I never shared this with him atContinue reading “Living with a body that doesn’t know how to forgive and forget”

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