4 Ways to Survive the Holidays with a Chronic Illness

Life with one or more chronic illnesses is tough. Yet each year we expect our pain riddled bodies to keep up with the ghosts of Christmas or holiday past. Here are a few suggestions to help you survive the holidays!

I Made it Thru the Holidays Without Catching This Common Chronic Disease

It isn’t unusual for people (healthy or chronically ill) to push themselves to do more than they normally would throughout the holiday season. No matter how well we looked after our health the rest of the year, many of us come down with a case of holiday amnesia.

Spring Cleaning Your Chronic Life: Cleansing Your Calendar

Find out how cleansing your calendar may result in fewer cancellations!

Not enough time to manage. Part 2

This week I want to expand upon what it is like to have less time to manage.  In part one I explained how having less time to manage makes someone who used to manage their time very well, appear as though they need to go back to school. Today I will address the frustration ofContinue reading “Not enough time to manage. Part 2”

Not enough time to manage. Part 1

Do you often feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything that you wanted to accomplish?  You are not alone.  Many ordinary folk have the misconception that the chronically ill just don’t know how to manage their time.  The truth is that we don’t have enough time to manage. I was aContinue reading “Not enough time to manage. Part 1”

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