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Where to legally try cannabis for chronic pain

Where to legally try cannabis for chronic pain







I have received many inquiries lately from people who want to see if cannabis could help relieve their chronic pain, but they either don’t live where medical marijuana is legal or it is legal for medicinal use where they live, but they don’t want to sink a fortune into entering their state’s program only to discover it doesn’t help them.  Today I am going to share a legal and safe way to find out if adding cannabis to your pain management plan is for you.

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Cannabis is the devil’s lettuce and other reasons people give for not trying it for chronic pain relief

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It is hard to believe that in this day and age where cannabis has been legalized not just for medicinal use, but in several states for recreational usage too, there are still people dead set against trying it to reduce chronic pain.  Yet every day I hear someone say that they would never try it and below are some of the excuses they give.

*Disclosure: I am not a medical professional and am not issuing medical advice. This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies and Disneyability Group on Facebook.

It’s the devil’s lettuce!

Some people believe that marijuana is the work of the devil.  If you believe in the devil, it only makes sense that you believe in God too.  If that is the case, you believe that God created the earth and all that was put on it, including marijuana.  So why wouldn’t you want a natural medication created by the person who created you?  Cannabis won’t make people join in orgies or practice witchcraft.  People who want to do those things will do it with or without it.


People lose their minds

Some people believe that cannabis will make people do things that they shouldn’t like steal, rape, go on killing sprees, etc. They believe that it will alter and twist the mind of the person smoking it. That they will become evil, twisted, or lose their minds. Truth is millions of crimes are committed by people who have never touched cannabis. Does it have a psychoactive effect? Yes, but so does opioids and alcohol which 99% and of the people who tell me that they are against cannabis are totally okay with.  Cannabis actually brought clarity back into my life.  The physical pain I experienced from my chronic illnesses prior to medicating with cannabis, took over my mind.  I couldn’t think straight.  It would take hours to read and comprehend a few sentences or paragraphs.  I not only struggled with verbally expressing myself, I could barely write out my thoughts.  Yet, soon after I began medicating with marijuana my mind cleared, I could concentrate on what I was reading, comprehend what I had read, and most importantly my ability to express myself both verbally and through writing returned.  Opioids never had that effect.

Stoners are lazy

Some folks assume that people who use cannabis for recreational and/or medicinal purposes will become lazy.  Could someone abuse it and lose their job, home, spouse, etc.? Sure, but so could anyone who never touched marijuana.  The stoners in my circle are some of the most productive, active, and successful people you will ever meet.  They are creative and focused.  I don’t have the time to name the amount of people who have never touched cannabis yet are lazy, have no goals, and lack or have no desire to learn and/or develop their talents and skills.  Before medicating with cannabis I forced myself to leave the house to do something fun with my family a few times a year.  I would spend the months in between recovering.  After I began medicating I was able to start leaving the house several times a month, then every week, to now where I am busy every day of my life. Before cannabis I was in too much pain to do anything, now I am too busy to do everything that I want.

People will judge me

Honey, I have got news for you, people are always going to find a reason to judge you.  Do you allow what others think dictate how you treat your illnesses?  If so, why?  You have the right to medicate and treat your illnesses however you choose.  It is your body and your life.  Don’t let someone else’s closed mind keep you from doing what you want.  Last year a reader sent me a message saying how much cannabis had helped with her pain, but she had to stop using it because her family didn’t approve.  Seriously!!!!??!!!  She was denying herself from the pain relief that she knew was possible all because of what people who didn’t live with her pain thought about it??!!   You don’t have to proclaim yourself a stoner, there isn’t a club that you must pledge an oath to, nor will you have to wear a sign! Nobody has to know! Do you tell all of your family and friends about every medication you take, which includes Tylenol or allergy pills? If I didn’t blog about it, most of the people in my life wouldn’t have a clue that I medicate with cannabis.

I smoked a joint and it did nothing for me

You can’t judge whether or not cannabis will help with your chronic pain.  Unlike opioids, marijuana doesn’t mask pain.  The relief I have experienced has increased through the years, yet how much cannabis I need for pain management has decreased.  Another thing to consider is did you research and try a strain that is suited to your needs?  Every strain is different.  I am always researching strains to see what may be a good match for whatever symptom is bothering me the most.  Not everything that says it is good for a particular symptom is a match for me, it takes time to find a strain that performs the way I want it to.
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When I combined the spectacular inflammation fighting powers of Oska Pulse and cannabis I began experiencing improvements that I was told were not possible.  Click here for my story and click here to visit Oska Wellness and save $55 with my discount code DIVA.


I don’t want to get high

 It is possible to medicate with cannabis and not get high.  Some people achieve an acceptable level of pain relief from CBD (one of the cannabinoids in the marijuana plant that doesn’t have a psychoactive effect), but as I have personally experienced, the addition of THC (a psychoactive cannabinoid) is what works best.  However, even with THC I was able to medicate and relieve my pain without getting high by micro-dosing.  Micro-dosing is consuming cannabis in small doses.  In fact I tell people to begin with micro-dosing so that they don’t get so high on their first try that they end up never wanting to  try it again.

I refuse to smoke

Well good for you…… Sorry to be rude, but this comment comes from people who have not taken the time to educate themselves about medicating with cannabis.  You can consume marijuana in various ways.  Cannabis is available in edible forms like candy, baked goods, butter, and beverages.  Tinctures are also great for micro-dosing as you just put a drop or two under your tongue.  Gel pills are also an option, but are hard to find in low dosages.  It is possible to medicate with cannabis and never smoke a day in your life.
This is just a handful of the excuses that people shared with me.  Have you tried it? If not, why?  If it because it has not been legalized in your area, I get it. I too once lived in a state where medicating with cannabis was not a legal option.  However, after experiencing so many improvements in the past 6 years, I suggest doing whatever it takes to get it.  I am not suggesting that you break the law, instead I am saying that if I didn’t live where it was legal, I would move or contact groups in my state/country that are actively working to get it legalized and join their efforts.
Is cannabis for everyone? No, but people need to stop saying that they have tried everything or that opioids are the only thing they can take for their pain without giving cannabis a chance.

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Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life

chronic pain lies, it says you can't, won't, and never will .. but you can, will, and should try








Make Pain Your Bitch

Has your chronic illness stolen the life you had? 

Have you put your dreams on hold?

Does having to spend days, weeks, or months recovering from an outing make you feel like a prisoner in your own home/body?

Do you want to take your life back?

What are you waiting for?

In my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life  I share the areas of my life that I needed to take ownership over and the changes that had to be made.  My book won’t cure you, in fact it won’t change your life….. But it will motivate you to change it yourself by helping you recognize what changes you need to make and empowering you to make them.

I haven’t been healed. Fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, degenerative disc disease, and endometriosis are NOT curable.  However, what I am able to do has increased since applying the changes I outline in the book.

I didn’t need a cure or achieve major pain relief to improve my life.  Yet by changing my ways, I was able to significantly reduce the amount of chronic pain I experience daily.

Chronic illnesses are not death sentences.  There is hope and it is possible to live a fulfilling and pleasurable life with or without less pain.  I have learned to live passionately and purposefully no matter what my body throws at me.  I have learned to work with my diseases and make adjustments when necessary, instead of constantly battling them.

Do you want to dominate your chronic life?

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chronic pain lies, it says you can't, won't, and never will .. but you can, will, and should try



The Opioid Crisis and Your Pain Relief Options


*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I earn a few cents at no additional cost to you when a purchase is made through my links.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the companies.  I am not a medical professional and am NOT issuing medical advice.

The Opioid Crisis and Your Pain Relief Options

Do you live with chronic pain?  Chances are that you have either at one time in your chronic life taken opioids or currently depend on them to deal with pain.  With doctors being pressured more now than ever to either not prescribe or greatly reduce how much they prescribe opioids for pain relief, chronic pain patients are finding it harder to get the pain relief they desperately need.

As my long time followers may already know, I ditched prescription pain pills in 2012 and began seeking alternative forms for relief.  If you didn’t know this about me, SURPRISE!  Before I go on I want to make it very clear that I am not anti-medication, there are some medications that are necessary and can be life saving.  However, there are also many  that cause more problems than what they do good.  Also note that I am not judging anybody who does rely on prescription narcotics to get through the day, because that was the only option I had for the first 12 years of my chronic life.  I get it.  I also know the shame and frustration of having to ask and beg doctors for a prescription.

Receiving an acceptable amount of pain medication had never been a problem for me until 2010.  It was at this point that point that my doctors began feeling the pressure to limit how much they were prescribing and having to justify who and what they were prescribing them for.  Since mine were needed for pain related to fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and endometriosis, my doctors suddenly refused to prescribe narcotics unless I agreed to go back on the medications that had been approved for my conditions, medications that instead of helping me had made me sicker.  Prior to that my doctor prescribed more than enough for me to stay ahead of the pain and to get me through my most painful flares.  Not that it really helped because I couldn’t take the amount I really needed without flying higher than a kite or breaking out in hives.


In 2012 I had had enough.  I was done begging for pain relief.  I was done pushing through pain I didn’t need to in order to save my pills for a really bad day.  The worst part about having to ration my pain pills like that was that I could never get ahead of my pain, I was always 100 steps behind.  This also meant that my pills were basically useless when a severe flare hit, because the amount I would have needed to relieve or reduce my pain to an acceptable level would have killed me.  So I began looking at other options.  In my quest to find alternative ways to reduce my pain and treat my diseases, I sought methods that I wouldn’t have to rely on my doctor or insurance company to receive.

Note that I am not a medical professional and I am not issuing medical advice.

master grow 1

Master Growers CBD Oral Spray is fantastic for anxiety and chronic pain.  The spray makes it easy to use on the go!


Finding real relief with CBD

Prescription pain medications only masked my pain.  They didn’t improve my condition, in fact they actually made me sicker than I was.  I never had urinary tract infections until I began treating my pain with them on a daily basis in 2003.  Soon after I began getting UTI’s 4-6 times a year.  Kidney stones also became a problem after several years.  At the time my doctors wanted to label me with new illnesses. But as they and I both have witnessed in the past 5 years that wasn’t the case at all, since I stopped taking opioids for pain relief I haven’t had one UTI or kidney stone.  No longer suffering from painful side effects made it easier for me to address my real level of pain caused by my chronic illnesses.  Living in California where medical marijuana is legal and affordable I decided to give it a try.

Medicating with medical marijuana (MMJ) was and still is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Not every friend or family member agreed with my choice at the time, but I didn’t care.  Funny thing is that those who were opposed quickly changed their tunes after witnessing my improvements not just with pain relief but with my conditions as well.  MMJ reduced my inflammation so significantly (70% less!)  that my doctor’s jaw dropped when he saw me just three weeks after I began using it.  Because he is under pressure from pharmaceutical companies he admitted that he would never prescribe it.  However, he did say that he was amazed by how it was helping me in ways beyond just reducing or relieving pain and that I should continue doing what I was.  And so I did.  My good days continued to get better and my bad days weren’t as bad as they had been during my first 12 years.

Not everybody has access to medical marijuana.  It’s either not legal where they live or their state government has ridiculous limitations on who has access and what forms they may use it in.  But you don’t have to live in a medical marijuana approved state or move to California or Colorado to experience the benefits of CBD.  CBD oil is legal and available in all 50 states.  The difference between CBD oil and MMJ is that CBD oil alone does not have the psychoactive effects that MMJ does.

triniti full product

Triniti CBD offers flavored tinctures for those who aren’t keen on the taste of hemp or MMJ products.


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Drug Free Pain Relief

I first began using Oska Pulse last fall to combat reoccurring knee pain.  Then earlier this year I began to experience real relief from all of my chronic issues when I committed to using it on a daily basis.  Oska Pulse uses pulsed electromagnetic fields which mimics the natural electric signals produced by the body to promote recovery.  Oska Pulse does not mask pain, it actually addresses it.  The improvements I have experienced have been astonishing.  My doctors had said that many of my symptoms and conditions would never improve.  They were right, if I had continued to follow their pain management plan I wouldn’t have improved.  Thanks to Oska Pulse my psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia are better managed and wreaking less havoc in my life than ever before.  Blown away by my results I began documenting my treatment and have been sharing it with my readers.  Click here to read my series.

Like any new treatment, I had to commit to using Oska Pulse daily and be patient.  Some improvements occurred quickly while others took months.  While I had to wait several months to experience full relief from my lower back pain, it was totally worth it as it is no longer a daily issue.  I am also able to focus my treatment on other areas of my body and spend less time on the areas that used to be my worst.

Oska Pulse comes with a band that allows you to wear your device and go about your life while treating your pain and conditions.  I use mine at home, at the grocery store, in the car, and yes even at Disneyland.

Oska Pulse gave me a new lease on life.  Are you ready to try something new?  Are you done masking your pain?  Do you want real relief?  Then check out Oska Pulse!

While you can’t bill your insurance for your Oska Pulse, you may deduct it from your medical savings account or deduct from your taxes under medical expenses.  Save $55 when you use promo code DIVA and if you need to make payments be sure to check out using PayPal’s payment plan.



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