My Abominable Abdominal Adhesions

Abdominal adhesions began wreaking havoc in my life back in 2004 after having surgery to remove a giant cyst.Β  Some, myself included wanted to blame the type of surgery performed for the adhesions, being that prior to having laparoscopic I had two C-sections without developing adhesions.Β  But in my case it wasn’t the type of surgery, it was what was found.Β  Even after two abdominal surgeries, no adhesions were found, instead my surgeon discovered a giant ovarian cyst that had adhered itself to my left fallopian tube, left ovary, uterus, bladder, and left side wall.Β  Also adhered to my side wall was my left fallopian tube.Β  It was the scarring from having the cyst and fallopian tube removed from my side wall that set off this storm of adhesions that would forever change my life. Within months after this surgery the pain and pulling that I had felt on my left side had returned.Β  I tracked the pain cycle as

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