I Wish That I Had Tried This Before Having a Hysterectomy

I regret my hysterectomy, but not for the reasons one would assume….. I was done having kids and I didn’t care about being thrown into early menopause.

Could PEMF therapy have prevented the long term damage I sustained from endometriosis?

Could PEMF therapy prevented the damage my abdominal muscles sustained from endometriosis?

Mystery Pain Clues

If there is one thing the chronically ill CAN expect from their unpredictable diseases is that a new pain or symptom is always waiting around the corner.  Some are caused by the medications we take, others appear as our conditions progress, and then there is the fallout from the damage our illnesses have inflicted on our bodies.  The latter is what I am dealing with in regards to abdominal adhesions from endometriosis and internal scarring.

The Disabled Diva Fights Endometriosis with Alternative Treatments

The Disabled Diva talks about how she combats endometriosis with alternative treatments.

Failed Colonoscopy

This post is part of a series about my quest to find relief from abdominal adhesions. Click here to read from the beginning. Previous post < > Next post I haven’t had much to write about in regards to my quest to find relief from abdominal adhesions.  Things are kind of at a standstill whileContinue reading “Failed Colonoscopy”

Being a patient means having to practice patience

Being a patient means having to practice patience <Previous post   Next post> This is part three in my quest for abdominal pain relief. Missed a post? Click here to start from the beginning. My appointment with the general surgeon went better than I expected.  The main reason for this was that he actually listened.  NotContinue reading “Being a patient means having to practice patience”

Round One

Round One <Previous Post   Next Post> Like many past doctor appointments, I left this one in tears.  However, the tears were not the product of frustration or heartbreak, this time the tears I shed were happy tears.  As I explained in my previous post, Preparing for Battle, I had my first appointment to get the ball rollingContinue reading “Round One”

My Abominable Abdominal Adhesions

Abdominal adhesions began wreaking havoc in my life back in 2004 after having surgery to remove a giant cyst.  Some, myself included wanted to blame the type of surgery performed for the adhesions, being that prior to having laparoscopic I had two C-sections without developing adhesions.  But in my case it wasn’t the type ofContinue reading “My Abominable Abdominal Adhesions”

My fashion secret

Chronic pain has changed my life.  It has altered the way I do things.  It has meant giving up old hobbies and trying new things.  It has completely changed the way I view life.  The one thing I didn’t expect to change was my wardrobe.  My wardrobe overhaul began prior to my first diagnosis 12Continue reading “My fashion secret”

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