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Four ways I prevent leg cramps










Weather changes, over use, lack of activity, these are just a few of the reasons that I experience spasms and cramps in my legs at night.  Sometimes it’s more of a nervous energy flowing through my legs that keeps me awake.  Other nights it’s muscle pain that is a product of a deeper pain.

No matter what the cause, restless, spasming, and cramping leg muscles ruin any chance I have of getting a good night’s sleep.

Prescription muscle relaxers failed me.  Believe it or not, muscle relaxers like Flexeril actually increased how often I experienced my symptoms and their severity.

In 2012 I slowly began addressing my symptoms from fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, degenerative disc disease, coccydynia, and abdominal adhesions with natural and alternative treatments.

Seven years later and I can say that I finally found a way to sleep through the night without my legs cramping or feeling restless.

Here are the four ways that I have been able to accomplish this:

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups. I am not a medical professional and am not issuing medical advice.


I use CBD vape or isolate each evening to help relax my muscles.  While high doses do relax them, I have to be careful as I will experience spasms as they relax.  CBD also helps to relax my anxious brain.  I often find that my legs are more restless and cramp more than usual when my mind is working overtime.


Exercising too much or not enough is a problem.  No matter how little or much I walk or workout, stretching is what is most important.  Each night before bed, I use elastic bands to gently stretch my leg muscles.


I am magnesium deficient.  Always have been, probably always will be.  My body won’t tolerate supplements and it doesn’t matter how much magnesium rich foods I eat.  However, I have stumbled upon a magnesium rich lotion that does the trick.  Good Night Lotion is now part of my nightly routine.  I rub my legs, hips, lower back, tummy, shoulders, and neck down every night approximately 10-15 minutes before I am ready to crawl into bed. It helps reduce tension, pain, and relaxes my body clearing the way to a good night’s sleep. Click here to read my review of this product.


Water, water, and more water…. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated.  They key is to drink it throughout the day.  Too much at night, results in multiple bathroom visits throughout my night.  Filling a marked bottle in the morning helps me stay on top of my hydration goals throughout the day.














The Disabled Diva’s Review of Earthley Good Night Lotion








Do leg cramps or muscle spasms wake you up in the middle of the night?  *Yep!

Do restless legs prevent you from falling asleep? *Raises hand!

Weather changes like heatwaves or the pressure pushing in storms have always caused my legs to cramp and spasm.  However, prior to using topical CBD lotions and oils, leg cramps and spasms were an every day and night occurrence.

When I saw that Earthley had a lotion to help with restless legs, I just had to try it!!!

Although CBD lotions and topical oils are fantastic for restless legs, cramps, and spasms, they are also expensive!!! My first thought was how great would this be if it worked, because it would give those who couldn’t afford a quality topical CBD product an affordable option.

Wondering if Good Night Lotion from Earthley works?  Keep reading…….

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups. I am not a medical professional and am not issuing medical advice.

Love at first night

OMG!! I was skeptical, as I am with every product that claims to help reduce pain or symptoms from my chronic illnesses. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

As you know, I have a long list of chronic illnesses.  They include, but are not limited to: fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, degenerative disc disease, coccydynia, and abdominal adhesions (result of endometriosis and surgical scarring).  They all have a role in the pain that I experience throughout my body.  Each night, even after I have treated my abdomen all day with PEMF therapy and have vaped my evening dose of cannabis, I still struggle to get my legs, lower back muscles, and abdominal muscles to relax.

On that first night, I rubbed Good Night Lotion on hips, lower back, legs, and feet. At first I felt nothing different, but the label did say to do it 10-15 minutes before going to bed making me think that maybe there is a slight delay in effect.

I was right!! Soon after I crawled under my blankets and arranged my pillows, I felt the areas that I had applied the lotion melt.  Seriously, it felt like they had turned into melted butter.  Of course now the tension in my neck, shoulders, wrists, and abdominal muscles was more noticeable, so I applied the lotion to those areas as well.  I had the best sleep ever!!! And the best part was waking up without my muscles feeling tight or sore.

To put this product to the test, I continued to do the same night after night for an entire week.  I picked an amazing week to do so, as it was a stormy one!!  And guess what? I wasn’t woken up with leg cramps or spasms, nor did my legs feel restless like they would normally during that type of weather.

To further my test of the product, I discontinued use the following week, also a stormy week.  Can you guess what happened?  I experienced horrific spasms.  Seriously, knots so bad that I would wake up crying and screaming.

As you may have guessed, I quickly resumed use of Good Night Lotion.

I want to note that I am not stingy in my use of the product.  I don’t use a smidgen, I use a lot!  However, my body has always been deficient in magnesium which may be why I need more than what is suggested on the packaging.  But so far so good… I haven’t had any unpleasant or unwanted side effects from this product like I have from any other magnesium supplement I have tried in the past.










The best part about this product, aside from it working better than I expected it to, is that even with the amounts that I use each night, it won’t bankrupt me!

It is available in two forms, one with lavender essential oils and unscented.  I am using the lavender one and haven’t had a problem.  And I am someone who has to buy almost everything unscented or for sensitive skin. Both cost the same amount and are available in 4 and 8oz jars.

As you may have noticed in the picture above, Good Night Lotion is on SALE!  Use promo code GOODNIGHTS to save 20% through Friday 2/22/2019 11:59pm PST. Click here to order!

Tell me more

Magnesium chloride promotes normal sleep cycles to help you stay asleep longer, while lavender promotes a restful sleep. This product is make with 100% clean, mostly organic ingredients, and is always free of parabens, fragrances, common allergens, and is now vegan.


Good Night Lotion:
apricot oil
organic shea butter
organic mango butter
magnesium chloride flakes
candelilla wax
lavender essential oil

Good Night Lotion Sensitive:
apricot oil
organic mango butter
kokum butter
magnesium chloride flakes
candelilla wax

If you are hesitant to try CBD products or just can’t afford them, this option is just as good, if not better than many CBD topical products available.

Click here to learn more about Good Night Lotion and/or to order a jar today!


Weekend Recap February 11-15, 2019









This week’s blog posts!

Deals: Latest product promotions and discounts to make living with your chronic illness less painful.

Spring Cleaning Doesn’t Have to be Painful: Tips to make sprucing up your home less painful.

Natural and Alternative Sleep Tips: What helps me sleep and how it may help you too.

The Disabled Diva’s Review of Earthley Soothing Skin Balm: My review of a natural and organic balm for eczema and psoriasis.

Give your love the best Valentine’s day gift ever!

Tips to make your Valentine’s day special, despite your chronic illness
























The Disabled Diva’s Review of Earthley Soothing Skin Balm









*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups.

Earthly Soothing Skin Balm Review

Before I dive into my review I want to give you a little background to explain why I was so excited to test and review this product.

My youngest has eczema.  Her first rash appeared when she was an infant.  At that time she was prescribed a prescription cream and put on extreme dietary restrictions.  When I say extreme, I mean she had to be dairy and gluten free.  After a couple of years, her rash was completely gone.  Our doctor then had us slowly introduce dairy and wheat back into her diet.  Luckily, she suffered no reaction, so on we went with life…..

As she neared her 16th birthday, her eczema returned.  We made dietary changes and even discovered a new trigger, high fructose syrup!  These changes however weren’t enough.

A few years prior we, my husband, daughter, and I, decided to take a more natural approach to our healthcare needs.  In the past 2 years we have tried many natural lotions and balms to relieve her pain, redness, and itchiness.  We have failed to find anything that really worked, that is until now…..











As you can see in the comparison picture, there has been a major improvement in the past 18 days.  Now mind you, she is a teenager, meaning that she has forgotten to apply it a day here and a day there.  But, to see that kind of improvement without being on top of applying the balm every day, I am impressed.  I also want to note that she hasn’t been watching what she has been eating throughout this trial period either.  I am sure once she does, we will see even more improvement.  The best part is that her rashes no longer hurt, the skin isn’t broken, nor do they burn and itch.  She is going to continue using Soothing Skin Balm by Earthley, because it is the only thing she has tried that has worked without a prescription.












The 411

Now time for some information about the product itself.  Earthley Soothing Skin Balm is an all-natural balm that effectively soothes and promotes healing for eczema, dry skin, and itchy skin.  It can also help relieve symptoms of psoriasis, which I have and have just begun using on my rashes.  Seriously, I just started today, so I will update you on that another time.

Anyways, what I love most about Earthley’s products is that they are completely natural and always free of fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and polysorbate 80.

The ingredients in their Soothing Skin Balm are: 

Apricot oil: combats sensitive, dry, red, and irritated skin

Organic calendula flowers: soothes dry, itchy skin and is safe for children.

Organic glycerin: slows down cell regeneration which reduces the redness and rawness that is typical of skin affected by eczema

Organic beeswax: holds it all together and locks in moisture

Organic mango butter:  is thick, rich, and super moisturizing

That’s it!!

If you are looking for a natural and organic balm to soothe eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin, you need to try this product.  I hesitated on whether I should have purchase the smaller jar, you know to make sure it was going to help, but I have zero regrets for purchasing the larger 4oz jar.

Click here to check it out for yourself!
























Give your love the best Valentine’s day gift ever!








Want to give your Valentine a gift they will cherish and use forever?!

Forget lingerie or jewelry! This year purchase something that you and they can appreciate and benefit from.  Give them and yourself the gift of pain relief!

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups.

Seriously, give them the drug free pain relief device known as Oska Pulse.  It is something that you can both use.  It relieves chronic pain, pain from an injury, fall, migraine, sinuses, and more….

How does it do it? By reducing inflammation with pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Before daily PEMF treatments with Oska Pulse

Before PEMF therapy

The picture above is how I had to leave the house before I began daily PEMF treatments with Oska Pulse.  Chronic pain from fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, degenerative disc disease, coccydynia, and abdominal adhesions from endometriosis and surgical scarring depleted all of my energy and strength.  I would get winded just walking from my bed to the bathroom located just a few steps away.  My feet, spine, and legs wouldn’t allow me to stand or walk for more than a few minutes per day.


After PEMF therapy







After PEMF therapy

This picture was taken three years after the one above and almost two years after I added daily PEMF treatments to my pain management plan.  PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse reduces the inflammation I experience from my chronic illnesses like nothing I have ever tried before.  With some patience, some relief wasn’t experienced for a few months, and commitment to seeing what could happen I went from requiring a wheelchair when I left the house to being able to walk on my own two feet.  Sometimes I use a rollator, but no matter what I am always walking.  The picture above was taken on my first ever hike!!!! This, this was what this device has done for me.  After 17 years of pain saying no you can’t, I am not only saying yes I can, I am doing everything I was told I would never be able to do again!!

I don’t know what kind of results you will have, but isn’t it worth taking a chance?  I am glad I thought so….

Don’t take my word, do some research.  Click here to read third party reports on how PEMF therapy has helped with a plethora of symptoms and illnesses.  You will quickly see how this device can improve the lives of well, just about anyone!  You can use it together while resting in bed or on the sofa or use it separately, either way you both win.

While you are at it be sure to see what others are saying about this fantastic device by clicking here.

And last but not least, to help you give you and your partner some much needed pain relief, I have a discount code to share with you.  Save $55 when you enter promo code DIVA at checkout.  Click here to check out this life changing pain relief product. Oh and one more thing! If you live in the United States, you get FREE 2 DAY shipping!!!!

This drug-free pain relief device relieves pain and inflammation like nothing I have ever tried! Click here to check it out and don’t forget that discount code DIVA will save you $55.00














Weekend Recap February 4-8, 2019







Here is a rundown of this week’s articles!

Read what you missed and share what you liked!






Love is Stupid

In this article, Donna helps us overcome our insecurities and to recognize that we are worthy of being loved. Click here to read.







I Don’t Believe in That Disease

Have you ever had a doctor who didn’t believe in your chronic illness?  I have.  Having doctors who either didn’t believe that fibromyalgia was a real disease or that were totally uneducated in this disease put my life at risk when I was faced with an unrelated life threatening health issue.  Click here to find out what happened.






The Benefits of Charcoal Soap

My daughter and I have recently started washing our faces with charcoal soap.  Her for acne and eczema, and I for psoriasis and smoother, tighter skin.  Click here to find out what benefits there are to washing with charcoal soap and which brand we recommend.







Online Medical Marijuana Recommendations: Convenient or a Waste of Time?

Have you heard of doctors offering online medical marijuana recommendations?  I didn’t until last year!  Click here to learn about my experience and to see if this service is available in your area.






Why a Diagnosis is a Reason to Celebrate!

No one in their right mind would celebrate receiving a diagnosis of a disease that is incurable, right?! Or should they??!!!  Click here to find out why each of mine were a reason to celebrate.






28 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Click here for 28 ideas to help you love yourself this month!

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups.

PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse has taken my pain management plan to a whole new level! Click here to see how it has improved my chronic life and click here to learn more about the device and how it may help you too! BTW My discount code DIVA will save you $55.00 when entered at checkout!






































Love is Stupid











I don’t deserve love, anyhow. Things are going too good, so I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. People always leave me. It never works out anyhow. My ideas are stupid. I’m a failure. I can’t trust anyone. It’s not worth it. I’m not worth it. I’ll just fail again. They’ll stop loving me. I can’t live without them. They wouldn’t like me if they really knew me. I’ll just look like a loser if I try that. I’ll get laughed at if I speak up. There must be something wrong with me. Love is stupid.

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups. ~The Disabled Diva

These, along with many others, are the lies we tell ourselves, engraved on the bricks we use to build walls to protect us. Some of us don’t stop at building a wall and build a damn fine castle. It’s a lonely castle, though, and that dragon in the tower—a fiery, roaring beast made of our fears, insecurities, pain—keeps us imprisoned.












We also build walls with what we do (and don’t do). Skipping that event because you know you’ll just make an idiot of yourself. Brick. Staying silent instead of standing up for yourself or sharing your thoughts. Brick. Not going on that second date, even though the first date was lovely. Brick. Letting yourself drift away from loved ones because you fear rejection if you’re honest and vulnerable. Brick.

Walls have their place. We all need healthy boundaries and self-preservation. This goes beyond that. Barbed wire on that wall, crocodile moats, wearing full armor, and thinking about just jumping off that castle tower….. Those walls protecting us from pain and sadness also keep out love and joy. Our safety measures become our prison. When no one can reach us anymore, and they stop trying because we aren’t opening ourselves up, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Alone, unconnected… Well, I must be unloveable.

I’m an expert. I’ve been building emotional walls my whole life. My castle would impress medieval royalty. Several people that I let into my fortress because I thought I could trust them proved that my walls were needed. Brick, brick, brick! Many times, I start to take my walls down and then hastily rebuild, 2 bricks higher.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

daring greatly


I’m tired. I’m tired of building. I’m tired of hiding. Are you? These bricks I’m carrying on my back, ready to shore up my wall, are breaking me. I want to be courageous. How do we stop building? I’m still trying to figure that out, but maybe we can start small. Share a bit of yourself that you’ve been walling off…. Ideally, with someone who seems to have proven themselves safe or someone you don’t have much of an emotional investment in. A stranger, a therapist, or your dog. You’re probably chuckling, but I’m serious! Sometimes you just need to practice speaking your heart and mind out loud to help you get the courage to be yourself with a person you care about, and a furry pal is a good listener. Sharing parts of yourself in written form at first can also be less scary than out loud. (Don’t try that with your dog, though. Ha!) Some of you might not want to start small and would do better by taking a wrecking ball to your walls. You’ll know what might work best for your personality. It’ll likely be a long, difficult process that’ll look different for everyone. You might need some professional help; trained therapists are excellent at teaching dragon-taming and path-building. They can help you rebuild those walls as healthy boundaries.

So, that epic wall you built around your heart… That towering castle you’re hiding in… It’s going to be really, really hard, but take a brick out. Start using those bricks to pave a path to connect you with someone. Build a door in your wall. Add some windows to let some light in. Chip away at those lies you’ve been telling yourself.


Sure, we can fend off the what-ifs by not taking any risks, but then we fend off any chance of magic, too. We also possibly invite the worst what-if of all: What if I reach the end of my life wishing I had been less fearful, had taken more chances, and had really lived?”

–Scott Stabile, BIG LOVE: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart

People are never going to be perfect. Getting hurt at least a little is inevitable when you allow yourself to love, be loved, and be connected with people. It’s worth the risk. You deserve love—to give it and receive it. You deserve to share yourself with others and connect. I want to really live. I want the magic. Do you?



















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