My Oska Pulse Journey Update #2 Winning the battle with my bowels!

Welcome to my Oska Pulse journey!  Click here to read from the beginning and to have a better understanding of the mess in my abdomen that has made my life miserable for many years.  This week’s update is a video explaining the newest developments in my battle of the adhesions! *Disclosure: This post includes affiliateContinue reading “My Oska Pulse Journey Update #2 Winning the battle with my bowels!”

How Oska Pulse Improved My Life

The Oska Pulse continues to amaze me by how it combats pain without medication.  I try to avoid medicating for pain during the day. Pain medication makes me sleepy and decreases my productivity.  Instead of spending the day in a daze

My review of an affordable and effective TENS unit TechCare SE

With nine different preprogramed massage modes I was able to find one that didn’t increase my pain level.

My Review of Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick

I was skeptical about trying out Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick.  While I have tried many natural products in the past that provided little or no relief.  I have had allergic reactions to many as well. In this review, I share my experience with this product.   This post is sponsored by Mo’s Dream Cream.Continue reading “My Review of Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick”

Sootheze Toasty Spa Friends Product Review

I was recently asked to review a Toasty Spa Friend from Sootheze.  The Spa Friend I chose was the Smooth Kitty Collar.  I chose this particular one for two reasons.  The first is that I love cats and the second is that this kitty looks just like my cat Dr. Rocky. Disclaimer: “I have beenContinue reading “Sootheze Toasty Spa Friends Product Review”

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