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Successful Failure







You might have heard the funny saying… “My goal was to lose 10 pounds this year. Only 15 to go!” Well, my goal in 2018 was to lose 65 pounds. 70 to go! So, did I fail? Yes. Sort of. No. Not really! Stay with me here…

The actual goal I put down on paper for 2018 was “continue to work on improving my mental and physical health” because I have come to learn that health encompasses so much more than the number on the scale. I succeeded in improving my health, through various triumphs and failures this year, even though the number on the scale isn’t what I wanted. I had those numbers in my head all year, though, so, yes, I’m disappointed. I miss being strong, physically capable, and agile, so that’s why those numbers will remain a part of my health goals. The shift is the focus and where power is given. The scale and those numbers do not rule over me.

I’ve had a lot of “non-scale victories” in my health journey in the last couple of years. A big one is that I’m still alive. When depression and other mental health struggles make you not want to keep living, that’s worth celebrating. I’m still here, and last year I made a commitment to myself to stay here.

By the way, I did lose a few pounds mid-year when I was doing “keto-ish”/low-carb. However, that way of eating started to have a negative impact on my overall health, and the pounds came back when I stopped. I learned from that experience, and anything that teaches you isn’t a failure. It’s simply learning what doesn’t work for you.

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Last year, I did all sorts of wonderful things that are good for my health like hiking, going to the ocean many times, and laughing so hard I cried. I strove to do my best in my various roles and be a positive force in the world. I put myself first… often. That’s quite hard for me, but everyone benefits when I do. Huge victory right there!! I pushed through physical and mental obstacles and setbacks in order to accomplish everyday stuff and all the extras. During fall and winter, I set daily and monthly goals for steps and not only hit but also exceeded them. I posted regularly in social media groups all year to support others in their wellness journeys. I did pool workouts regularly in the summer. So many victories all year!

Yes, I failed to achieve weight loss last year. I take responsibility for that while also giving myself grace. I’m choosing to celebrate all my big and small victories from 2018. In so many ways, I truly was healthier at the end of 2018 than I was at the beginning. That’s a big victory for me. I’m carrying this positive energy into 2019 and will continue to work on improving all aspects of my health, including weight loss. I’m a successful failure, and I’m not ashamed about that! I hope you can look back on 2018 with tough love–giving yourself kudos and grace. Happy 2019 to all my fellow “successful failures”!











Weekly Recap 1/5/2019






Weekly recap:

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Ten Simple Resolutions







Having trouble committing to a New Year’s resolution?

Here are ten simple resolutions that when kept, will make a big impact on your life.










1. I resolve to forgive myself when I screw up!

You are human! You are going to make mistakes! Make restitution and let yourself move on. Forever punishing yourself for a mistake you make that either wasn’t a big deal or happened ages ago will prevent you from moving forward and making better decisions.

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2. I resolve to exercise daily

Everyone is able to exercise to some degree.  No, I am not suggesting that someone who is unable to walk for more than five minutes go for a 5 mile run, but instead to find a form of exercise that they can do.  If walking is not your thing you could try yoga, Pilates, stretching, or water aerobics.  The point is to make an effort to move your body every day!










3. I resolve to unfollow negative people on social media

If the people you follow on social media are the cause of unnecessary stress, anger, or sadness it is time to let them go!! Your mental health is important and if seeing negative posts is affecting your attitude it is time to do something about it.  What? You are worried about offending your friends or a family member?  At least on Facebook, you can unfollow someone without unfriending them.  By doing this you will still remain Facebook buddies, but you won’t see their posts in your feed.










4. I resolve to accept compliments by saying thank you and nothing more

What is your response when someone tells you that you look beautiful today?  Do you say that it was the result of layers of makeup or that you just got lucky and had a good hair day?  Or do accept the compliment with a simple thank you.  Stop putting yourself down after being complimented and just say thanks!

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5. I resolve to stop comparing myself to others

Seriously, stop it!! Everyone is different.  Not everyone has the same health issues, money woes, relationship drama, or life challenges.  Even if you have something in common with another person, you still won’t have the same experience or be following the same journey.  Worry about what you can do, not about being able to do what your neighbor is doing.










6. I resolve to make my health a priority

Take care of you! This includes mental and physical health.  Besides following your treatment protocol and pain management plan, be sure you are practicing self-care. Pushing yourself to the point of having to go to the emergency room because your pain level spiraled out of control is not making your health a priority.  Pacing and taking precautions will result in more time spent having fun and less time in the hospital.










7.  I resolve to try new things

Are you bored with your life?  Try a new hobby or look into a career change. If your current treatment or pain management plan isn’t working, try something new.  Talk to your doctor and see what is available or talk to him/her about alternative/natural options.  Don’t give up just because everything you have tried up until now hasn’t helped or worked out.










8. I resolve to focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t

By focusing on what you can’t do you open the floodgates of all that is negative in your life to flood your mind.  Before you know it negativity takes over your mind and life.  It is okay to look at what you can’t do for research purposes and to find ways to do it differently, just don’t forget to think about what you can do.  Thinking about what you are capable of can also help you when trying to find solutions to what you can’t.










9. I resolve to complain less

How often do you complain? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? Every minute?  One trick to help curb how often you complain is to counter every complaint you make with two positive thoughts.  You will either become accustomed to finding something positive to say and think OR you will tire of doing it and just shut up.  Either way you win!










10. I resolve to find something to be thankful for each and every day

If you are not used to finding something to be thankful on a daily basis, you may find it difficult at first.  I found it helpful to journal my reasons.  By doing this I was able to look back and be reminded of the good things in my life whenever I had a tough day.

Which resolution will you choose?

Want a bonus resolution?

How about I resolve to make chronic pain my bitch???!!!!

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My New Year’s Wish For You!







As we begin a new chapter in our lives, I want to share my wish for you.

My wish is quite simple, yet at the same time most complicated.

In a nutshell, my wish is for you to make chronic pain your bitch!

I want you to take control over your life and health.  To work with your illnesses and around your limitations. To live a wonderful life despite being chronically ill.  I wish that you would let go of what is holding you back, this includes the fear of trying something new. I want you to love your life as much as I love mine.

To do it, you will need some tools!

Here are a few blog posts to help you start 2019 on the right foot:

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An Extra Fabulous New Year

2018 Will Be a Fabulous Year If… (Still relevant today)

Ten simple resolutions

And last but not least, be motivated, inspired, and encouraged to take charge of your life in my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life











Say Goodbye to 2018






It is time to say goodbye to 2018!

As we bid this year farewell, I want to share a little exercise to help you enter the new year with a can do attitude!  I want you to create a list to help you see the past year for what it was.  So grab a pencil and paper or open a spreadsheet and get busy!

Step one

Your list will consist of two columns. In the first one I want you to list all that went wrong in 2018.  This could be in regards to anything.  Loss of a loved one or job, increased issues with health, etc… In the second column I want you to list all that went right, such as a decrease in pain, improvements in health or other part of your life.












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Step two

Look at column one and ask yourself if there was something that you could have done differently to have avoided that outcome? If so jot those thoughts down on another sheet of paper. Now look at column two. What did you do or what occurred to make those good things possible? Add those actions to your other sheet.

Step three

Put an X or blackout column one. It is done, you can’t go back and change it, but the lessons you wrote on the second sheet can help you make 2019 a better year. Hang on to column two. This column will help you remember that 2018 wasn’t full of disappointment. Use what you learned from accomplishing them to continue those good habits in the new year.

Not every moment of 2018 was sunshine and unicorns in my world, but overall the good outweighed the bad. I know that 2019 will be a great year! No, I don’t have a crystal ball. But I do have the lessons I have learned from 2018 to help me avoid a few pitfalls.

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If you absolutely cannot find anything positive to remember or take away from 2018, do yourself a favor and let it go!!!! Carrying ill feelings about the year and the experiences into the new year will only set it off on the wrong course. Need help letting go? While there are many options, I suggest seeking counseling and downloading my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life.












Resolutions without plans are just words







Do you make New Years resolutions?

How many do you keep?

If the number of resolutions you make is zero or very few, the problem may not be with the resolutions you are making, but instead with how you expect them to happen.

Do any of these resolutions sound familiar?

  1. I am going to lose weight
  2. I am going to exercise
  3. I am going to make more money

While there is nothing particularly wrong with any of these statements, it is the lack of planning that dooms them to failure.  Not one of those goals will happen without a plan.  No one is going to lose the weight for you.  Nobody can make you exercise.  You control what goes in your mouth.  Unless you’re hoping that someone leaves you in their will or is just going to hand you more money, you will need to figure out a way to make more money.

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook Groups.

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Don’t dream about a better year, create it! Make an action plan to start making those dreams come true.  Find a diet plan that you can stick with.  Make exercise a part of your daily life, not just something you do when you want to lose a few pounds.  A plan and hard work will make you more money, not hoping or wishing.

No matter what your resolutions are for 2019, do NOT make them until you have created a plan.  With that said, that plan doesn’t have to be perfect, it will take time to figure out what really works best for you, but have a plan to start with.  Hoping, praying, or wishing for a better outcome will only lead to disappointment.  The only way your resolutions have a chance to come true is if you are willing to change.  Bad or destructive behavior isn’t wished away or magically changed just because you want it to be.

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I prefer NOT making resolutions, but to instead make new life habits.  Last year I vowed to make exercise a part of my daily life and it is.  Not because I wished, hoped, or prayed for it to happen, but because I made an effort to move my body every day.  I was also realistic and didn’t expect my body to be able to walk for miles until it was able to conquer minutes…  This year I resolve to love myself.  Not just when my body cooperates and I am losing weight, but when I am injured or flaring from fibromyalgia or psoriatic arthritis too.  I plan to do this by making the healthier food choices I make when I am feeling my best also when I am feeling my worst.

What is your New Year resolution and what is your plan to make it happen?
















2018 Will Be a Fabulous Year If…

ny header

I don’t have a crystal ball nor can I predict the future, but I know that 2018 will be a fabulous year for all of us as long as we don’t fall into one of the following traps.

ny 1

Trap #1: Fixating on what went wrong in 2017.

We can’t move forward if all we are thinking about is what went wrong last year.  Instead we need to examine those experiences and learn how to prevent them from happening again or figure out how to be better prepared if they do reoccur.

ny 2

Trap #2: Obsessing over what could go wrong in 2018.

Constantly worrying about what could go wrong in the new year creates a life filled with fear and anxiety.  Will everything go as you plan or desire this year? Heck no!! But that’s life! Focus on making realistic plans and planning them with your chronic illnesses in mind.  By doing this you will have more things go right!

ny 3.jpg

Trap #3: Waiting for a cure.

Don’t wait for a cure to do what you want.  Whether you want to accept it or not, a cure may not be found in your lifetime.  Don’t waste the time you have waiting for a life you may never get.  Find ways to work with your chronic illnesses in order to live a life that is filled with joy.

ny 4

Trap #4: A bad attitude.

If we start the new year believing that it will suck, then guess what??!! It will!!!!  Instead we should look to the new year with hope and anticipation of trying and learning new things.

ny 5

Trap #5: Ignore the demands of our chronic illnesses.

Fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, degenerative disc disease, and endometriosis are ugly demanding beasts.  When we ignore their needs, they punish us with more pain and downtime.  But when we take on the challenge of attending to their needs we are rewarded with lower pain levels and less flares. Some days I need a wheelchair and some days I don’t.  By using one when I need it I am able to do more than if I pushed my body to do what it isn’t able to.  Pledge to take time to recognize what your body needs this year and then do it.

ny 6 end

Even with a health setback, 2017 was an amazing year for me.  I found more ways to reduce my pain and did things I never thought I would be able to do.  I have every reason to believe that 2018 will be even more spectacular.  Like last year I will continue to look for and focus on the positive moments that are sprinkled throughout each day.  I will use the hard times as tools to figure out where I need to make changes and I will learn from my mistakes.  2018 is going to be fabulous because I am going to make it so!

If you have fallen into one of the traps mentioned above and are struggling to get out, I invite you to download my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life.  In this book I will help you examine your chronic life, recognize the areas that require change, and empower you to make them.

book cover web



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