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March Madness Fitness Challenge








Are you ready for this month’s fitness challenge?

I am!!!

Before I dish out the March Madness Fitness Challenge rules, I want to invite anyone who hasn’t joined The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies to do it now!! Click here to join!

Who can join? Anybody who wants accountability to meet their fitness goals.

Is it only for those who have a diagnosed chronic illness or pain?  No.  Although the group members are mostly chronically ill, that is not a requirement.  Why? Because this group is not about who can do what or who can do the most, it is about giving people a safe place to start slow and hopefully find a daily goal they can stick with.

This group does not judge your ability based on your chronic illness or disability. We support each other through good and bad times.

This group is not for competing against other members, seeing who can lose the most weight the fastest, or for pushing past what your body’s current limits are.

Oh and did I mention there are prizes??!!!!???!!!

Ready to join us? Click here to join!

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Finding the PEMF device that fits your needs



choosing a pemf device that fits your needs









Choosing a PEMF pain relief device is not an easy decision.  There are many things to consider when comparing PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) devices.  How much will it cost? Does it address your needs? Will it fit your lifestyle?

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Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

*I am not a medical professional.  Statements in this article are my opinions and experiences, not medical advice. This article contains affiliate links,  meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you click thru, sign up, or purchase a product/service through some of my links. 

Cannabis and Fibromyalgia



If you are anything like I was before I began medicating with marijuana, you don’t have a lot of experience, if any, when it comes to using cannabis for medical purposes.  For the first seven years of my life with fibromyalgia, cannabis wasn’t legal to use in the state that I lived in. Then I moved to California where marijuana had been legal for medicinal purposes since 1996. Even though it was legal, I resisted trying it for two years.  It wasn’t because I was against it or didn’t want to try it, it was my lack of knowledge that held me back.  I was clueless about the various methods of medicating with it, what strains to look for, how much to take, etc.  What held me back the most was the fear of how much it was going to cost.  Today I am going to share how cannabis made life with fibromyalgia livable, different ways to use it, and how to save money while using it.

How does cannabis relieve my chronic pain from fibromyalgia?

I had been failing to reduce the pain and symptoms from fibromyalgia for almost 10 years by the time I chose to medicate with marijuana.  During those ten years my doctors had prescribed muscle relaxers, opioids, anxiety medication, antidepressants, and valium (this was for sleep as every prescription sleep aid had failed to make me sleep) to, in their words, treat my symptoms. Oh and let’s not forget Lyrica which was supposed to reduce nerve pain, but instead increased it.  The problem is that not one of those pills treated a darn thing.  Most did nothing.  Some provided a smidgen of relief and occasionally something would mask the pain, but nothing was being treated.  With cannabis I was finally treating my symptoms, which made it possible to start living again.  Here is how cannabis has helped me with some of my symptoms in the past six years.

Insomnia:  Before cannabis I either couldn’t sleep for more than 20-60 minutes at a time or I fell into a sleep coma (fatigue so severe that it is impossible to stay awake) for days at a time.  From my first dose of medical marijuana I have been sleeping like I should.  I sleep every night and as the years have passed my need for daily naps has decreased drastically.  Yes, I still have an occasional sleepless night, but pain is no longer my reason for not sleeping.  Pain no longer wakes me up in the middle of the night, nor do I wake up feeling like I have been hit by a bus!

Fatigue: Experiencing a proper restorative sleep each night decreased my daytime fatigue.  In addition I was no longer waking up with a prescription pill induced hangover.  Instead of waking up feeling groggy I began waking up with a clear mind, minimal pain, and with excitement about what I might do that day.  Six years later and I no longer need daily naps.  Sure I take a few naps throughout the week, but taking one or two naps daily is no longer my norm.

Pain: Cannabis relieves and decreases muscle, joint, and nerve pain.  It also serves as my muscle relaxer.  It does this by reducing inflammation.  Another way cannabis helps me reduce pain is that it doesn’t mask my pain like opioids did.  With a high enough dose of opioids I felt like I could do anything and I did! The problem with that was that my body was not getting the rest it needed and what I was doing was making the problem worse.  With marijuana I experience a decrease in my overall pain level.  It eliminates my reactionary pain and reduces my pain sources to a tingling sensation.  This sensation has made it possible for me to feel and acknowledge where my pain sources really are.  With this knowledge I am aware of when I am aggravating them or causing another issue.  Before cannabis, my pain was widespread, I had no idea where the sources were.  Now I know exactly what areas I need to pay special attention to or what precautions need to be taken.

Brain fog: Some may find this funny, as they may assume that medicating with cannabis means being high.  However, that is not always the case.  You see, it is possible to medicate with marijuana without getting high by micro dosing or using CBD only products.  Before cannabis I couldn’t concentrate on anything.  Forget watching a movie or reading a book.  Now I not only can watch and read whatever I want, I am also able to comprehend what I absorb.  I can hear what people are saying.  I no longer avoid conversations.

Depression and anxiety: For close to a decade I was told that anxiety and depression were to blame for my pain….. However, I knew that the truth was that pain was to blame for my depression  and anxiety.  And for the most part I was right! Experiencing less pain and becoming more in tune with my body gave me the ability and insight to live a better life.  I was able to focus on areas of my life that were also creating emotionally challenging situations and could finally find joy in my life.  I still battle my demons, but they are no longer controlling my life.

mmj summit

You don’t have to smoke it unless you want to

The first objection most give me when considering medicating with cannabis is that they don’t want to smoke it.  Well, unless your state’s medical marijuana laws dictate that smoking is the only legal way to medicate with it, your options are plentiful.  You may choose to use edibles, tinctures (an oil that you place under your tongue), or topical oils.  You can use a vaporizer or pipe if you don’t want to smoke a joint. Some people can’t stand the taste of cannabis and prefer to take it capsule form.  Check out the menus on WeedMaps or Leafly to see what your local dispensaries have to offer.


What strains are best for fibromyalgia?

According to patient reviews on Leafly these are the best strains to combat symptoms and pain from fibromyalgia: Blue Dream, Harlequin, Cannatonic, Critical Mass, Tahoe OG, Granddaddy Purple, GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), Blueberry, Bubba Kush, and Headband.  Click here to learn more about these strains and how they help with fibromyalgia.  Finding your perfect strain may take some experimenting.  I also find that I need different strains depending on the season, my activity level, and other factors. No matter which strain you try first, remember this important tip: start slow!! You will be surprised by how little cannabis is really needed to achieve your desired results.

How to get your recommendation and purchase meds without going broke

If medical marijuana is legal in your state you will need to obtain a recommendation or certification.  Your primary doctor or disease specialist will most likely NOT be the one who prescribes cannabis for your chronic illness.  You will need to search online or look on WeedMaps or Leafly to find a marijuana recommending doctor near you.  The cost of seeing this doctor and to receive your recommendation/certification is NOT covered by insurance (nor do we want it to be, but we will discuss that another day).

Another way to save money is to figure out which form and or strain you need the least amount of.  Don’t always assume that the dosage noted on the package is the least amount recommended.  Example, a 100mg pack of candy from FlavX is broken up into ten 10mg doses.  However, because of the strength of their product I only needed half and each bag provided 20 nightly doses.  I would get 6-8 doses out of a quad dose Cheeba Chew.

Where to get or renew your recommendation:

Arizona: Affordable Evaluations of Arizona. The most affordable option in the entire state, offices statewide, and a caring staff that cares about its patients.  Click here to make an appointment.

California: NuggMD. With this online service there is no need to put your body through the pain of leaving the house to get or renew your recommendation.  Both new recs and renewals are only $39.  Schedule your online doctor appointment today and after you are approved you can order meds online and have them delivered to your home!  Click here to get your California MMJ rec right now! BTW, if you were wondering if a medical marijuana recommendation is worth getting since recreational is now legal in the state of California, the answer is YES.  When visiting state licensed dispensaries medical patients are exempt from sales taxes, don’t have to wait until they are 21 (18+ may get their medical recommendation), and have access to more variety and stronger medications than recreational consumers.  Get your CA rec today!

New York: NuggMD. Again this online service will save you from having to go out, find a ride or drive, deal with traffic, and endure pain when you’re already feeling like crap.  The cost of getting or renewing a New York recommendation is $149.   Click here for your new patient or recommendation renewal.

Would you like your recommending service listed here?  Shoot an email to The Disabled Diva at admin@thedisableddiva.net to inquire about options available. 



The Disabled Diva’s Four Month Oska Pulse Anniversary










The Disabled Diva’s Four Month

Oska Pulse Anniversary

July 24, 2017 marks my four month anniversary of using Oska Pulse as part of my daily treatment plan.  For those who are new to my blog, I have been combatting chronic pain from fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and endometriosis for over 17 years.  I followed my doctor’s protocols for the first 12 years.  Not only did I not improve during this time, I never experienced any relief, and my conditions did nothing by get worse.  Five years ago I stopped all pharmaceutical treatments and began treating my conditions with medical marijuana.  I immediately experienced some relief and improvements.  In the past five years I went from not being able to stand, sit, or walk for five minutes to be able to go grocery shopping on foot using the shopping cart for balance. Last year abdominal adhesions from endometriosis and surgical scarring attacked my bowels. They were literally killing me.  Then something amazing happened.  Last fall I was asked to try Oska Pulse.  I did and was impressed with how quickly it addressed inflammation in my knee when I experienced swelling after overuse.  But I didn’t realize how much more I could benefit from this drug-free device if I were to use it on a daily basis.  That is until March 24, 2017.

Disclaimer: While I originally received this product as a gift to review via Chronic Illness Bloggers and am an affiliate for Oska Wellness, my original review and my entire Oska Pulse series were not influenced by the company.  All thoughts, opinions, and experiences are mine and mine alone.

On March 24th I received a message from Julie Ryan, founder of Chronic Illness Bloggers and she mentioned how her Oska Pulse was helping her recover from her latest endo related surgery.  My first thought was, why the heck didn’t I think of treating my abdomen with mine!!???  From that day forward I committed to use my Oska Pulse every day and the results have been amazing.


My improvements


To my surprise I experienced relief from abdominal adhesions immediately.  Within the first 48 hours I stopped feeling the excruciating ripping pain that has plagued me since 2004.  The pain was caused by adhesions ripping from my sidewall and internal organs.  Not only that but I could finally eat without experiencing bloating, nausea, or explosive diarrhea. My bowels had been set free! The only pain I felt was muscle tenderness throughout my abdomen which was a normal sensation that I have always experienced after the adhesions ripped from them. Until now the only way I could rip the adhesions enough to free them from my internal organs was to ride the thrill rides at Disneyland over and over.  I would exit the rides in tears because of the pain.  Now I enjoy the rides and no longer experience abdominal pain while riding them.


Continued improvement with abdominal adhesions.

I began treating my right knee during my workouts to reduce and sometimes eliminate the need to treat it afterwards.  I had surgery on this knee in 2002.  There were loose bone fragments and cartilage floating around my knee that would become lodged in the joint.  I would have to use crutches until the fragments moved. Since that surgery I have experienced extreme swelling whenever I walked for a few minutes or exercised.  With Oska Pulse I experience relief from pain and reduce swelling with 2-4 treatments when I begin treatment after exercising or walking.  Later I discovered that I was able to cut down my after treatment by strapping it above my knee while working out.  Some days my knee doesn’t require after treatments and on others it only needs 1 or 2.  The key I found is to treat it as soon as I notice swelling or pain and to not let it fester.

My stamina increased.  My productivity increased.  While medical marijuana increased the amount of good days I experienced each month, it was Oska Pulse that gave me more good than bad days.  I began sleeping better too!


For the first time in 17 years I went to bed without having to find a way to get comfortable from hip pain.  I hadn’t even been focused on treating my hips, but because I had concentrated my treatment on my abdomen Oska Pulse was also treating my hips!  Oska Pulse works within a 22 inch radius.  Click here to learn more.  The only time I have experienced extreme hip pain since was during our move in June and that was because I was standing and bending more than I had in 7 years.  But because of my Oska Pulse, I was up and ready to go the next day.

diva ocean beach.jpg


For the first time since 2004 I could sleep on my stomach, have my sweet Chihuahua Zeva the Diva curl up on my lap, and poke my belly without pain!

I would have been just as thrilled with my Oska Pulse if my improvements stopped here, but they didn’t and I just want to climb up to the top of the Matterhorn at Disneyland and shout out how much I love my little blue friend.  For the first time since 2011 I experienced complete relief from lower back pain, specifically in my sacrum and tailbone. Again, like my hips I had not concentrated my treatment to that area but it was treating it while I focused on my abdomen.  After 3 days without pain in that region I made a mistake.  I went to Disneyland and rode the new Guardian’s of the Galaxy Mission Breakout ride.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is the ride formally known as the Tower of Terror.  The ride itself is an elevator shaft that guests sit in while being dropped repeatedly.  While I love the ride, being dropped on my tailbone and jarring my spine was not a good idea and I paid for it.  In the past few years it has taken 3-6 weeks for me to just reduce my pain level.  This time I was only completely down for ONE day and my pain was reduced to a level that didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted afterwards.


Three weeks after injuring my spine at Disneyland, I am once again pain-free.  I only experience pain in that area when I push too hard, do something stupid, or when I am experiencing a weather related flare.

Which brings me to my next improvement.  In the past month the only flares that have knocked me down and sent me to bed were weather related or my own stupidity of riding an attraction that wasn’t spine friendly.

I have been able to decrease how much medical marijuana I use!

I can walk more throughout the week! In fact last week I spent the day at Ocean Beach in San Diego with my family and walked approximately 2 miles throughout the course of the day!! Click here to hear about my day.  Granted it wasn’t all at once and there were many breaks, but I haven’t been able to be that active in one day in I don’t know how long!!  The next day I was tender, but still able to work on projects and future blog posts while sitting in my recliner.  The rest of the week I was able to exercise anywhere from 30-60 minutes per day!

Last week I realized that it had been 4 weeks since I last experienced any bladder leakage.  Last summer one of the surgeons I consulted with said that my pelvic floor was collapsing.  I have had to wear a pad or a diaper for the past 2 years.  Currently I have been wearing one if I am going somewhere that I am not familiar with the restroom locations.  It’s taking me a little while to process the fact that wetting myself is no longer a daily problem.

And last but not least Oska Pulse has decreased the amount of nerve pain that was the result of a surgical error in 2008.  During that surgery my surgeon sliced a set of nerves between my left thigh and vagina while releasing my cervix.  Since then I have experienced daily nerve pain deep inside and it would shoot down my leg and across my pelvis.  I have also lost feeling and use of that leg at least once a day in the past 9 years.  In the past month I have only lost feeling in that leg twice and my nerve pain is no longer maddening.  This too was something that my doctors said would never improve.

Let’s get real

Am I cured? No.  Do I still have bad days? Yes.  But like I stated earlier, in the past 6 weeks all extreme flares have been weather related or from my own stupidity.  My good days not only outnumber my bad, my bad days aren’t as bad as they used to be.  Speaking of weather related flares, by using Oska Pulse throughout them my recovery time has decreased.  The most one of those flares has knocked me down for has been 3 days. My weather related flares begin with swelling around my spine, this leads to nerve pain down my leg and up through my skull.  My pain points are in my lower back and neck.  I alternate treating each area with Oska Pulse and ice.

Oska Pulse has truly given me a new lease on life.  I am doing more and having loads of fun! I cry when I think of how remarkable this is because just five years ago I was ready to commit suicide.  I couldn’t imagine living with the pain that my conditions had caused. I had lost all hope. I prayed for a miracle and while he took his time, God answered.  I no longer have to do what my doctors said, which was to deal with the pain for the rest of my life.  Their only solution was to heavily drug me with morphine, which was not an option for me.

Keep this in mind if you are considering using Oska Pulse, improvement takes time!  To achieve results you must commit to using it!!  I use mine daily from the moment I wake up until I go to bed.  I take it everywhere!  Be patient.  It was totally amazing that I experienced relief from abdominal pain so quickly, but not all of my improvements occurred that fast.  Some took weeks and months.  I can’t wait to see where I am at in four more months and then a year and so on and so on…..

If I could I would buy everyone an Oska Pulse, but I can’t.  What I can do is save you $55 when you use promo code DIVA.

You seriously have nothing to lose except pain!

Click here read my entire Oska Pulse Journey series.

Looking for tips on how to use Oska Pulse on your neck? Click here to see how I use mine.

































What they don’t see

After almost two weeks of suffering from my muscles attacking my spine and neck, last night I felt like I was finally on the upswing.  I could feel my muscles relaxing and my joints popped whenever I moved my body.  I sounded like a bowl of rice krispies.  With less pressure on my neck, my brain pain decreased and I could think clearly.  I went to bed with hopes of a productive tomorrow.  I had good reasons for feeling hopeful, as I was able to leave the house a few times over the past two weeks.


Well tomorrow is here and all hopes of doing anything other than writing this post are gone.  I awoke with a level of pain that was off the charts. Even my hair hurts!!!  I have been awake for almost 6 hours.  I have only left my bed 3 times.  Once to pour myself a cup of coffee and twice to go to the bathroom.  All 3 excursions were excruciating.  My bones feel like they are shattering with every step or movement.  Tears stream down my face as I type this.  My tears have nothing to do with sadness, instead they indicate a pain level that is too high for me.  With every movement another tear rolls down my cheek and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  My muscles feel like worn out rubber bands ready to snap apart at any  moment.  My balance is off, with each trip down the hall, I find myself bouncing from wall to wall, trying to stay upright. My ribcage is so sore that it hurts to breath.  My skin is flushed and feels like it is on fire.  However, I took my temperature and I don’t have a fever, this indicates that it is one of my chronic conditions and not whatever the latest flu bug is.  This frustrates me to no end.  Never knowing what one day to the next is going to be like.  Everything I had planned today will just have to be pushed farther in to the future.

Although I hate medicating for pain so early in the day,  not medicating wasn’t an option this morning.  Thankfully, my medical marijuana has eliminated my urge to vomit and reduced my pain enough to get though this post.  Once I am done, I will take a heavier dose and call it a day.

Why am I writing this post? Because this is what people don’t see.  When people see me out of the house, they don’t realize that that outing was most likely the only one or one of the few outings I made out of the house in the past week or two.  They may even notice that I seem a little off, but they never see me at my worst.  There is a reason for this.  Many, many years ago when I still believed that I could fight my conditions by pushing myself physically, I went to church on a day when I shouldn’t have.  I felt pretty much like I do today.  Unable to sit up without neck support, I decided to sit in a rocking chair in the cry room.  The cry room was actually fitting since pain was causing tears to roll down my face.  A friend came into the cry room to say hi and was shocked by what she saw.  Minus the areas of my face that were bright red, I was pasty white.  The temperature of my skin was so hot that she swore I was running a dangerously high fever.  Nerve pain was causing numbness throughout my limbs.  As I struggled to get the words from my brain to pass through my lips, my friend told my husband to rush me to the ER or she was calling an ambulance.  Long story short, I was admitted because the ER believed I had a stroke.  Well they were wrong.  I was stuck in the hospital for 3 days while they ran test after test.  On the 4th morning I was told that they had no idea what had happened and I was free to go home.  What????!!!!  This is why I rarely let people see me at my worst.  Since then I have become really good at being able to decipher when I should or shouldn’t go to the ER.  I can’t afford to let other’s concern when seeing me at my worst guilt me into wasting mine and the hospital’s time and money.  While their intentions are sincere and thoughtful, what they don’t realize is what they saw was my normal.  Because of the decrease in frequency, some might say that it is no longer normal.  But it is.  Just because it happens less than before, there is nothing different about it.

When seen in public, instead of telling me that I don’t look sick, people should be thanking me for not coming out when how I look actually reflects how I feel.

I hope that your day is better than mine!

If not, may our tomorrow be better!

The Disabled Diva



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