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Love Every Move and Stretch You Make









February is the month of love! It’s a time to express your love to someone special.  A time to spoil them or give them a gift that will make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  But what about you? Shouldn’t you show yourself some love?  I think so and that is why I have themed my Fitness Buddy February Challenge around loving ourselves.

Think about the last time you were sick or injured……. I am assuming that exercising took a back seat to resting and healing, as it should.  If you are like me, not being able to exercise drove you bonkers and you couldn’t wait to return to your fitness routine.  What? You don’t enjoy working out?  Ok, maybe you weren’t chomping at the bit to go for a 2 mile run, but I bet you wanted to get back to your normal level of activity.

Next I want you to think about your attitude as you were gaining strength, but not just quite near where you wanted to be.  Did not being able to reach your pre-injury/sickness goals frustrate you?  Were you angry with your body?  Did having to go slower or only do half of what you wanted make you want to give up?  If so, that is what this challenge is all about.

A few of us were sick in December and a lot of our group had a tough January. One thing I noticed as people were on the upswing, was that they expressed frustration and disappointment about what they did achieve when it wasn’t what they were used to doing.  BTW, I was guilty of doing this too.  In fact, it was my own comments that drew my attention to this problem.

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For the month of February, my fitness buddies and I are going to get a lesson in loving every step and stretch our bodies make. Typically, participants of my challenges earn entries for the drawings by posting their results and meeting their goals….. This month I am adding an extra entry for being proud of what they were able to accomplish whether they met their goal or not.  Check out the rules below and if you are not a member already and would like to participate, click here to join The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies.

Love every step and stretch you make challenge

This challenge has three phases and will last for a total of three weeks.

Week one

Feb. 4-10

Declare a daily goal. Accepted goals are daily steps or number of exercise minutes. Each evening before you go to bed or no later than 8AM PST the following morning, comment on the daily check in post with your results.  For this week and this week only, meeting your goal and just posting your results will NOT earn you an entry to the drawing and screenshots from your fitness trackers are not mandatory. The only way to earn an entry for week one is to post your results with a positive statement.  Example: “I love that my body allowed me to walk for as long as it did today” “I would like to thank my muscles for allowing me to swim for 20 minutes today”  I don’t care if you were only able to take 550 steps or stretch for 5 minutes, I want you to be thankful and to express appreciation to your body for whatever it allows you to do that week.  Each positive entry earns an entry.  Each participant has the opportunity to earn 7 entries.  The challenge ends on 2/10 at 11:59pm PST.

The drawing for week one will take place live in The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies Group on 2/12.   Winner gets to choose from a $5 Starbucks or Amazon eGift card.

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Week Two

Feb. 11-17

Declare your daily goal.  Do nothing if you are keeping the same goal as week one.  If you want to adjust your goal, declare your new goal on the main challenge post located in the group announcements.  Each day, comment with a positive comment and a screenshot of your fitness tracker results each evening before bed or no later than 8am PST the following morning on the designated daily check in post.  If you are not using a tracker you will only be eligible to earn 1 entry per day for your positive comment.  Those providing proof of activity with a tracker screenshot have the opportunity to earn 2 points per day,  1 for speaking positively about your results and posting your screenshot, and 1 for meeting your daily goal.

Week two ends on 2/17 at 11:59pm PST.  The drawing for week one will take place live in The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies Group on 2/19. There will be 2 prizes. Winners may choose a $5 eGift card from Starbucks or Amazon.

Need a fitness tracker?

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Week Three

Feb. 18-24

Declare your daily goal. Do nothing if you are keeping the same goal as the prior week. If you want to adjust your goal, declare your new one on the main challenge post located in the group announcements. Each day comment with a positive comment and a screenshot of your fitness tracker results each evening before bed or no later than 8am PST the following morning on the designated daily check in post. If you are not using a tracker you will be eligible to earn 1 entry per day for a positive comment about your own results. Those providing proof of activity with a tracker screenshot have the opportunity to earn 2 points per day, 1 for speaking positively about your results and posting your screenshot, and a second for meeting your daily goal.

BONUS ENTRIES All participants have the opportunity to earn bonus points for replying to other participant’s results with an encouraging comment.  For example, if five other people post their results and you reply to them with words of praise, you will earn five extra points, 1 per person you reply to, for that day.  ALL GROUP MEMBERS MAY EARN POINTS FOR THE BONUS POINTS, EVEN IF THEY DON’T POST ACTIVITY RESULTS! Bonus entries can only be earned in week three.

Week three ends on 2/24 at 11:59pm PST. The drawing for week one will take place live in The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies Group on 2/26. There are three prizes for week three,  one $5 Starbucks eGift card and two $5 Amazon eGift cards.

All prizes will be delivered via email. This challenge is not affiliated with Facebook, Amazon, or Starbucks.  Prizes are purchased from affiliate commissions, book sales, and donations.

























Quit or Modify? The Choice is Yours!






When something becomes difficult to do, do you quit or modify how you do it?

I struggled to accept that I needed to change how I did things for the first 13 years of living with fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, endometriosis, and coccydynia.  All I wanted to do was to go on with my life the way I had and not have to figure out a new way to live.  Let’s get real, even life without a painful chronic illness can be difficult, but throw in an incurable injury or illness and it can be enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel.  My first instinct when I would discover that I was unable to do something the way I did it before becoming chronically ill was to give up.  The sad part is that if I had prepared myself to embrace change, I wouldn’t have missed out on so much during those years.

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I hear so many people say that they can’t do this or they had to give up that just because they couldn’t do it like they did before their illness or injury.  But when asked if they tried doing it differently, they became defensive.  They shut down by saying that we have no right to suggest anything because we don’t understand what they are going through.  My favorite excuse is that doing something differently isn’t the same.  Well, duh!!  Sorry, but seriously, I have done and said both.  How dare anyone suggest that I hadn’t given it my all before giving up, but if I were to tell the truth, they would be right.  I didn’t try hard enough and I am willing to bet that many others haven’t either.

I was a quitter.  Chronic pain had made doing everything so difficult that I couldn’t see alternative options.  Even when set in front of me, I hesitated to try them.  My illnesses had won control over my life.  Does that sound familiar? Are you instinctively saying no or dismissing new ideas because you are tired of having everything you do increase your pain level?  I refused to accept that doing things differently could be as satisfying, even though the end result would be the same.  What I didn’t realize is that by doing things differently, I would still have the same outcome in regards to the task, but I wouldn’t have had the extra pain that doing it the way I used to caused. But I was so terrified of increasing my pain, that I refused to even consider trying.

Like the gazillion posts I see daily on social media, I too was bitter and angry about having to give up doing things that I loved.  I was furious that I couldn’t exercise, go out, travel, care for my family, or work like I used to.  To avoid listening to other’s suggestions, I stopped taking their calls, answering the door, and even began taking extended social media breaks.  Yet, if I had just put my anger, resentment,  jealousy (yep, that is something many of us in the chronic community don’t want to admit, but many are or were jealous of those who can do what we used to do), and had opened my mind and ears, I might have began to realize that life can be good and be different at the same time.

Life modified

In the past 7 years I have learned that it is okay to do things differently. These lessons have made my life one that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  My hope is that it won’t take you reaching the point that I did (ready to commit suicide) to realize that change is okay.  I am not saying that you should be jumping for joy because now your chronic illnesses and pain are making you overhaul your entire life, but to not allow it to become a darkness that takes possession of your mind.

Here is a quick and far from full list of modifications that have made living with my chronic diseases easier and less painful:

  1. I began asking for help
  2. I found ways to work from home
  3. I have groceries delivered when unable to go shopping
  4. I used the mobile carts in stores when walking was painful
  5. To this day I utilize mobility aids FYI: Disneyland is just as much fun in a wheelchair or with a rollator as it is without!
  6. Do most of my shopping online (why waste energy that could be better spent at the beach or Disneyland?)
  7. Accept that my exercise goals and the form I participate in need to be flexible.
  8. Accept that exercise is not optional, but necessary!
  9. Allow my body to dictate my schedule for most days.
  10. Tried alternative and natural pain relief treatments
  11. I stopped fighting my body and began treating it like someone I loved.

There was and is nothing easy about anything I have done or currently do.  Living with one or multiple chronic illnesses is hard, but the hard work pays off!  Without modifications, I would be back where I was before, at home, alone, and in excruciating pain.  Although I would have argued this point 7 years ago, not changing how you live is the easy way. It is more painful, depressing, and aggravating, but it doesn’t require any work.  Making modifications to make living with your chronic illness and/or pain easier requires patience, persistence, and positive attitude.  Most of the modifications I made have decreased my daily pain levels as well as decreased the frequency and severity of my flares. The rest have made my life easier, which has resulted in less stress, which doesn’t increase my pain.

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Are you ready to give up or are you ready to embrace the challenge of finding a new way to live?  I have some good news for you! You are not alone! While not always easy to find, especially in the chronic community, there are others who aren’t wallowing in self-pity. I invite you to join my Facebook groups that are filled with members who like you want to thrive and not just survive.  Another resource is my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life.  It won’t cure you, but it will help you recognize areas of your life that require modification and challenge you to make those changes.  Click here to order your copy today.












Say Goodbye to 2018






It is time to say goodbye to 2018!

As we bid this year farewell, I want to share a little exercise to help you enter the new year with a can do attitude!  I want you to create a list to help you see the past year for what it was.  So grab a pencil and paper or open a spreadsheet and get busy!

Step one

Your list will consist of two columns. In the first one I want you to list all that went wrong in 2018.  This could be in regards to anything.  Loss of a loved one or job, increased issues with health, etc… In the second column I want you to list all that went right, such as a decrease in pain, improvements in health or other part of your life.












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Step two

Look at column one and ask yourself if there was something that you could have done differently to have avoided that outcome? If so jot those thoughts down on another sheet of paper. Now look at column two. What did you do or what occurred to make those good things possible? Add those actions to your other sheet.

Step three

Put an X or blackout column one. It is done, you can’t go back and change it, but the lessons you wrote on the second sheet can help you make 2019 a better year. Hang on to column two. This column will help you remember that 2018 wasn’t full of disappointment. Use what you learned from accomplishing them to continue those good habits in the new year.

Not every moment of 2018 was sunshine and unicorns in my world, but overall the good outweighed the bad. I know that 2019 will be a great year! No, I don’t have a crystal ball. But I do have the lessons I have learned from 2018 to help me avoid a few pitfalls.

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If you absolutely cannot find anything positive to remember or take away from 2018, do yourself a favor and let it go!!!! Carrying ill feelings about the year and the experiences into the new year will only set it off on the wrong course. Need help letting go? While there are many options, I suggest seeking counseling and downloading my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life.












Use Your Words

Use Your Words

donna words post blog

“You are so much fun.” My friend said that to me in between tear-producing guffaws as we laughed about me trying to park the car (a common struggle for me). I didn’t even acknowledge the comment because I was still attempting to park, and my brain was processing her words slowly. I heard them, but they settled into my brain and didn’t truly get digested until later. Ever since they’ve regularly echoed in my mind and heart and made me smile.

How wonderful would it be if we told people what we like about them? It’d create a ripple effect of joy and positivity. So often, we wait for a special occasion or possibly even someone’s funeral to share what we admire, value, and appreciate about them. Sometimes we’ll say it to someone else but not to that person. For example, let’s say you’re getting together with two of your friends that have never met each other. You tell Friend A that they’re going to love Friend B because of their great sense of humor and kind aura that makes everyone feel at ease. Here’s my question for you. Have you ever told Friend B that you love those things about them? For many people, that’s a “nope”!

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My challenge to you is not to wait to tell people what you admire, value, and appreciate about them. Truly, we never know how much time we have to tell them, so why not do it now?

Yes, it feels a little strange. A little vulnerable. Out of your comfort zone. If you’re an introvert like me, it’s even harder. You might find that sharing in writing is more comfortable—a note in the mail, a text, an email. A video or audio clip sent privately on social media is another option. Whether you want to tell someone that you love how they seek out newcomers and make them feel welcome, express your admiration for their always-on-point eyeliner, or share with your spouse that you appreciate how they do that chore you hate (even though they hate it, too), keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or long and flowery. It can be an offhand comment while you’re in the car together or a quick Facebook message. Feel free to make it “bigger”, though! You might want to share in a heartfelt face-to-face chat or long note in a card. Depending on your relationship with that person, what you want to acknowledge, and your personality, you’ll approach it differently. You can even use this post as a segue… “Hey, I saw this blog post about not waiting to tell people what we appreciate about them, so I just wanted to say that I love how you [insert awesome thing about them].”

Need some help getting started? I like this list of loving expressions. I challenge you to share your heart with someone once a week! We show how we feel through actions, but don’t forget to use your wordsWords are so powerful; let’s use them to uplift others and strengthen relationships! Who will you share with first?

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Swimsuits & Shifting Focus

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donna pool.jpg

I pay too much attention to wanting to be thinner and feeling sad I can’t drop any weight. I should be thankful I can move it and do some cool activities!!”

This is a quote from a friend who hikes, does triathlons, skis, and has a blast playing actively with her kids. Yet, she was feeling sad that the number on the scale wasn’t going down and that she wasn’t thinner. I think most women share her frustration. I know I do. Our bodies do amazing things, yet we’re unsatisfied with them because they aren’t smaller. Because they jiggle. Because they have stretch marks, lumps, rolls, or loose skin. Because they don’t look like they used to. Because they don’t look like that actress or that other mom who always looks cute. I hear this from women over and over, of all different ages and levels of fitness. I’m sure men have the same struggles.

So, how do we shift our focus? First, strive to appreciate what our bodies can do. By re-training ourselves to focus on body functionality, we can regain a more balanced perspective toward our bodies. Even if you can’t go up the stairs without getting winded or have to use a wheelchair, your body still does amazing things. Your smile lightens the hearts of those around you; your arms give comforting hugs. When we make an intentional effort to appreciate what our body can do, the aesthetics matter less. Also, continue to challenge yourself to see what your body can do, which will grow your self-confidence AND body confidence.

Re-frame your thoughts. When you shimmy into that swimsuit to play with your kids, think, “We’re going to have so much fun today!”, instead of, “Ugh, my huge thighs are so ugly!!”. This is a struggle for me every time I put on my swimsuit, but I’m always glad that I chose to join in the fun, instead of letting my negative thoughts and self-consciousness get in the way. It’s hard to choose to have a positive frame of mind, but it makes a huge difference. When you notice that “mama belly” that just won’t go away, think, “WOW, what a gift that I got to carry in there.” Also, recognize that some things are simply genetic, natural, or unavoidable with age. Saggy skin, stretch marks, cellulite, some lumps… These are just part of life; while they may be somewhat improved by various things, acceptance is key. You don’t have to be perfectly happy with every aspect of your body. However, you can still be respectful and appreciative of your body, grateful for the amazing gift that it is, no matter how it changes as you age and/or deal with health struggles.

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Remember that people you see on TV, in ads, and on social media are generally airbrushed, filtered, photoshopped, covered in make-up, and posed in the best lighting and angles. Many of those folks have teams of people that get them ready, exercise for hours a day, have personal chefs to provide healthy meals, and/or are just genetically blessed with flawless skin and a certain body type. 

Consider taking a break from the scale. If you just can’t stop thinking about that number, stop weighing yourself for a while. Focus on how you feel (physically and mentally), striving to take good care of your mental and physical health, and appreciating what your body does for you every day.

That reminds me… Another thing you can do to help shift your focus is to take good care of your body with regular movement, eat mostly healthy food, tend to medical and mental health issues, get adequate sleep, and don’t forget to use it for FUN. Maybe you can’t burn up the dance floor like you used to, but your dancing days don’t have to be over, even if you have to groove while seated on a chair.

Finally, choose your influences carefully. If the media you consume or the people you hang out with tank your body image, adjust accordingly. Redirect your friend when they start criticizing their body (or someone else’s). Limit your time with them if they are consistently spewing negativity. Stop reading that airbrushed “health” magazine. Surround yourself with people and influences that build others up and put you in a positive frame of mind.

Your body is amazing. How will you thank it? What will you do to shift your focus?

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Fighting a Chronic Nightmare

Fighting a Chronic Nightmare

Nightmares often trigger unwanted emotions.  They may startle us, make us anxious, or terrify us.  Our first instinct may be to distract ourselves by thinking about something else.  However, through the many years of my life I have found dissecting and analyzing them to be more helpful and to my surprise I have learned some pretty interesting things about myself.

The other night I woke up screaming. Although I was having a nightmare, it wasn’t the dream that made me scream, but instead that I had bitten my hand! You see in this particular nightmare I was being attacked.  No matter how much I tried to fight off my attacker, I lacked the strength to release their hold on me.  Instead of giving up I bit them!!

While I could come up with a million reasons to explain this dream, there is one point that was very clear.  That point is that I am a fighter.  I refused to allow my dreamland attacker get the best of me.  Not only did I fight back in my dream, but I actually physically fought back by biting myself.  My husband and I joked that we now know why our dog chose to sleep next to him all night and not by me like she normally does.  I don’t always fight back in my nightmares.  Sometimes I run or hide, yet this is still a sign of strength.  Running and hiding aren’t the same as giving up.  Instead they are ways of protecting myself.

How does all of this relate to your chronic life?  As long as you are not giving up on living the best you can with a chronic illness you are fighting. Fighting isn’t always a physical fight. Sometimes it entails running to safety, like searching for a diagnosis, a new doctor, or treatment plan.  It may require hiding in a quiet place in order to give yourself time to create a plan of attack.

You might think that the lesson in this post is that sleeping next to me when I am having a nightmare is dangerous, but the real message of this blog post is this:

Every day that you choose to open your eyes to face another pain filled day, you earn your warrior status.  Whether you are running, hiding, or physically fighting, you haven’t given up.

Keep up the fight my friend and never forget that you are not alone!

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Dominate Your Chronic Life

book cover web.png

I am excited to share my new eBook with you!

Living with a chronic illness is anything but easy.  If we aren’t careful our illnesses will take over more than our bodies, they will dominate every aspect of our lives.  This eBook is for those who are ready to take back their lives, who want to live passionately and purposefully, and who want to enjoy life once again.  In this book I share how psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, endometriosis, and degenerative disc disease pushed me to the point of wanting to end my life and the steps I had to take in order to dominate my life and how you can too!

This book won’t heal you, but it will put you back in the driver’s seat.

Are you ready to make pain your bitch?

Do you want to dominate your life?

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