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My body failed to meet my expectations

I have been living with multiple chronic illnesses for over 17 years. Throughout this time I have learned to expect my body to fail my expectations. Some of those failures were due to my own unrealistic expectations of what I wanted to do and others were the result of my conditions progressing making it impossible for my body to do what it had been. If I have learned anything throughout my chronic life it is that I should always expect the unexpected…..

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Workout Prep and Recovery

Before becoming chronically ill I used to love exercising.Β  Outside of making time to do it, I never had to put much thought into it.Β  Other than changing my shoes or clothing, I never had to prepare my body for a workout.Β  Afterwards I could go on with my day and do whatever I wanted.Β  Since becoming chronically ill I have struggled with working out regularly because of how unpredictable my diseases are

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