Deny or be Denied

My daughter has several severe allergies.  One of those is to red dye. That is ALL red dye.  She can not eat, drink, use soap, shampoo, or make-up that contains any amount of any numbered red dye. All it took was one bad reaction for her to realize that nothing would be worth experiencing that again. It doesn’t bother her that she can’t use products or digest foods/drinks with red dye.  Instead she relates these products to pain.  Her attitude carries over to the foods that cause mild reactions. Staying away from foods that I am allergic to is not as easy.  Sure the ones that I have severe reactions to I view as evil, but its the mild reactions that have left the door of temptation open.  That is until recently.  For years I have been eliminating foods that I am highly allergic to.  Three months ago I decided to go a step further by eliminating all foods/drinks that

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