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Weekly Recap 1/5/2019






Weekly recap:

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Is your home keeping you sick?

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Is your home making you sick? Sadly, it probably is and you just don’t know it.  Later this month, June 25th to be exact, I will be attending a free online summit that is all about transforming our toxic homes.

The Toxic Home Transformation Summit is a free online event that is bringing together a bunch of experts to help us identify the areas of our homes that are making us sicker or sicker than we have to be.  Do you even know where to begin searching for these toxins or what to do when you discover them?  I sure the heck don’t!!!

Join me and thousands of others who will be watching this free online event from June 25th thru July 9th. Click here to register for FREE.  Then click here to join me for an online discussion on Facebook! Prior to the event you can join me in discussing three early release videos that are only available to those who register early!!

What can we expect to learn?

+Do-it-yourself “green” cleaning methods
+ Health-promoting (and inexpensive!) building and decorating materials
+ Vibrational frequencies that harm (and heal!)
+ The FACTS about detoxification (it’s important!)
+ Real-life “home detox” tips from families who’ve done it

+ Deal with mold, bacteria and fungus
+ Keep your “toxic body burden” as low as possible
+ Address carpet, paint, furniture, air and other “indoor” toxins
+ Replace everyday products with non-toxic alternatives
+ Understand chemical exposures you never considered

And so much more!!!! One thing I learned from watching one of the early release videos, is that no matter what I use to combat certain symptoms, it will be worthless if the problem is stemming from my home and not my body!

Don’t have time to watch all of these amazing talks during the free summit?  That’s okay! You can purchase all the talks, transcripts, and guides to watch whenever you want!

Click here to register for the free event or to order all this amazing information today!

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Choosing the mode of transportation that will get you to your vacation destination without too much additional pain


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Choosing the mode of transportation that will get you to your vacation destination without too much additional pain

So far this month I have shared tips for choosing your vacation destination, adjusting our expectations, and how to pack for our illnesses.  Today I want to help you choose how to arrive at your destination without too much additional pain.  The form of transportation we choose can either improve or ruin our vacation experience.



Plane, train, or automobile?

There are pros and cons to all modes of transportation.  My favorite way to travel is by automobile.  Depending on the size of the vehicle I can not only bring my wheelchair, but also my walker for times when I feel up for walking around.  Traveling by car permits me to bring along most if not all of the items that provide comfort, items like my favorite weighted blanket, foam pillows, fan, heating pad, lotions, etc.  If the vehicle has heated seats I don’t have to dip into my heat wrap stash as often.  In addition to being able to recline my seat, I can request that my husband stop the car anywhere I want in order to get out and stretch my legs and back muscles.  The only downside to traveling by automobile for me is the additional days that need to be added to my trip when my destination is more than a day’s drive away. Additional expenses with this mode of transportation include nightly lodging and meals.


Flying is great when I don’t have the extra time to drive to my destination. However, that is about all it is good for.  Airline seats are not comfortable and put unnecessary pressure on my hips, tailbone, and spine.  A three hour flight often increases my pain more than two days in a car.  My hope is to fly first class someday to see if that makes a difference, but right now I am not ready to gamble my money to find out.  Besides uncomfortable seats, my legs are stuck in a seated position which pinches the area in which I have permanent nerve damage and it sets off a firestorm of nerve pain.  All of this equates to my having to medicate heavier than I would if I were traveling by car.  Flying limits the amount of comfort items I bring along.  I have to choose one mobility aid to use throughout my trip.  In my case I usually bring my wheelchair and use it as a walker when I want to walk.  Another issue with flying is bringing along my natural medication.  I will be discussing this subject next week.  Personally, the only perks to flying in my opinion are spending less time traveling and getting to board the plane first.  To make flying a little less unpleasant I slap a heat wrap on my back and neck.  I bring a neck pillow and earphones to listen to music or watch a movie.  If the pain in my tailbone becomes unbearable I will sit on my neck pillow to take the pressure off of it.  Most importantly I medicate for pain and anxiety before boarding, because the last thing I want is to have a pain induced anxiety attack while in the sky.



Download relaxing music or your favorite movies to drown out noise and to help keep you calm.


While I have never traveled by train it is something that I hope to try some day.  Several of my relatives and friends enjoy traveling by train.  Listening to their stories has helped me know how I should do it if I ever have the opportunity.  The only way I will ever travel by train is if I were to reserve a sleeper cabin. Here is why: No one has to drive, I can lie down or stand and stretch whenever I want, and there is no need to unpack the vehicle at a hotel each night.  This seriously sounds like heaven to me.  Not to mention getting to see parts of the country that I wouldn’t even have had a chance to had I traveled by car. Traveling by train would mean that I could bring more of my comfort/care items than if I were flying, but still not as much as if I were traveling by automobile.  The downside to traveling by train is TIME.  If on schedule it could be faster than driving, but depending on the weather and issues with debris on the tracks it could also take much longer.  So far I have yet to have one person who has come to visit me via train arrive when they were supposed to.  All were delayed for one reason or another and arrived anywhere from one to three days later than planned.










When choosing how to get to your vacation destination consider these three things; how much time do you have, which mode best fits your needs, and how much money are you willing to spend.

The Disabled Diva

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