You know the saying, “When you assume you m ake an ass out of you and me”? Assumptions can cause unnecessary resentment, stress, jealousy, and unjust judgment upon those that assumptions are being made on. Recently a friend shared that a mutual acquaintance asked her why I needed my wheelchair. My friend replied by namingContinue reading “Assumptions”

Not so Invisible

Because most of the symptoms that stem from my conditions are invisible to the naked eye, I have often wished that there was some way for others to be able to see my pain without me having to say that I am in pain. A week ago I was reminded that I do have aContinue reading “Not so Invisible”

Why hurry?

In the early stages I detested the amount of time wasted in bed suffering from extra pain. I say extra because I haven’t experienced a pain free day in over 12 years. I would fret about all that needed to be done, what was still waiting for me to do, and all the things thatContinue reading “Why hurry?”

False Sense of Security

False Sense of Security You would think I would know better by now….. Why is it every time I am blessed to have a period of time go by with relatively low pain, I blow it by doing something I shouldn’t??!!! The past month was pretty great. Even though I had an increase in painContinue reading “False Sense of Security”

Break time is over

If you have followed my blog in the past you may have wondered why I hadn’t written anything for the past 5 months.  Well I am back to answer that question and fill you in on what is going on in my life.  If you look back at my past posts you would know thatContinue reading “Break time is over”


From my prior posts you know that I have been dealing with a mystery back pain.   This pain has come and gone, lasting only a day or two at the most for many years.  A year and a half ago it struck and stuck!  When I informed my doctor of this pain last yearContinue reading “Validated”

Finding relief again

Last December I posted about experimenting with THC as a way to cope with my pain.  The results were so amazing that I knew I would someday want to take this route full-time.  Nine months later I did just that.  Saturday morning, before going to the beach, we set out to get my Medicinal MarijuanaContinue reading “Finding relief again”

Make it rain!!

I have one thing to say to those who do not believe that climate and weather play an important part of a Fibromyalgia patients’ pain level, “Pooh on you!”.  For over a decade impending storms have caused me to lie in bed, unable to move, and sobbing as I waited for my pain to decrease.Continue reading “Make it rain!!”

You must feel better…..

I have recently dropped a significant amount of weight.  I will share why and how another day.  This rant is about a ridiculous comment that keeps spewing out of everyone’s mouths when they see me.  Most people in my physical social circle only see me once or twice a month, if they are lucky.  BecauseContinue reading “You must feel better…..”

TV, the Internet, and Me

Prior to chronic illness hijacking my life I didn’t have much time for television.  I rarely got into a series because if I missed a week, I would be behind.  Sure I could have recorded an episode on my VHS, but it just seemed to much of a bother.  Yes, I know I just datedContinue reading “TV, the Internet, and Me”

The Young and the Restless Tackles an Invisible Disability

I am beyond thrilled that the most popular soap opera on American television has decided to have a character develop an invisible disability.  The Young and the Restless character Nikki Newman was recently diagnosed with MS.  So far I believe the writers are doing a good job showing how a physically painful condition slowly startsContinue reading “The Young and the Restless Tackles an Invisible Disability”

I survived

For the first time in many years I survived a holiday weekend.  In the past I would fall into what I call a pain coma in the middle of the holiday or by the end of that day, and would remain in that state for days and sometimes weeks.  A pain coma is when myContinue reading “I survived”

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