I want to try cannabis, but……








I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide that I was going to treat my chronic pain with cannabis.  No, I spent years researching how to use it, what it could help with, and the impact it could have on not just my life, but that also of my family if I chose to medicate with marijuana.

*Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.  Meaning that at no extra cost to you, I earn a commission if you purchase from my links.  The pennies earned offset the expense of running this blog and provides giveaways in my Facebook groups..  Also note that I am NOT a medical professional of any kind! I am not issuing medical advice nor am I telling anyone how they should treat their chronic pain or illnesses.  I am sharing my experiences, my knowledge, and my two cents so that others who are curious about this topic will have the information that I wish I had had before I began medicating with cannabis.







I will never say that cannabis is for everyone, because it isn’t.  For some there are other factors that would make their lives worse if they did.  But for me, choosing to medicate with it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  That is why I have started this series.  To help you make not just a personal decision, but one that may require changes in your life.  The purpose of this series is to educate and empower you to make the best decision for your life.

“I want to try cannabis, but….”

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1. Cannabis is the Devil’s lettuce!

This and other reasons people give for not giving weed a chance.

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2. Where to legally try cannabis for chronic pain

Do want to try cannabis to see if it will relieve your chronic pain,  but it is not legal where you live or you want to make sure it works before paying to join your state’s program? Click here to check out your options!






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3. Choosing how to take it

 In this post I share four popular ways to medicate with cannabis and the pros and cons to each.

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4. Let’s talk dosage!

In this post I help you figure out how much to take.

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5. Cannabis versus Opioids: A different kind of pain relief

In this post I share how the relief I experience from cannabis differs from opioids.

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Cannabis versus opioids







6. Pros and cons of edibles

Decide if edibles are for you.  Click here to read.

















7. How Cannabis Made Getting Pain Relief Less Painful

In this post that was originally written in 2017, I share something that I didn’t expect after I began medicating with cannabis. Click here to find out what that was.







8. Two reasons you should try topical CBD products for pain relief

Find out two reasons why CBD topical products are great for relieving pain.  Click here to read.







9. CBD: Does the form you choose make a difference?

Click here to discover the differences between the various forms of CBD available.







10. Two simple ways to use CBD isolate

Click here to discover two of the easiest ways to medicate with CBD isolates







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