unpack your unrealistic vacation expectations

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Unpack Your Unrealistic Vacation Expectations

Living with multiple chronic conditions has changed many things in my life, including what I expect from a vacation.Β Psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis often create havoc before, during, and after each trip.Β  I may not be able to escape my conditions for a week, but I can still have a fabulous getaway by having realistic expectations.Β  Here are five unrealistic vacation expectations and how I turned them around.

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Vacation Downtime

In the past, I was on the go from the moment I left home to go on vacation until the moment I arrived home.Β  After chronic illnesses entered my life, I began scheduling downtime prior to and following my trips.Β  However, this was not enough after my conditions progressed. In the past year, I have realized how important it is to NOT schedule outings or expect my body to be willing to leave my bed for a minimumΒ of aΒ day or twoΒ after arriving at my destination.Β  Whether by train, plane, or automobile, traveling takes a toll on a chronically ill body. After two days of riding in a car, my body is thanking me for not scheduling anything that requires leaving the hotel for the next few days.Β  Typically I would start scheduling outings for the second day, but because I have four fun-filled days planned with family at the end of the week, I knew I needed to take precautions.

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