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Save 40% on the best Keto snack bar available!

Perfect_Keto_Bars2 here.jpg

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The Perfect Keto bar is now available!!!

Finally a snack bar has arrived where I actually trust the ingredients.

This might not sound like much, but it’s actually ground-breaking.

The snack bar marketplace is overwhelming, and like most aspects of the food industry… it’s a mess. We should be talking about this more as a health community, and this is the product to spark the conversation.

Perfect_Keto_Bars3 here

KETOBARS40 for 40% off from Now till Nov 9th at 11:59pm

Perfect Keto Bars

Perfect Keto made this product because all the other bars on the market either have high sugar content, high net carbs, lots of sugar alcohols, use pro inflammatory fillers and stabilizers, and do not support a ketogenic diet.

It took Dr. Anthony Gustin 14 iterations of testing the bars’ impact on his own blood glucose levels to ensure Keto Bars would minimize the glycemic effect after consumption.

Why do I love these bars? The ingredients.

Almond and cacao butter (not peanuts)
Coconut oil (MCT’s)
Collagen (soft-tissue recovery)
And a touch of sea salt and stevia. The taste is incredible.

Did I mention the taste? It’s insane! Sometimes, less is more, and real food just tastes better. Am I right??!!!

Are these Keto Bars for you? I’d highly recommend them if you:

Eat a Ketogenic Diet
Like to avoid unnecessary blood sugar spikes
Insist on eating real food, even on-the-go
Are busy but want a clean ingredient snack option.
Try to eat a low carbohydrate load
Would like a decadent treat that is guilt-free

As you may know, I’m close with the founders of Perfect Keto and I got the scoop on a screaming discount for these Keto Bars

*Disclosure: I am not a medical professional and am not issuing medical advice. This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies and Disneyability Group on Facebook.

KETOBARS40 for 40% off from Now till Nov 9th at 11:59pm

Perfect Keto is notorious for being in high-demand and occasionally stocking out. I’d recommend loading up with this discount for the holiday months and to be fully loaded to rock it in the new year!

Again, KETOBARS40 for 40% off from Now till Nov 9th at 11:59pm

I hope this is a huge step forward for your healthy snack game!

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KETOBARS40 for 40% off from Now till Nov 9th at 11:59pm



How traveling with a chronic illness went from good to bad to what the heck just happened!

*This post contains affiliate links. I am not a medical professional and nothing I say should be mistaken for medical advice.  All thoughts, opinions, and experiences are mine and mine alone and have in no way been influenced by the products I endorse.

Traveling with multiple chronic illnesses has never been easy.  This was extremely frustrating for someone who loved going on road trips or flying across the country.  Before becoming chronically ill I never had to consider my illnesses which include, but are not limited to, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and endometriosis.  All I had to do was throw some clothes in a bag and head off to destinations unknown.

Even though I didn’t receive my first diagnosis until 2001, symptoms from all of my conditions began interfering with my life as early as 1998 when a weekend that was supposed to be spent at the beach was instead spent in bed.  In 1999, I spent two days out of my seven day honeymoon cruise in bed because of pain and fatigue.  By 2000 I could no longer drive from Denver, CO to Phoenix, AZ without needing to nap at rest areas and stop to sleep at a hotel for a night. By fall of 2003 I had received all of my diagnoses.  Instead of experiencing any sort of relief or improvements my pain and fatigue levels continued to escalate.  All vacations from that point on until the end of 2015 required more time spent in bed than exploring and they took weeks or months to recover from.  I began to loathe traveling.  What was the point of spending money to travel when all I did was see the walls of my hotel room?


bio oil

This topical CBD oil delivers on its promise of relieving pain! Click here to read my full review!


Things began changing when I decided to make changes to how I planned and prepared for my getaways in December of 2015.  I didn’t have to travel far, we spent 5 days at Disneyland and were only 45 minutes from home. But this trip did require my being able to function for 5 days in a row because I was spending it with my best friend and wanted to enjoy every moment. By listening to my body I was able to spend time in the park with my best friend and her family every day.  I didn’t always last for the entire day, but long enough to create lasting memories.  Had I not obeyed my body I would have been lucky to have enjoyed one or two days out of the hotel.  From that point I learned to accept that I would have to limit my time out of bed and be happy with the time I spent out of it.

green flower learn and watch free

Then something amazing happened in the summer of 2017.  For the first time in what feels like ages, I only had to spend one of the nine days we were on vacation in bed.  The rest of the trip was spent laughing with family, going out to eat, and sightseeing.  Nor did I need much recovery time.  In fact I was back to my normal routine within days.  Even better was the fact that not since 2005 had I been able to get through a vacation without the use of a wheelchair, but on this trip I only needed to use it for one day! Thrilled by this experience I excitedly planned our next vacation which I just returned from last week.  This vacation was even better!!! My body did NOT need any days in bed, nor did I have to use a wheelchair.  In fact I only took three one hour naps throughout my entire 8 day vacation!!!  Even more impressive was that I was also able to reach my daily fitness goal of 10,000 steps per day and then some each and every day!! This included the days that we were traveling!!!! If that wasn’t enough, there has been no recovery time needed.  I jumped right back into my regular schedule the moment I returned home and have continued to do so.


Wondering why this was possible? It all comes down to the changes I have made in regards to how I treat my chronic illnesses and pain early in 2017.  The first change I made was adding exercise to my weekly routine.  I began with exercising 2-3 times per week and increased as my body allowed.  The second thing I did was to add PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse to my pain management plan.  This device reduced inflammation and pain better than anything I had tried in the past and combined with medical marijuana I was able to increase my physical activity.  This year I began making more changes by cleaning up my diet.


I credit how well I did on this vacation to NOT taking a break from how I treat my conditions, exercising, and following my dietary restrictions as closely as possible.  While away I continued my pain relief treatments the same as I do at home with the exception of increasing treatments when I experienced an increase of pain.  I thought I had sentenced myself to spending the remainder of my vacation in bed after my best friend and I walked 3.4 miles around Tempe Town Lake. I could barely walk or stand that evening, but after running multiple PEMF treatments to my knees, hips, and back along with rubbing my muscles and joints with my favorite topical CBD oil from Bio CBD+, I was up and walking without pain the next morning.  When my body asked for a nap, I gave it one.  To continue with my smoothie breakfast bowls, I packed my Ninja Juicer and went grocery shopping the night we arrived in Phoenix.  I refused to allow being on vacation to be an excuse for eating like crap and gaining weight.  I exercised and carefully selected what I ate each and every day, including our travel days. Before hopping into our car I went for a morning walk, then walked at the rest area and gas station, and  walked again when we reached our destination.  My reward was getting to laugh and spend time with my friends and family.  The memories made, which include dancing at my God daughter’s wedding, have filled my heart with joy. Click here to see my terrible dance moves.



I am so thankful that I added PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse to my pain management plan. In the years that I was treating my chronic illnesses solely with medical marijuana, I was able to reduce the widespread and reactionary pain to the point of being able to recognize my pain sources. Oska Pulse now helps me reduce the pain and inflammation in those areas. The combination has gifted me with the energy and stamina needed to be physically active every day.

My improvements didn’t occur over night. It took months before I experienced a drastic reduction of pain in my spine, tailbone, hips, and feet. It took a year to reach the amount of distance that I’m able to walk today. I use my device daily for a minimum of 20 treatments each day. Most days I use it from the time I wake up until I go to bed. When I first began my PEMF treatments I often needed to medicate with medical marijuana during the day in addition to before bed every night.  Now, a year later, I no longer need to use anything besides my Oska Pulse and topical CBD oil for daily pain relief.  I still medicate with marijuana at bedtime, because I would never sleep without it, but the amount of medication needed has decreased greatly in the past year.

Don’t give up trying to improve your chronic life, pain level, or vacation experience! Continue seeking new ways to do what you want and always listen to your body!

What have you done that has improved your vacation experience?

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Learn more about Oska Pulse from Oska Wellness by clicking here and as always, save $55 with promo code DIVA. Click here to follow my journey from the beginning.

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How to minimize chronic pain while on a road trip

*This post contains affiliate links


For some people, vacation is all about the destination. While my destination is important, I also love the unplanned adventures that take place on road trips.  When traveling by car I get to see places that I would never plan to vacation at, yet are fun to stop and explore for a little bit.  However, my love for traveling by car turned to loathing after pain from fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and endometriosis invaded every moment of my day.  That is until a few years ago when I began doing things  differently.   Today Donna, Abi, and I (Cynthia) are sharing a few tips that help make our road trips less painful. Whether you are driving to Disneyland or Niagara Falls, these tips will help you arrive at your destination ready to have fun!

Cynthia’s Tips

  1. Stay ahead of and combat inflammation and pain with Oska Pulse and pain relieving oils and lotions like my favorite topical oil from BioCBD+ and HempZ.  Oska Pulse has kept my neck and back muscles from seizing up after sitting for hours in the car.  I apply a pain relieving oil or lotion before getting into the car and then reapply as needed throughout my trip.
  2. Dress comfortably.  While I still want to look cute in the pictures my family takes during stops along the way, it is not a time to wear clothing that binds, scratches, or puts pressure on any of my pain sources.  Heat and cold temps outside and inside the vehicle also affect my pain level.  Dressing in layers, wearing pants (leggings usually) with an elastic waist band or loose clothing, and bringing along a pair of cozy slippers helps me arrive at my destination without unnecessarily increasing my pain.
  3. Rest when needed.  Fighting fatigue while traveling only makes it worse.  As long as I am not the one who is driving, I allow myself to sleep when my body demands it.  There was a time when I was afraid of missing sites or felt like I had to stay awake to entertain my husband while he drove, but all that did was take away from our time together when we reached our destination.  To make sleeping in the car easier, I bring along a neck pillow, sleep mask to block out the sun, and or ear plugs.
  4. Nothing ruins a trip like upsetting my tummy by eating fast food or fatty/fried foods on the road.  To adhere to my dietary needs/restrictions I plan ahead by searching for restaurants that have options to keep my bowels happy.
  5. Prepare for the unexpected.  Sometimes our bowels and bladders can’t wait until we reach our next pit stop.  To reduce my anxiety and fear of not being able to make it to the next toilet, I bring along adult diapers.  While it is not something that I desire to use, they bring me peace of mind knowing that my body and not my clothes or the car will only need to be cleaned up afterwards.  A portable potty is also an option.



This Mickey Mouse neck pillow also comes with a blanket and sleep mask! Click here to check it out!

Donna’s Tips

1. Oska! Use it on whatever part of your body gets stiff when sitting for long periods. For me as a passenger, that’s my lower back. When I take a turn driving, that’s also my shoulders.
2. Stay hydrated! For every sip you take of an energy drink or coffee, take two sips of water to avoid becoming dehydrated.
3. Stop about every 2 hours to stretch and walk for a few minutes.
4. Eat as healthy as possible. Additives, grease, and sodium in restaurant food can make you feel terrible! Snack foods can also be an issue. Pack healthy snacks so you’re not tempted by gas station treats. If you can, pack a cooler with simple pre-made meals, too. If you know you’ll need to grab fast food on the road, scope out nutritional information of major chains online before you leave on your trip; make a list of menu items that are best for your body’s sensitivities.



Abi’s Tips

  1. I use PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse to combat back pain from sitting in the car and to ease the pain in my hands after playing my video games for too long!
  2. Bring something to entertain yourself! My Nintendo Switch and 3DS keep me occupied while stuck in the car for the day.
  3. My mom uses a neck pillow, but I prefer my aromatherapy cat collar by Sootheze (pictured below).  It calms and soothes the muscles in my neck.


Did you notice that Oska Pulse topped all three of our lists?  That’s because this drug-free pain relief device helps each of us combat our chronic pain and inflammation better than anything any of us has tried in the past.  Like Donna, I use mine on my neck and lower back as well.  I also treat my knees and ankles.  Oska Pulse increases blood flow and has prevented my legs and ankles from swelling while sitting in the car.   Click here to see how PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse has helped me since I began using it daily a year ago.  Visit my friends at Oska Wellness to learn more about this amazing device and when you are ready to order, don’t forget that promo code DIVA will save you $55.

Planning a road trip to Disneyland?  Click here to download my FREE accessibility guide and be sure to join Disneyability on Facebook for more tips to make your trip a magical one.

Click here for more tips that will make traveling with a chronic illness something you enjoy again.

What tips do you have to share?

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Need a Mental Health Break? When You Know It’s Time for a Vacation

Need a Mental Health Break? When You Know It’s Time for a Vacation

Guest post written by Henry Moore from

guest blogger oct

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Nad Hemnani

If you’ve felt overworked, anxious, or exhausted lately, you’re not alone. Record numbers of Americans report feeling fatigued and stressed out. Taking care of our responsibilities at home while also caring for our own health is becoming trickier than ever.

One possible solution might be more accessible than you think. If you’ve felt overworked, overstressed, or even just anxious lately, it might be time for a vacation. Travel brings many mental health benefits that actually help us get centered, live in the moment, and become rejuvenated by the time we return home.

If you’re having trouble convincing yourself that it’s time for your next vacation, here are some reasons why some time away is actually good for your mental health.

laquinta 2

1. Stress Relief

Travel can be an incredible way to let go of your daily stresses so you can simply learn to enjoy life again. It allows you to reconnect with nature, yourself, and even your loved ones. While soaring above the clouds or standing beside the ocean, our problems seem miniscule in proportion to the vastness of the world we live in.

2. Boosting Your Positive Traits

Travel may actually change your personality for the better. When we meet new people and visit new places, we open ourselves up to new experiences. In addition to boosting creativity, travel (especially to a foreign country) makes us more adaptable, open to change, emotionally stable, and less reactive.

3. Emotional Benefits

Travel improves emotional health, starting even before you leave and lasting after you return from vacation. One study found that people are happiest during the vacation planning process. Travel also boosts positive thinking with regards to our health, quality of life in all areas, and even current economic situation. In addition to increased happiness and reduced stress, travel relieves anxiety by allowing the mind to reset and providing physical and mental distance from stressors.

There you have it: travel really is good for you! To make the most of your time off, try engaging in activities that are known for reducing stress. This might include attending a yoga class, relaxing in a pool or hot tub, or splurging on a professional massage with aromatherapy.

To allow yourself to really relax and have a worry-free vacation, it’s also important to ensure your beloved pets are taken care of while you’re gone. Some pet owners prefer to bring their pets on vacation with them. If that isn’t an option for you, hiring a pet sitter might be your best bet. Consider having a family member or friend watch your dog or check on your cat, or hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter.

What are you waiting for? Taking a vacation will help your mental and emotional health. It might just be what you need to return to a centered, calm state of being. Your upcoming vacation will help prepare you for your next important project when you come home. Besides, you’ll be taking the steps toward building character traits that will ultimately make you a better person. Bon voyage!

Check out more of Henry’s work at

Click here for The Disabled Diva’s chronic travel tips.


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Why taking a post trip vacation is necessary for my chronic body

Why taking a post trip vacation is necessary for my chronic body

By Cynthia


My chronic life is unpredictable.  What knocks me down one week might not the next.  My energy level and physical ability varies on a daily basis.  The same is true while traveling, I never know how often I will be able to participate in activities or outings or if I will spend most of the trip in bed.  Nor do I know how much time my body is going to require to recover from each getaway.  For the average person going on vacation equates to escaping their regular schedule for a week or weekend and picking right back up where they left when they returned.  It’s a completely different ball game for the chronically ill.

Many of us are exhausted before we hop in the car or board our flights.  The time spent doing laundry, packing, and planning our excursions decreases and sometimes depletes our already limited energy supply. Then there is the trip itself.  No matter how relaxing of a getaway I plan, it is always tiring for my body because of the prep and traveling involved.  One thing that I can always count on is the fact that my body will require some amount of time to recover before I can resume my “normal” life.  There is no rhyme or reason for how much time is needed, sometimes I am back in action within a day and other times it takes days or weeks to recover.  Prior to learning how to vacation with my chronic illnesses in mind I would be knocked down for months afterwards.  You can learn more about the changes I have made to decrease my after vacation downtime by clicking here.


Although I haven’t been able to eliminate the need of an after vacation holiday, I have found ways to make it easier on myself and others.  Instead of just clearing my calendar for the time spent away from home, I also clear it for the week following.  Sometimes I need less and sometimes I need more, but a week gives me time to see if I will need to extend my after holiday break.  By doing this I also reduce the stress and worry of needing my body to recover faster than it is ready to and decreases how often I cancel plans.  Planning a post trip break allows me to relax, address new pain, decrease pain that I made worse while away, and slowly adjust back to what my body considers normal.  I spend my post holiday downtime allowing my body to rest when it wants to; this may mean taking multiple naps or following an undesirable sleep schedule until my body gets back into its groove.  This time is also for replenishing my body of what I may have denied it while away.  I drink more water, eat healthier, and listen to its needs.  Long hot baths and a massage are musts for me!

Planning post trip recovery breaks has made my returns tolerable and pleasurable.  Do you plan an after vacation holiday or do you find yourself frustrated by trying to force your body into its normal routine?

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Five Reasons My Latest Road Trip Exceeded My Expectations

Five Reasons My Latest Road Trip Exceeded My Expectations

By Cynthia


One of the highlights from my road trip was hanging out with The Disabled DIVAS!

A few days ago I returned home from the best road trip ever!  I got to spend time with friends and family, see many historic and silly sites, and so much more! I feel so blessed and lucky to have had such a fantastic experience.  But it wasn’t luck that made this trip memorable, there were five things I did that made it possible.

1. I didn’t over commit or push myself too hard prior to leaving home.  I did laundry and most of my packing a week before our departure.  Instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off I spent the days prior to leaving relaxed and able to focus on more important details.


2. I packed everything I could possibly need to combat and comfort pain from my worst flares.  I armed myself with extra pain medication, heating wraps, ice packs, CBD lotions, my wheelchair, and more.  Thankfully I only had one really bad day in which I was forced to remain in bed.  While I didn’t need everything I had packed it was nice to have what I needed when I needed it.

3. I set realistic expectations.  I limited how many activities I agreed to participate in on a daily basis.  Because of this I was able to do all but one thing that I had planned.  While I can now walk for up to an hour a day a few times a week without increasing my pain level, I know that I can’t do it every day or multiple times throughout a day.


4. I listened to my body.  There was one day when we experienced several rain storms which increased my pain.  It wasn’t to the level of needing bed rest, but I knew walking was out of the question.  So on that day I accepted and found joy in site seeing from the car.  I could have used my wheelchair that day, but bouncing along gravel and uneven walkways would have most likely hurt my body as much as walking.  I also took naps when my body asked for them.

5. I made changes to my treatment plan months prior.  In February I committed to exercising on a regular basis.  This helped build my stamina and strength.  The biggest change took place four months ago when I added Oska Pulse to my treatment.  Click here to read about the improvements I have experienced from Oska Pulse.  For the first time in my chronic life, I had more good days than bad during a vacation.  Typically I only experience one or two good days while away from home,  only having one extremely bad day this go around was absolutely fabulous!!  By the way if you are thinking of trying Oska Pulse, be sure to use promo code DIVA to save $55.

See more of my vacation photos on Facebook and Instagram!

It took a couple of days to get back into my regular routine after returning home and instead of pushing myself I allowed my body to recover.  I also brought home a few souvenirs; Al the alien, a new shirt, and something I didn’t want….. a new pain.  I have an appointment scheduled to address this newest symptom with my doctor and hope that it is something that can be dealt with quickly and easily.  No matter what it is I will continue on like I have been, one day at a time and loving life no matter how badly my body misbehaves!

Do you enjoy road trips?  What was your most memorable one?

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15 Things That Make a Chronic Road Trip Better

15 Things That Make a

Chronic Road Trip Better

By Cynthia















*This post contains affiliate links

This week Abigail, Zeva the Diva, and I are on the road! On our first day of driving through the southwest we made a pit stop in Phoenix to catch up with Elysha.   While sipping our iced coffee we discussed the items we like bringing along on road trips.  So here is a list of what we bring for comfort and more:

1. Emergency Medical Information Wallet Card: It is too stressful to try to remember all of my important information that could save my life in an emergency situation.  To help me and those traveling with me I keep my information safely tucked in my wallet.


Click here to download a free Emergency Medical Information wallet card!











2. Neck pillow: I use a neck pillow for support and comfort.  Great for naps and for treating my neck with my Oska Pulse.












3. Heat wraps or heated seats:  Heat keeps my lower back muscles happy on a long car ride.  If the car I am riding in doesn’t have heated seats I use heat wraps.











4. Slippers or soft socks:  Taking a road trip in the summer means that the air conditioning will be blowing full blast.  When my feet get cold the muscles tense up and ache.  Slippers help them relax and reduces my pain.



5: Comfortable clothing:  Leggings and anything with a loose or giving waist band is a must for me.


6. Adult diapers:  Even though chronic diarrhea and urinary incontinence is no longer an issue for me, I will always keep a few diapers in my vehicle.  The reason for this is because it doesn’t matter how strong someone’s bladder is when you are stuck in traffic in the middle of the desert and there are no exits or facilities for miles when you need to go, you NEED to go!  The next time I have to sit on the highway and wait 3 hours for an accident to be cleared, I won’t have to stress about having my own accident!


7. Soft blanket:  I have a plush throw that I bring along.  It helps soothe aching muscles and gives me something soft to lean against the door with.


8. Water:  I keep a cooler filled with water bottles.  Instead of filling it with ice, I freeze half of the bottles and place them with the rest.


9. Snacks:  Like with the diapers, we never know where we might get stuck or how long it will be to we have access to food again.  I prefer to fill my snack back with foods that are healthy but that also aren’t perishable.


10. Coffee:  Elysha, Abigail, and I all agree we can’t go on a road trip without COFFEE!


11. Sleep mask:  Blocking out the light while napping in the car helps me get a deeper rest.  Also comes in handy if I happen to flare and need to rest during the day at the hotel.

sleep mask.jpg

12. Electronics: Phones, Nintendo 3DS, iPad, etc…. Having our favorite aps, games, music, and movies downloaded keep us entertained on the road and in our hotels. Having access to my Hulu account has gotten me through many vacation flares.


13. Pain relief products:  Prescriptions for those who take them, Mo’s Dream Cream Pain Stick, Fay Farm’s CBD lotion, and my favorite drug-free pain relief product Oska Pulse.

14. Swim suit, sneakers, and workout clothes:  Whether I intend on exercising or not, a dip in the pool or Jacuzzi always relaxes my muscles and helps me fall asleep faster. Vacations are not a time for me to break free from my regular routines.  If I do I will have a harder time getting back into the swing of things when I return.  A few minutes in the hotel gym or walking the grounds each day is better than nothing.


15. Mobility Aids:  Even with all my latest physical improvements, I still need to use my mobility aids during severe flares.  Because I can’t be certain of how a new climate will affect my body or if we will experience any storms I can’t be sure that I won’t need my wheelchair.  So I bring it just in case.  I’d rather be prepared for the worst than miss out on the fun because I didn’t.


What do you like to bring on road trips?

Coming next week: Recap of my road trip!

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