Chronically Comfortable Halloween Shirts!

Looking for Halloween themed clothing that is both cute and comfortable? Here are some suggestions that will bring some magic to your holiday wardrobe!

Halloween Trauma Triggers – How to Protect Yourself

Halloween can be a difficult time for people who have suffered a past trauma. What seems to be harmless fun for some can trigger paralyzing memories for others.
Memories of childhood abuse, rape, domestic abuse, military combat, natural disasters, and/or violent attacks may be unleashed by a number of things, many which cannot be avoided throughout the Halloween season. Some of these triggers include, but are not limited to…….

Navigating Halloween with Chronic Pain: Tips for a Spooktacular Time

Halloween is an eagerly anticipated holiday filled with ghoulish delight and spooky festivities, but for those living with chronic pain, the prospect of enjoying the season’s excitement can be daunting. If you or someone you know grapples with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, autoimmune arthritis, or migraines, this video is a must-watch. I’ll uncover valuableContinue reading “Navigating Halloween with Chronic Pain: Tips for a Spooktacular Time”

11 Fun Wheelchair Halloween Costume Covers For Adults and Children

These fun wheelchair costume covers will help you stand out this Halloween! Whether you’re looking for something strong, funny, or cute, I’ve got you covered.

Disneyland Halloween Food Reviews 2021 – What To Buy And What To Avoid

The Disabled Diva reviews Disneyland Halloween treats and food. Seasonal fun for 2021

What Made My Walt Disney World Vacation With Chronic Illness And Pain Magical – Podcast S3 E22

Welcome to my latest podcast episode! In this episode, we are diving headfirst into a world of magic, adventure, and the unique experience of managing multiple chronic illnesses during my Walt Disney World vacation. Join me, The Disabled Diva, as I take you on a journey through this enchanting destination, sharing my personal insights, restContinue reading “What Made My Walt Disney World Vacation With Chronic Illness And Pain Magical – Podcast S3 E22”

Disney Halloween Bounding Ideas!

Halloween Disney bounding outfits that are as cute as they are comfortable!

Don’t Let Arthritis Keep You From Decorating Your Halloween Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin can be difficult and painful when you have arthritic hands. Check out these Halloween hacks that will get you into the spirit without hurting your hands.

5 Tips That Will Make Trick or Treating With Chronic Pain Less Painful

Does the thought of taking your child trick or treating send chills down your spine? Fear not! Keep your Halloween from becoming chronically crappy with these five tips!

5 Pain Management Modifications To Help You Have A Ball This Holiday Season

Pain management modifications to help you keep up with your most important holiday traditions while preventing and limiting fibromyalgia and arthritis flares from ruining your entire holiday season.

Accessibility and Must Know Chronic Pain Information Before Revving up Your Engine in Carsland * California Adventure * Disneyland

Accessibility information to help you get your kicks on route 66 and plan your next visit to Carsland at Disneyland’s California Adventure!

Living with Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis: Starting 2020 Off With a Bang!

Living with fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis is strange. Who knew that after a rough ending to 2019 that I would enter 2020 with a bang! Find out why in my latest health update!

Finding a Chronically Comfortable Halloween Costume

Choosing a Halloween costume can be difficult when living with a painful chronic illness. Today Abi shares how she solved her dress up dilemma.

Obsessed with Disney Ears!

            Are you as obsessed with Disney ear headbands as I am? Some think that Minnie ear headbands are just to wear while visiting a Disney Park, but guess what? They are WRONG!!!  Disney headbands can be worn anywhere and at anytime of year.  For example, what disnerd wouldn’t beContinue reading “Obsessed with Disney Ears!”

Four Things You Don’t Know About Me

Four Things You Don’t Know About Me Guest Post Written By Abigail Covert Now, I figured that I should probably take a break from yelling “comfortable” and actually tell you guys a bit about me. So, buckle up because you’re about to hear how nerdy I really am. 1. I really love robots, I mean REALLYContinue reading “Four Things You Don’t Know About Me”

The Year of Christmas

**UPDATE** October 31, 2016 While my friends and family are stressing over trying to figure out when they are going to have either or both the time or energy to put up their trees and decorate for Christmas, I am relaxed and ready to partake in loads of holiday fun!  The year of Christmas hasContinue reading “The Year of Christmas”

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