Top 5 Ways A Weighted Blanket Helps Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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5 ways weighted blankets help fibromyalgia symptoms. Find out if one could help you!
The Disabled Diva shares the top five ways a weighted blanket helped reduce her fibromyalgia symptoms. Discover if one could help you too!

When people talk about weighted blankets, they often compare the benefits of using one to the comfort a young child receives from their favorite blankie.

How it made them feel safe, secure, and often comfortable enough to fall asleep anywhere. Even as an adult, I prefer one blanket over the rest.

As someone with multiple painful chronic illnesses, my fibromyalgia symptoms disturb my sleep the most. Having a favorite blanket is great, but it is even better when a weighted blanket helps reduce my fibromyalgia symptoms. Here are five ways my Weighted Chunky Knit Blanket from Gravity reduces my fibromyalgia symptoms.

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The Disabled Diva enjoying the comfort of her weighted blanket while she battles fibromyalgia symptoms
The Disabled Diva is being comforted by her weighted blanket while recovering from a recent fibromyalgia flare and other ailments.

How Can A Weighted Blanket Help Fibromyalgia?

I have already recognized five distinct ways that a weighted blanket can help with fibromyalgia symptoms in just a short time. Please note that these are my experiences and that you may have different results.

(Side note: Although my weighted blanket is a throw blanket, I enjoy the comfort it brings so much that I use it in bed over my favorite plush fleece blanket.)

1. Reduces leg, foot, arm, and hand muscle twitches and spasms.

This took me by surprise. I experience twitches of various degrees every night, all night long. I felt my leg muscles attempt a twinge while lying in bed tucked under my regular and weighted blankets. The reason I say attempt is because the weight of the blanket did not allow it to happen! And instead of getting angry, my muscles took their cue from the blanket and relaxed.

Soon after, I noticed my arm and hand twitching. Being a short-statured side-sleeper, I was able to pull the weighted blanket up so that it covered my shoulder as well as my feet. Within seconds, the twitching ceased, and I fell asleep.

2. Muscle Ache Relief

Many people with fibromyalgia avoid massages. For some, the massage ends with their muscles feeling bruised. No matter how well your masseuse knows your body, there is always a period of pain before relief. My weighted blanket provides relaxed comfort without any pre or post-massage pain.

3. Improved Sleep

By significantly reducing muscle pain and movement, I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. And as everyone with fibromyalgia knows, lack of sleep makes our lives more painful.

4. Less Bedtime Anxiety

My Gravity weighted blanket also provides emotional comfort. I worry less about my fibro pain waking me up in the middle of the night. And because I sleep better, I don’t lie awake worrying about additional morning pain.

Gravity weighted robe

5. Better Mornings

The best part of using a weighted blanket as a part of my fibromyalgia management plan is waking up. Instead of waking up to stiff and sore muscles, they are relaxed.

I honestly do not know how I have gone so long without experiencing the joy of sleeping with a weighted blanket.

Tip for Side-Sleepers

I have heard some people complain of experiencing pain in their knees and hips after sleeping with a weighted blanket. As a side-sleeper, I can see how it could be a problem.

My knees and hips have always been a point of pain as a side-sleeper. To reduce it, I use two knee pillows. One between my thighs and another around an ankle to keep my feet from touching. Anyways, these pillows keep my hips aligned while providing extra comfort to my knees and feet.

Chihuahua enjoying her mom's weighted blanket
My Chihuahua enjoys lying on top of my Gravity weighted blanket as much as I enjoy being under it!

Weighted Blankets For Fibromyalgia Pain

I initially chose the gorgeous weighted chunky knit blanket because I typically work from the living room sofa and wanted something to provide comfort for my legs. I chose this style because I wanted something that would look nice on the couch when not in use. Now that I have fallen in love with the comfort it provides, I plan to buy one for my bed!

I have purchased several weighted blankets of various designs and brands. One of my favorites is the cooling weighted blanket from Gravity. It REALLY cools my body temperature and regulates it all night long.

Gravity offers a wide and impressive variety of weighted products. In addition to weighted blankets of various weights, they also have a 10lb travel blanket with a sleeping bag-like carrying case! Beyond blankets, you can find weighted sleep masks, robes, and more! Shop all Gravity products here.

Have you tried a weighted blanket for your fibromyalgia symptoms?

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