3 Ways Stormy Weather Triggers Fibromyalgia And Autoimmune Arthritis

The Disabled Diva shares three painful ways stormy weather triggers fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis flares.

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One of the first clues that something strange was going on with my body came from a summer storm. At first, I thought I was losing my mind. How could weather create so much pain? And not just pain, but paralyzing fatigue too?

It took a few years before I discussed it with a doctor. Mainly because I couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea that weather could hurt a person. And here I am 20 years later, planning outings around the weather forecast because the pain is genuine.

Wet weather and barometric changes do have an effect on fibromyalgia and autoimmune patients. I do not need any fancy study to convince me. The three stormy weather symptoms that flare without mercy are proof enough for me!

The Disabled Diva shares three painful ways stormy weather triggers fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis flares.
The Disabled Diva shares three painful ways stormy weather triggers fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis flares.
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A Stormy Weather Beating

When a storm front is pushed in with high pressure, my body takes a beating. My muscles feel bruised and heavy.

Physical movement requires more energy than I have at that moment. It feels like my limbs have been filled with sand or cement.

Although I do not visibly look inflamed, even loose clothing can feel like it is cutting off my circulation.

Swollen joints make it difficult to stand, walk, or sit. The higher the pressure, the worse the pain is. Most of the time, it feels like someone is trying to pry my joints with a screwdriver.

All I can do is lie in a fetal position while I wait for the pressure to break.

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My Personal Electrical Storm

Stormy weather ignites an electrical storm throughout my nervous system.

Also known as allodynia, topical nerve pain takes center stage. The slightest breeze or brush of clothing may make my skin feel like it has third-degree burns.

Deep inside, I can feel my spine throbbing. Nerve pain shoots from the top and bottom, sending shocks to my skull and down my legs and arms.

The area where I have permanent surgical nerve damage is triggered. I cry while hoping and praying that my nerve pain medication will reduce it before I try to saw off my leg.


Paralyzed By Pain And Fatigue

Pain is exhausting! There is no functioning when stormy weather triggers this level of muscle, joint, and nerve pain.

It messes with my brain. It’s brain fog on steroids. Mentally I am too tired to find the words and thoughts needed to converse. My brain actually hurts.

Physically, I am often unable to do much more than blink my eyes. I lie in bed and stare. Sometimes at the television, even though I am not processing what I am watching. Other times I just stare at the wall and pray for this session of torture to end.

MY WORLD SPINS when I attempt to sit or stand up, and I am forced to lie back down.


Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the painful ways stormy weather combined with autoimmune arthritis and fibromyalgia makes my life difficult. There is no pushing through when these symptoms flare up, and nothing I can do to stop them once they start. I cannot predict how far before the storm the symptoms will present themselves or how severe they will be. All I can do is wait for the pressure to release.

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How do storms affect your chronic body?

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