Air Hawk Power Wheelchair Review Plus Useful Accessories To Help Create Your Dream Mobility Aid

Photo of The Disabled Diva on her pink Air Hawk power wheelchair on the pier at Imperial Beach California with the Pacific ocean in the background

The Air Hawk power wheelchair review that I have been promising for months!

I didn’t intend on taking so long to review my portable power wheelchair, but I am glad I did. Six months gave me ample time to really put this mobility aid to the test!

Short outings and all-day adventures! I have used it while shopping indoors, at Disneyland, and even on a beach vacation!

I have a better understanding of some amazing features, like easily converting it into an attendant-controlled electric wheelchair! Find out which accessories I loved and which had to be replaced in this episode of The Disabled Diva Talks Podcast.

As a reminder, this podcast is an informal chat with me, Cynthia, aka The Disabled Diva. It is unscripted and unedited. It is just me chatting with you about living with chronic illness.

Listen to my folding power wheelchair review.

The Disabled Diva sitting on her pink portable power wheelchair wearing all black with a royal blue kimono. Behind her is the Pacific Ocean in San Diego California
This family outing was fun for all because of the independence that my Air Hawk power wheelchair provides.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied with caffeine. It’s a win for everyone. I am not a medical professional, and nothing stated in this article should be mistaken for medical advice. With that said, I paid for all products in this review.

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Pros and Cons


  • Ability to make tight turns
  • Speed
  • Comfort
  • Battery Life
  • Takes up less space in my vehicle’s trunk than my manual wheelchair
  • Folds easily
  • This folding power wheelchair provides a smoother ride than my manual wheelchair


  • Doesn’t always give enough warning when the battery needs to be charged.
  • Some of the accessories were made with low-quality material and needed to be replaced.
  • Has issues with sideways slanted pavement

Power Wheelchair Retailers

I purchased my Air Hawk power wheelchair from Discover My Mobility. Because I had some questions, my purchase was made over the phone rather than online. The only hiccup has been the backorder of the attendant control bracket.

Other retailers:

A few options from Amazon

Power Wheelchair Accessories I Have Replaced And Added

Photos of My Air Hawk Power Wheelchair

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Published by Cynthia Covert

Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

5 thoughts on “Air Hawk Power Wheelchair Review Plus Useful Accessories To Help Create Your Dream Mobility Aid

  1. Thanks for this great review. I’ve just started considering whether or not I need a power chair for occasional outings, and am weighing the pros and cons. This podcast was a lot of help! It’s nice knowing there are lightweight folding chairs as well as the more heavy duty ones.

  2. Very helpful review, Cynthia. My mom in law is basically stuck in her house because she can’t stand for more than 5 minutes. Boy, I sure would like to get her one of these. I’m not sure though that she’s open to it. Keeping it to share with my husband and possibly her when we visit then to this month.

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