My Chronic Pain Relief Update April 2021 – Living With Fibromyalgia And Psoriatic Arthritis

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This month’s chronic pain relief reboot recap is one that was worth the wait. Progress is being made on some fronts, and April revealed a glimmer of hope regarding the ring of inflammation surrounding my ribcage.

Besides a few dining and shopping visits at Downtown Disney District, I didn’t spend a lot of time at Disneyland. That’s because I have two full-day visits planned for May and another two for June. With that said, my husband also surprised me with a week-long getaway at a beachfront condo in Imperial Beach, CA.

April was a busy month. I had my first article for Mayv published. You can read it here. Three of my articles for Healthgrades were also published this month. Be sure to check out The Importance of Listening to Your Body with Psoriatic Arthritis, How to Keep Meals on The Table During a Severe Psoriatic Arthritis Flare, and 3 Tips For Getting A Good Night Sleep.

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Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied with caffeine. It’s a win for everyone. I am not a medical professional, and nothing stated in this article is mistaken for medical advice.

My Chronic Pain Relief Treatments for April

Daily PEMF therapy treatments with ActiPatch continue with an occasional day or two off. Treatments are focused on my spine.

This month still required the all-night relief that only comes from cannabis edibles. However, I did not need cannabis for daytime relief!!!

My nighttime ritual of slathering a magnesium-rich lotion all over my belly, lower back, neck, shoulders, elbows, thighs, calves, and feet continued.

Daily herbal tinctures are continuing to work their magic and show hope for fighting the ring of inflammation.

Benadryl and Soothing Skin Balm (My daughter uses this for eczema) were still needed a few times this month. No matter how hard I try to avoid known allergies, I still have one or two severe allergic reactions each month.

My review for Solis 1100 is live. It has been an amazing addition to my pain management plan.

I have also been using a CBD balm from Mayv to combat pain in my right shoulder. FYI: Through May 16, 2021, my readers can save 25% off of Mayv’s CBD products when they use promo code DisabledDiva25.

And last but not least a big dose of vitamin SEA!!!!! I seriously love how my body feels near the ocean. Thinking I may need a monthly booster!


Another migraine-free month!!!

Not only that, but a month without severe pain from major weather changes too!!

Using Solis 1100 on my legs and lower back kept my muscles relaxed and pain-free during the car ride to our beachfront condo and back.

While on vacation, I experienced a major decrease in inflammation throughout my body! Most notably reduced was the ring of inflammation around my ribcage. There are only two things that I can attribute to this reduction. The first is that we vacationed in one of only two US cities known for their least amount of barometric change. And the second being that not wanting to risk getting sick, I almost always get sick when I travel; I tripled the dosage of my herbal tinctures. The inflammation surrounding my ribcage returned while driving home from Imperial Beach, but I have been able to reduce it a little by keeping up with an increased dosage of herbs.


I lost two pounds but gained them back on vacation. Oops!

As predicted, the CT provided no answers.

To my surprise, this month was much better than I could have imagined. I still cannot lift anything, bend, twist, or walk for more than a few minutes, but it is worth it to keep the ring of inflammation from spiraling out of control or triggering my hernias.

Chronic Pain Relief Modifications for April

Still loving Walmart+! Upon arriving at our Airbnb, the plan was to send my husband to the grocery store to do our shopping. Then a light bulb went off! Duh! Order them from Walmart! Within three hours of checking in, all the groceries we needed for the week were delivered to our condo. I saved energy and money!

I am using my power wheelchair more and loving the independence it gives me. While on vacation, I drove it all over the area and took it for a spin at the Birch Aquarium.

Last but not least, I worked ahead to not only allow myself to not work at all on vacation but to allow for a few recovery days afterward.

Game Plan For The Next 30 Days

For the next 30 days, my game plan is to continue planning and working ahead because stress and chronic illness do not get along. I have two full days planned at Disneyland park this month. It’s been over a year since I have spent a full day in the parks, so I expect to need a few days to do nothing but tend to my body after each one.

Noticing the difference in inflammation levels throughout my entire body after upping my herbal tincture dosages, I ordered my first herbal remedy guide to learn how to make my own. While the brand I use is the most affordable premade option available, to use the amount that my body is requiring would equate to spending hundreds of dollars per month. I will continue to purchase products that I don’t need large amounts of but am ready to venture into making herbal remedies designed for my personal needs.

Until next month!

If you are new to my blog or this series, you can read it from the beginning here.

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