My Chronic Pain Relief Update March 2021 – Living With Fibromyalgia And Psoriatic Arthritis

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My chronic pain relief update for March 2021 has some promising news!!! As I mentioned earlier in the month, I have been testing a new pain relief device. In this update, I share the pain sources I focused on along with my results.

Remember the doctor’s appointment that I had been waiting six weeks for? Well, it was canceled without my knowledge!!!! Yep, that is right! The only reason I found out before arriving is that I signed into my patient portal to double-check the time a few days prior. All I have to say is they are lucky that I didn’t learn this while attempting to check-in at the clinic and that they found another appointment quickly. Unfortunately, this was not my only frustration regarding the appointment or my pain.

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My Chronic Pain Relief Update March 2021

March was a strange month. I noticed a significant increase in my ability to function despite some major weather changes. We’d have a few summer-like days followed by cold, rainy, winter-like days. It’s been quite a rollercoaster of temps!

The best part has been feeling the results that regular PEMF therapy provides. March was my first migraine-free month of the past six months! Another highlight is the unexpected relief brought to my lower back and legs from the pain relief device I have been testing out.

I have done more this month than I have been able to do in a long time. And thanks to a decline in covid cases, my state is beginning to reopen which allowed for a full day at Disney’s “A Touch of Disney” event. I not only put my power wheelchair to the test but my body too! I needed a few days to recover, but it was well worth it!

However, none of it would have been possible had I not rebooted my pain management plan.

My Treatment

I continued with PEMF therapy. But instead of daily treatments, I took one and sometimes two-day breaks. Unlike past breaks needed because of how the treatment was aggravating my abdominal pain, it was because of a new treatment that I was trying. With that said, this month’s PEMF treatments were once again focused on the center of my spine. By attaching ActiPatch to my bra or sleep tank top, I am able to run treatments all day and night.

In addition to PEMF treatments, I continued with a homemade cannabis edible each evening. There were only a few days when I needed relief from cannabis before my evening dose.

My nighttime ritual of slathering a magnesium-rich lotion all over my belly, lower back, neck, shoulders, elbows, thighs, calves, and feet continued.

Daily herbal tinctures are continuing to work their magic. My sinuses feel fantastic.

Benadryl and Soothing Skin Balm (My daughter uses this for eczema) were still needed a few times this month. This time I am certain of which foods triggered them as my hives presented minutes after my first bite. The bad part is that the ingredient that has been triggering my hives is not an easy one to detect. I am highly allergic to iodine and that includes anything that has been made with iodized salt.

The new pain relief device I have been testing is called Solis 1100. I will have a full review and details about the product on the site by April 5, 2021. In the meantime, I will share the following:

It works!

The directions say to not use while using another treatment. But because the type of relief I receive from the PEMF device is different, I found a way to continue with both. And that was to not run PEMF treatments on the days I used the Solis 1100.

The reason this worked was because of how long the relief from the Solis 1100 lasted. We are not talking about a few hours of relief, but many! The average span of relief lasted between 18-48 hours. I will share more about that in my full review.


The biggest improvement this month was no migraines! I cannot imagine this happening had I not had the option of running PEMF treatments 24 hours a day on the area of my spine that typically triggers my migraines and relieving tension and pain in my lower back with my new pain relief device.

For the first time in what felt like forever, I was able to spend an entire day at Disney’s California Adventure park for its food event “A Touch of Disney”. This was my first full day outing in over a year, plus Pinky’s first full day out too! Thanks to the numbing relief from Solis 1100, I was able to sit all day. I will however have to remember to take breaks to massage the hand that operates the joystick. It cramped up halfway through my day.

I didn’t lose any weight this month, but I didn’t gain either. So I will take that as a win.


This month’s setback is equal parts emotional and physical pain. As for physical pain, there has been no improvement with my abdominal pain. There has been a decrease in pain, not because the situation has improved, but because I stopped lifting and bending. I have also strictly limited how much I drive because sitting in that position aggravates it.

The hardest part of March has been the emotional toll that this mystery in my abdomen has taken. Anyone who knows my story knows that I have the worst luck with doctors. Sadly, some of them were extremely well-known experts in their fields that made gross mistakes. Others just weren’t educated enough about an illness. With my in-person doctor appointment approaching, my anxiety began to rise. Then it exploded a few days prior to my appointment.

While checking my patient portal to make sure I had the time right I discovered that my appointment was missing! I immediately grabbed my phone and called member services who informed me that the clinic cancelled my appointment!!! Pissed off that I wasn’t notified, I demanded they find me another appointment asap. At first, they tried to convince me to go to the emergency room. But as I reminded them, the ER will only address the pain, not find the source. I have done it a million times and won’t do it again. Not to mention there is nothing they can give me that will help the pain until the source is found. I am allergic to most pharmaceutical pain medication, so that doesn’t leave them with many options. Anyways, after spending an hour on the phone they found an opening for me.

Needless to say, my anxiety was through the roof before the appointment even arrived. As for the appointment, it honestly felt like a waste of time. Any hope I had prior was gone. Instead of examining me the doctor just sat there looking at her computer screen in between obligatory glances to make it look like she was really listening. Annoyed, I pulled my shirt up and pants down! I was not leaving until she saw and felt my abdomen.

Until this moment the only people to have seen my abdomen are my husband and daughter who agree with me, it is disgusting! There are areas that are discolored and outline where I have felt ripping. There are pockets of loose skin where when at its worst were filled and protruding outward. How anyone could look at it and have no reaction is beyond me, but that is just what I got from the doctor. Actually, it was worse because she wasn’t expressionless, instead, she began treating me like I was a toddler showing her the macaroni necklace I made.

To make matters worse, she ordered a scan with contrast. For as much time as she spent reading my chart, she missed one of my most severe allergies, iodine. I caught it when we were going over the blood tests she was ordering. With the CT order revised, I felt let down. Once again, they are going to rely on tests that will not produce an answer. Never in my history has anything shown up on any scan of any type. NEVER. Everything has been found during surgery. But, my HMO swears by following their protocol, which is a waste of time when you have a patient who has failed that protocol not once, not twice, but a gazillion times! It is not that I want surgery, because I don’t. I just want answers and relief!

My CT is scheduled for the beginning of April. I am not holding out hope that it will provide an answer. All the trauma from the two years I spent searching for help after my hysterectomy has returned. The nightmares haunt me. There is nothing worse than knowing something is wrong and having doctors give up because nothing shows up on their tests.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I will have better news to share next month. We shall wait and see.


Still loving Walmart+! Grocery shopping from the living room sofa is the best! I also ordered some maternity leggings and pants this month to help ease pain whenever my abdomen swells or when the lumps move position. If you deal with abdominal swelling/bloating, I totally recommend Time And Tru maternity leggings with a full belly panel.

Because it is going to be a while until I can go back to running a few PEMF treatments at a time with my Oska Pulse, I have added ActiPatch to my Amazon subscribe and save monthly shopping list. Each ActiPatch device can be run for 720 hours. How long it takes before needing to be replaced depends on how long I use it. At my current usage, I will need a new one every 5 weeks. If I am lucky to get back to where I was before, one ActiPatch device will last me 3 months.

Game Plan For The Next 30 Days

My game plan for the next 30 days is pretty much the same. The only exceptions will be to add light exercises that do not aggravate my abdomen and to cut down on my emotional eating.

April will be an easy month because I do not have any major plans. I spent a day at California Adventure for A Touch of Disney in March and with the theme parks not reopening until April 30th, I will be laying low with the exception of going Easter Egg hunting in Downtown Disney sometime during Holy Week.

For now, I will just keep looking for ways to make my life easier, less painful, and more fun!

If you are new to my blog or this series, you can read it from the beginning here.

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