20 Most Popular Fibromyalgia And Arthritis Disabled Diva Blog Posts of 2020

Make 2021 your year with The Disabled Diva's 20 most popular fibromyalgia and arthritis posts of 2020 covering everything from pain relief to everyday challenges that these chronic illnesses create.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was something else!! And according to my most popular fibromyalgia and arthritis posts for last year, it appears that there are more and more people in dire need of pain relief and tools to make living with their chronic illness easier.

While fibromyalgia and arthritis pain relief has always been a popular topic for my blog, it reached new heights in the second half of 2020. Many patients had appointments and treatments canceled due to the pandemic. Even more, lost access to their gyms and spas that they relied on for physical therapy.

The pandemic has taken an emotional toll on many of us as well. Not being able to be with friends and family on holidays is just one of the hits we took. Those who lived alone became even more isolated. And while safer at home was the slogan, that wasn’t the case for those who lived with abusive partners or family members. Many people, not just those of us with fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis battled bouts of depression as each month presented new restrictions and disappointment.

If we want 2021 to be better we need to remember what 2020 taught us. The Disabled Diva's top 20 posts about living with fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis will help you live with less pain, make living with chronic illness easier to manage, and find new ways to add some fun.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied with caffeine. It’s a win for everyone. I am not a medical professional and nothing stated in this article is to be mistaken for medical advice.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

To live better with fibromyalgia we need to learn about as many symptoms as we can. Last year I shared tools and resources to help with recognizing triggers, leg muscle weakness, mobility issues, foot pain, and nerve pain.

  1. 6 Fibromyalgia Triggers and How to Avoid Them
  2. What You Need To Know About Fibromyalgia Leg Muscle Weakness
  3. Is it Fibromyalgia or Something Else?
  4. Fibromyalgia and Mobility Problems – How to Keep Moving
  5. Coping with Fibromyalgia Stress Flares, Plus How to Reduce the Amount of Stress in Your Life
  6. Fibromyalgia Morning Foot Pain – 4 Inexpensive and Easy Ways To Reduce It
  7. Put a Stop to Fibromyalgia Nerve Pain Before it gets on Your Nerves

Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms

This form of autoimmune arthritis is very complex and confusing. In 2020 I did some research and shared some of the surprising things I learned. The one that surprised me the most was that there are five types of psoriatic arthritis! Find out which one you have!

  1. Five Types of Psoriatic Arthritis
  2. Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Connection
  3. Psoriatic Arthritis Resources

Did you know that I also write for PsoriaticArthritis.com? Click here to read my work!

Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Pain Relief Posts

With many shared symptoms, there are some pain relieving products that are able to reduce pain from both fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis. These are two new pain relief posts of 2020.

  1. Five Types of Wearable Pain Relief Devices for Muscle and Joint Pain From Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  2. How to Reduce Chronic Pain with Magnesium

Autoimmune Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Lifestyle Posts

Living with chronic pain and illness is more than going to doctors and treating pain and symptoms. It is learning how to modify and adapt all aspects of our lives.

  1. Health Benefits of Tea for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  2. Fibromyalgia And Autoimmune Arthritis – 2 Ways They Are Alike – But Not!
  3. 5 Epic Reasons Water Jogging Is Perfect For Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  4. How to Prevent Fibromyalgia Flare Stank
  5. 5 Scandalous Reasons People Believe Fibromyalgia is Fake
  6. Chronic Illness Hairstyles -How To Find One That Makes Your Life Easier
  7. The Mandalorian Approach to Explaining What it is Like to Live with Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis
  8. 10 Helpful Cooking Utensils For Arthritic and Weak Hands

Final Thoughts About My Popular Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Posts

Whether it was lost access to the care we had before COVID took over or falling into a funk of not adhering to a care plan/routine, it appears there are more people in need of pain relief, help to find tools and resources to make their lives easier to manage, and for others to not forget that they are still chronically ill.

Which post did you find the most helpful?
What are some other areas of living with fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis that you would like me to cover in 2021?

Published by Cynthia Covert

Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

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