How To Find The Perfect Cup Holder For Your Wheelchair Or Rollator

The Disabled Diva shares tips for finding the perfect cup holder that fits your wheelchair, rollator, or power chair, and beverage preference!

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It took me by surprise by how difficult it was to find the perfect cup holder for my first wheelchair and rollator. I thought it would be as easy as choosing one that appealed to me, not realizing that not every cup holder works with or fits every type of mobility aid.

Not all wheelchairs or mobility aids are designed the same. Some have more available bar space to place a cup holder than others. Others can be more challenging. After a lot of trial and error, I have learned what to look for in regards to the bar frame availability space, the types of cups I wish to carry with me, and if it will be sturdy enough.

Discover what types of cup holders work best with specific types of wheelchair, rollator, and power chair frames, and learn which kind of mobility cup holders fit your needs the best.

Do you know what to look for when purchasing a cup holder for a wheelchair, rollator, or power chair? The Disabled Diva does! Find out everything you need to know before you add one to your shopping cart!

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Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied with caffeine. It’s a win for everyone. I am not a medical professional and nothing stated in this article is to be mistaken for medical advice.

Get To Know Your Mobility Aid

I admit that I had no clue how much one wheelchair could differ from another when I first began using mobility aids because of chronic pain. While accessorizing my first wheelchair I ran into a few issues all because I didn’t take time to get to know it.

The information needed included the following:

  • How many straight and vertical bars does the frame have?
  • Are those bars a convenient place to have a beverage and within my reach?
  • Is there a vertical bar under my armrest?
  • Can a cup holder be attached to the armrest?

The most important factors to consider for cup holder placement are will it cause problems moving through doorways and will the area keep the holder from flopping around.

As you can see by looking at the mobility aids below, the frames differ. Before you begin choosing a cup holder, get familiar with your frame. If you are purchasing a new wheelchair, rollator, or power wheelchair, be sure to see what the manufacturer recommends, read reviews from others, and make sure that your purchase can be easily returned if it doesn’t work out.

What Do You Drink The Most Of?

The second thing to consider is the type of beverages you consume the most of while using your mobility aid.

Do you prefer hot or cold drinks?

What type of cups do you drink out of?

  • Coffee mugs
  • Hot to-go coffee cups
  • Take-out soda cups
  • Iced coffee cups with lid and straw
  • Water cups with lid and straw
  • Water bottles

Not all cups fit well in every cup holder. Some hold large and wide cups better, while others are made to grip thinner and smaller cups. There are also some that are designed for handled coffee cups. If you are a narrow water bottle person, a wide cup holder will just lead to frustration because your water bottle will fall out with every bump you cross or turn you make. If you use both a handled coffee cups and water bottles with your wheelchair/rollator/power chair, you may want to consider equipping yours with a cup holder for each.

Where Do You Use Your Mobility Aid The Most?

What does where you use your mobility aid have to do with choosing a cup holder? A lot actually!

When at home, I typically drink out of different types of cups than when I am on the go. I wouldn’t take a ceramic coffee cup to the grocery store. I also have different drinking habits while on the go. If my outing is going to take place outdoors, I usually stick with water in order to stay hydrated. My other on-the-go beverage of choice is iced coffee. Because of this, I needed a cup holder that could snugly hold water bottles and iced disposable cups.

Another reason where you use your mobility aid the most is important is the ground you cover. For example, at home use would be void of uneven pavement and hills. When outdoors, you are most likely moving more than when indoors which means needing a cup holder that can handle turns, bumps, and quick stops.

Cup Holder Options For Your Wheelchair / Rollator / Power Chair

Now that you know which portions of your wheelchair/rollator/power chair frame are available to hold a cup holder and know which type of cups you use the most, it is time to find your perfect match!

My power wheelchair is equipped with cup holders on the back of it and one on the side frame. They are able to hold any cup, except for handled coffee cups, snugly. I also have a water bottle holder with a strap that can hang from a hook I have placed on the back of my chair.

Coffee Cup Holder Options

Water Bottle and Tall Cup Options

Hanging Options

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