Hemp, What is it Good For?

Hemp is good for a number of things. From its numerous health benefits to how it can improve the environment, it’s a surprise that more people aren’t aware of or using this plant.

It differs from marijuana because of its low levels of THC. It also grows taller and faster than its cannabis cousin.

It can be grown on every continent except for Antarctica. This plant has been used for industrial purposes by China and the Middle East as far back as 8000 BC.

Sit back, relax, and see the big impact this little bud can make in our lives.

🌱 #Hemp is good for many things. Let’s take a look at the big impact this #plant can make in our lives.

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Stuff We Use Everyday

Hemp fibers are stronger and durable than cotton, which makes clothing made from it last longer. You can dress head to toe in clothing made of hemp fiber.

By using plastic products made from it, we reduce our environmental impact. Making paper with hemp protects the environment and is also less costly!

Hemp can also be used for fuel, construction materials, cattle feed, and animal bedding.

Oils and lotions made from this plant are great for treating dandruff. It also makes a great moisturizer and won’t clog your pores.

Nutritional Benefits of Hemp

Hemp seeds are high in essential fatty acids and amino acids, which are important to your diet. They can be eaten raw or made into flour, oil, or milk. The seeds are high in fiber, vitamins B, iron, and magnesium.

The leaves of the plant are also edible and can be used for salads or for making juice.


Inflammation and Insomnia

While more research is needed, there have been some studies that have shown hemp to improve sleep and lower inflammation in the joints. It may also promote bowel movements and lower blood pressure. Some people with arthritis have reported experiencing a significant reduction of pain and anxiety, plus improved sleep.

Always talk to your doctor before trying anything new to avoid potentially dangerous interactions with any of your prescribed medications.


Diva Approved Hemp Products

The following list contains some of the products that I have or currently use and from companies I trust.

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