Heat-Related Illness Prevention Accessories

Heatstroke is no joke! These heat-related illness prevention accessories will keep you comfortable and cool while outdoors all summer long! Plus the signs of heat-stroke and heat exhaustion and what you should do if the are present.

Heat-related illness prevention doesn’t require remaining indoors with the air-conditioning blasting all summer long. But it does require some planning and accessories!

It’s not easy staying cool when dealing with multiple chronic illnesses. My body began overheating long before my hysterectomy. Fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis also make it hard to regulate my body’s temperature.

Heatstroke is no joke! Whether at home or on the go, I have my favorite products with me all summer long. Take a peek and see what might help you!

#heatstroke is no joke! Stay #cool with these summer must-have accessories!

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Heatstroke is no joke! These heat-related illness prevention accessories will keep you comfortable and cool while outdoors all summer long! Plus the signs of heat-stroke and heat exhaustion and what you should do if they are present.

Wearable Heat-Related Illness Prevention Accessories

Cooling vests may not be the most attractive accessory, but as those of us with chronic illness can attest, comfort is far more important than fashion. Some are air-activated while others require the insertion of icepacks or being frozen themselves.

Don’t want to wear a vest? No problem! There are dresses, shirts, and shawls that both protect you from the sun while whisking moisture away from your body.

Signs and symptoms of heat-stroke and heat exhaustion. What to look for and what you should do if they are present. Plus must-have summer heat-related illness prevention accessories that everyone should have.

With summer temps heating up it is too easy to #overheat. #Chronicillness may make it hard to know when you’ve had too much. These must-have accessories will help keep you cool!

Heat-Related Illness Prevention Accessories You Should Never Leave Home Without

Staying cool when outdoors can be tricky. I would overheat without having a clue that it had happened! It would occur at least once or twice every summer, that is until I purchased some cool accessories!


Cooling Cloths

Cooling cloths are a godsend! Seriously, I will not spend time outdoors without them. Whether I am walking down the street to pick up my mail or being pushed in my wheelchair at Disneyland, cooling cloths help regulate my body’s temperature. I wear them around my neck and across my shoulders. If I am sitting in the sun and wearing shorts, I use a damp cooling cloth to cover them.

Easy Breezy!

Other accessories that help me stay cool are my portable fans and misters! I have several different types, to share with my family and because sometimes I like a mist and sometimes I don’t. Having options allows me to have what I want when I need it.

Start from the top!

Although I love floppy hats, my head is not a fan of them. Wearing a hat, no matter how roomy it is, for more than an hour will trigger inflammation around my skull. While hats are not my go-to cool accessory, they may be yours!


When there is no shade in sight, I turn to a parasol or umbrella to create my own! This accessory has been a lifesaver while waiting for parades to start at Disneyland or while waiting for the sun to set at an outdoor concert.

Must-have #heatrelatedillness #prevention accessories to keep your body cool and from overheating!

Most Important Outdoor Heat-Related Illness Prevention Accessory

The accessory you should never leave home without is WATER!!! Always carry a refillable water bottle or wear a hydration vest. You can purchase one for your service dog!

Learn how to prevent heat-related illnesses here!

What heat-related illness prevention tips to you have to add?

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  1. This is one of my many MS symptoms heat intolerance, grrrrr I tend to try not to stay out in it too long, I do have a big floppy hat that helps and it’s amazing the difference my Koldtec towel makes to me, thanks for the post x

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