Word of the Week HOT

My word of the week is HOT!!! From scorching temperatures outside to cold showers indoors, this was a week of unwelcome temperatures.

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Hot in the city

My word of the week is hot because we had three days with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe it.

My tolerance for heat is not what it used to be. Even when living in Arizona, once my chronic illnesses took over my body, my ability to deal with heat began decreasing. Unfortunately, my tolerance continues to decrease as time goes on. I joke that our next move should be to Alaska! Ha Ha!

To keep cool I have had the air conditioner set on arctic freeze. Not to completely freeze out my family I wrap a wet cooling towel around my head and slip an ice-pack near my feet and under my sheets.

Not hot enough

While we experiencing a heatwave outdoors, it was a different story inside. Our hot water heater died over the holiday weekend. We were finally able to get someone to take a look at it yesterday and a new one is being installed as I finish writing this post. It’s been a long week of cold showers and sponge baths! I don’t mind a cool shower, but ice-cold? No thank you!


Hot under the collar!

I am steaming mad over the migraine that just won’t quit. It hit Wednesday morning and grew worse as the day progressed. I am on day three with no end in sight. Thankfully I get a few spurts where I am able to open my eyes and concentrate on something. Today’s spurt is being used to get this post out. I will use my next read the other submissions. With that said, it’s back to bed!

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My word of the week was hot! What was yours?

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