Support Fibromyalgia Interview

Support Fibromyalgia recently interviewed me.💜 Hear my views on how fibro patients are treated and what needs to change!

When International Support Fibromyalgia founder Melissa Talwar asked if she could interview me for Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, I couldn’t say no! As you know, I love to talk, especially when I am passionate about the topic!

What is International Support Fibromyalgia?

They are a patient-centered nonprofit dedicated to educating and inspiring the Fibromyalgia community. Support Fibro hosts events and offers support to patients who feel left behind. From programs for veterans, teens, and everyone in between, there is something for everyone.

There are also many ways that you, as a fibromyalgia patient or caregiver, can get involved. Support Fibromyalgia is passionate about increasing research, education, and most of all, supporting patients who live with this debilitating chronic illness.

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My Interview

On May 19, 2020, I sat down to chat with Melissa. We covered a lot of aspects of living with fibromyalgia, including but not limited to pain relief, coping skills, what patients are lacking, and what we as patient leaders can do better to help you.

Watch it here!

Visit International Support Fibromyalgia today for support and/or to get involved. Because as we discussed in the interview, awareness begins with us!

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