Critter Country Accessibility Information

Critter Country Disneyland Accessibility Information

Critter Country accessibility, does it fit your disability needs? Learn everything you need to know before visiting Winnie the Pooh and Friends at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. Splash on in and see what this land has to offer!

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General Critter Country Accessibility

Critter Country is located on the NW side of the Disneyland Park. There are two ways to access the land. The first is from New Orleans Square and the second is from Star Wars Galaxy Edge.

Accessing this land from New Orleans Square involves going up a steep hill. The hill can be a problem for people with mobility issues who are not using a powered wheelchair/ECV or lack upper body strength needed to propel a manual wheelchair up a hill. When entering from Star Wars Galaxy Edge, the path has one incline as you near the land, but it is not nearly as steep as the New Orleans Square path. The path levels out where these two paths meet, but just for a little bit. The path declines as you pass the two attraction entrances. Once you pass that area, the land evens out making it easy to access the shops and character meet and greets.

The exits for both attractions are located on either end of the shops. As explained in detail below, the handicap entrance for Splash Mountain is located at the attraction’s exit.

A Quiet Getaway

The best part about this land is its quietness. That is minus the noise of guests. But the rides themselves do not take away from the serene feeling of being lost in the Hundred Acre Woods. It is no wonder why the cats of Disneyland love hanging out in this land. This land is perfect for guests needing to get away from the screams and loud noises of other lands. While home to Splash Mountain, the portion where guest’s screams can be heard faces New Orleans Square and Frontierland.

Shopping is easy to access in this land. The shops are filled with Winnie the Pooh and Friends themed merchandise. If you enter near the exit of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, you will find a candy store filled with packaged and freshly made treats! My family recommends sinking your teeth into a Tigger Tail!

Critter Country is also home to the Hungry Bear restaurant. Find out why it is a wonderful place for the disabled to plan a meal or snack later in this post.


Photo Opportunities

In front of the shops and in the center of the main area of the land, there is an opportunity to meet Winnie the Pooh and Friends! There are anywhere from one to three characters available at this meet and greet set up. Check the Official Disneyland App to find out character availability and meet and greet times when you are in the park.

During the holidays, the characters and their staging areas are decorated accordingly. If you’re lucky, you might spot Rabbit in the spring! The most common characters available are Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger.

There are Disneyland photographers available at this meet and greet. Don’t forget that if you are using Max Pass or have it included in your annual pass, all photo pass digital pictures are included! Make sure to have the photographer scan your annual pass or ask them for a photo card.

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Critter Country Attraction Accessibility

Critter Country is home to two rides; Splash Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. One is a thrill ride and the other is suited for all ages. I have detailed each attraction’s accessibility below.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Disneyland Accessibility Information


  • Audio Description
  • Transfer from ECV to a wheelchair or remain in a wheelchair
  • Service Animal Permitted
  • Video Captioning
  • Minimum Height: No restrictions


About the attraction

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a fun ride for all ages. It is located in Critter Country across from Splash Mountain’s entrance.

After riding, meet and have your picture taken with Pooh or one of
his friends in the center of Critter Country.

Each vehicle seats 6 guests and there is a vehicle that accommodates wheelchairs if needed.

This attraction takes place indoors and is air conditioned year round.

The ride lasts 4 minutes taking you through 4 different scenes.

This attraction replaced The Country Bear Jamboree in 2003. As your vehicle leaves the Huffalump/Woozle room, look up and backward to see Max, Buff, and Melvin from the Bear Jamboree in the archway.

While there are no jerky turns or dips, the ride vehicle does rock back and forth. This rocking is turned off for wheelchair and accessible vehicles.




The Queue

The queue is outdoors and is partly shaded and ADA compliant. We have no issues pushing a wheelchair through it. There are a few narrow turns and slight inclines.


Follow the instructions given by Guest Relations. Learn more about DAS here.

Wheelchair, ECV, and Service Animals

This attraction does not require a return time. The queue is fully

Guests may also remain in their wheelchair by riding in an accessible vehicle if needed.

If using a motorized scooter you will need to transfer to a wheelchair if you are unable to transfer into a regular vehicle.

Service animals are permitted on this ride.


Splash Mountain

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On July 17, 1989, Disneyland’s Splash Mountain opened with unexpected results. The executives who were the first to ride were getting soaked instead of lightly sprayed with water. This caused the ride opening date to be delayed for months so that the boats could be re-designed.

Splash Mountain Disneyland Accessibility Information

It is our opinion that they have never achieved a light spray. More often than not, you will get soaked.

If you prefer to not spend the rest of your day or a few hours soaked, you may want to bring along a poncho. The queen of our crew doesn’t like to get her hair wet and suggests wearing a shower cap!

While a generally slow-moving ride, it does boast some wild dips and has a few jarring turns. There are a total of three major dips.

The final dip drops you 5 stories!!

If you have a preference of where you are comfortable sitting, be sure to notify the cast member as they will accommodate you.

Disneyland suggests that guests should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride.

Attraction Information

  • Rider Switch
  • Must transfer from ECV or wheelchair
  • Single Rider
  • Fast Pass
  • Minimum Height: 40 INCHES

Accessibility Information


Follow the instructions given to you by Guest Relations. Learn more about the DAS program here.

Wheelchairs/ECVs/Service Animals

This attraction requires a Disabled Return Time unless the wait time is very low or there is no cast member present at the exit.

The handicapped entrance is located at the exit which is all the way in the back of Critter Country.

Go to the exit and ask the cast member for a return time.

During your wait, you have the options of shopping at Pooch’s store, meeting and having your picture taken with Pooh and friends, riding Winnie the Pooh’s ride (no return time is needed for this attraction), or stop for a bite to eat at The Hungry Bear restaurant.

Note that there is a very steep
hill that takes you in and out of Critter Country, which can be difficult for those using wheelchairs.

When your return time arrives, go back to the exit
and let the cast member know that you are returning.

You will then make your way through the exit.


There are several blind corners.

Most people do not see the mirrors at the tops of these corners and will run into you. Use the mirrors to prevent collisions.

The worst part of this queue is getting
past the area where guests view the photos of themselves from the ride. This area gets very congested.

Wait for instructions from a cast member once you have reached the loading area.

Guests with service animals have two choices. Utilize rider switch (one member of your party stays with the service animal while the others ride, then they and one more person from your party may ride when you return) or use the dog crate available at the handicap loading area. Note that cast members are not permitted to handle service animals.


Cast members may not assist guests while transferring from their wheelchair or ECV.

Guests must be able to transfer
themselves or with the assistance from the guests in their party.

You will exit the same way you entered.

Your picture will not be on the wall like other guests, go to the photo store outside the exit and request to see yours or if you have max pass included with your ticket, you can view it later on the app or online.

Accessibility to Food

As mentioned above, the candy shop is filled with sweet treats. However, Critter Country is also home to Hungry Bear, a walk-up service restaurant.

You can order your food from Hungry Bear at its walk-up window or through the Official Disneyland App. I always recommend ordering through the app, especially when using a mobility aid. The reason for this is because the mobile order pick-up window is easier to access with a mobility aid than the walk-up order and pick-up counters. Another reason is that mobile order menus often offer food that is not offered on the regular menu!!

Find out why #crittercountry at the #Disneyland resort is the perfect place to enjoy a meal! #accessibility #disneydining #disability #traveltips

To access the pick-up windows guests must make their way up a fairly steep ramp. This ramp could be a problem for those who have mobility challenges. I personally recommend that guests using mobility aids find a table in the lower seating area and send an ambulatory member of their party to pick-up the food.

The lower dining area also has access to the restrooms which include handicap stalls, plus a companion restroom for guests requiring assistance.


When You Need a Time Out

Both upper and lower levels have areas south of the pick-up and restroom areas that are exceptionally quiet. The Disneyland Train passes by and so do the boat on The River’s of America, but they do not produce constant or overwhelming noise. This is a perfect area to take a break from the hustle and bustle of other lands. Be on the lookout while hanging out in this area as many of the Disneyland cats like to hang out there too!

Feel free to comment with your Critter Country accessibility questions. It can be frustrating visiting a new place with a disability of any kind. My hope is that the information I provide will help you stress less and enjoy more of the magic during your visit.

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