A Toilet Paper Alternative That Will Save You Money

A Toilet Paper Alternative That Will Save You Money Long After the COVID19 Pandemic

Here’s a toilet paper alternative that will help you save money long after the COVID-19 pandemic is over!

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Toilet paper: You never realize what you had until it is gone

You never realize what you had until it is gone…. like #toiletpaper

At the End of Your Roll?

Out of all the items I could have imagined being in short supply during a pandemic, toilet paper never came to mind. With that said, after six weeks of not seeing toilet paper on the shelves at my local stores, I saw a few packages at two stores this week. One was spotted in a few carts as people passed by my car while I waited for my online Walmart grocery order to be loaded into the trunk. The other was while popping into Aldi to grab the few items Walmart didn’t have. From what I have seen, the amount of restocked toilet paper is nowhere near the amount needed to meet the needs of my community.

Whether you are on your last few rolls or not, the stress of not knowing when and where to purchase more can be unnerving. With everyone being told to stay at home and many encouraged to only shop once a week, the odds of being at the right place at the right time to score a package of toilet paper are slim.

With that said, what’s your plan once you reach the end of your supply? Going from store to store, day after day, until you find some defeats stay at home orders and puts you and everyone you come into contact with at risk of contracting the coronavirus. You could ask everyone you know and beg or barter for a roll, but chances are your friends and family are counting every square too.

The best solution is one that will not only keep you clean if you run out but extend the amount you have on hand. And as an added perk, it should save you money long after the pandemic ends.


The Best Toilet Paper Alternative

Back in 2016, I was asked to try and review a bidet that attached to my toilet. Thinking it would be good for a laugh, I gave it a try. You can read my original review here.

Funny thing is that I ended up loving it! Sure it took a little getting used to, but once after just a few uses, I knew I couldn’t live without one. My husband fell in love with it after one use. In fact, he loved it so much he was online ordering a second bidet for our other bathroom just minutes later!!


While there are many reasons for installing a bidet, the following are why I have one on every toilet in my home.

  1. Bidets are environmentally friendly. The number of toilet paper rolls you and your family use will decrease greatly.
  2. Your body gets a better cleaning than wiping with toilet paper alone! Less wiping also results in cleaner hands!
  3. A bidet will save you money! And who doesn’t like saving? You will buy less toilet paper and no longer need personal wipes!

Bidets are also great for people who suffer from frequent diarrhea. Less wiping leads to a happier bum!

Reasons for using a bidet as a toilet paper alternative

So Many Choices

My favorite toilet paper alternative option comes in many different forms and fits pretty much any budget.

As for bidets that attach to your toilet, the simpler their service, the lower their price. What I mean by that is there are more expensive bidets that offer options like the ability to control the temperature of its spray. They are easy to install, uninstall, then reinstall when moving to a new home. This makes it an awesome option for renters!

My top three toilet paper alternative recommendations are:

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