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Does the idea of cooking with cannabis make you nervous? I became a medical marijuana patient in 2013. At that time money was tight. Terrified of messing up and wasting money, I put off making my own edibles and oils. Fast forward to 2020, when even though I could spend more, I don’t. Why? Because I have learned how to get the most bang for my buck.

The information below is for people who have legal access to medicinal and/or recreational cannabis.

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Save Money by Making Your Own Cannabis Edibles and Oils, Learn the Basics with this Free eBook

Why I learned how to cook with cannabis

My biggest fear of cooking with cannabis was messing up and wasting money. As someone who isn’t the greatest of cooks, I was also intimidated by the process of making my own cannabutter or oil.

I finally took the plunge into the cooking with cannabis world in 2016. My favorite dispensary had started carrying pre-made cannabutter. At the time, I paid $36 for approximately one cup of cannabutter. A little went a long way, which made room in my cannabis budget to try it in other forms.


There were several problems with purchasing pre-made cannabutter. The first being that it wasn’t always in stock. Secondly, not every dispensary carries the same products or brands. And last but not least, I had no idea what strains were used to make the butter. The latter is the most important because different strains can produce different reactions. I need a heavy Indica strain for sleep and only require a strong Sativa when experiencing nerve pain.

Another reason I wanted to learn how to make my own cannabutter and oil is that CBD oils and edibles cost more than those made with THC. High CBD strains are harder to find, but when I do, I double my investment by making my own edibles and oils.

My reasons for learning to cook with cannabis

  • To save money
  • Make edibles with strains that work best for my body and needs
  • Have control over the strength

Cooking with cannabis basics

As I stated above, I was intimidated by the process of making my own cannabutter. That is until I found a super easy process. In my eBook, Cooking with Cannabis, I share that process with you. I also share how you can double the use of your cannabis to save even more money!

What you will learn:

  • How to make your own cannabutter
  • Ways to cook with cannabutter
  • How to make your own topical and edible oils
  • A few of my favorite recipes

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Basics of cooking with cannabis ebook

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