My Word of the Week is SICK

My word of the week is SICK


In this week’s linkup I am sharing what I am sick of and with.

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My word of the week is SICK

Sick of Toilet Paper Hoarding

I am sick of people hoarding toilet paper. It is absolutely ridiculous that people are buying months and months worth of toilet paper. I can think of a lot of other items that would be of more use and importance in the case of being quarantined at home. Those that are attempting to take advantage of those who can’t get to the store at the right time to purchase normal quantities are disgusting human beings.

I am #sick of people hoarding #toiletpaper
#coronavirus #WotW #panicshopping

With that said, I am not too worried about running out of toilet paper. Several years ago, I was asked to review a bidet. As you may remember from my review (read it here), my husband and I loved it so much that we installed one in our second bathroom too!

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Sick of Panicking

I am sick of the panic that continues to grow. I am in no way suggesting that we shouldn’t take the coronavirus seriously, but the current panic that is going on is over the top.

It started with people hoarding toilet paper and sanitizer. Here in southern California, the panic has now reduced access to food. Canned and frozen foods are flying off the shelves faster than stores can restock. If you are not able to shop within the first few hours of a grocery store’s opening, you will have little to pick from. My husband and I arrived at our local Winco around 10 AM on Saturday morning. The line to enter was around the building. The pasta was limited to 2 bags/boxes per person, and there were maybe 20 left on the shelf. There were few canned/jarred goods to choose from. The frozen section was practically empty, and all the good produce was already gone.

Preparing and panicking are two different things. #sick of the panic! #WotW #coronavirus #panicshopping

On the Hunt

We gave gone from hunting for toilet paper to praying we can feed our families. This puts additional stress on those who are living with chronic pain/illness. We can no longer shop when our bodies are up for the challenge. Instead, we are risking injury, illness, and triggering a flare by standing outside stores waiting for our turn to shop. Personally, I am afraid to shop alone. I have heard of several fights in parking lots over toilet paper. Thankfully, the people I have encountered while picking up necessities have been calm and kind. But how long will that last? Sure the stores are currently restocking each night, but what happens when they can’t? How long until people aren’t able to access their medication?

Actually Sick

Even though I have an autoimmune disease, I haven’t been worried about catching the coronavirus. I do not take any of the immunosuppressant drugs that are approved for my illness. I wash and sanitize my hands regularly and touch as little as possible when in public. But as we all know, no one is 100% safe from any illness.

With that said, I have caught what I am pretty sure is just a common cold. My throat is slightly sore, and I have nasal congestion. No fever, no cough, and no more exhaustion than what I have been experiencing from the war between endometriosis and my internal organs during the past month. I am big into herbal remedies and contribute my use of them as to why I have been able to ward off illness for so long.

Even though I am not as sick as those who caught the flu, bronchitis, or coronavirus, I am still a vessel of germs. Because of this, I am doing my part by not leaving my home unless absolutely necessary. I am doing this to prevent myself from getting sicker and to shield my community from my germs.

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Sick of Being Told to Live Normally

I am sick of being told to live normally. There is nothing normal about what is going on. With what is going on, it is impossible to live my normal life.

My normal life includes:

  • Going to Disneyland once or twice a week.
  • Shopping for fresh food once or twice a week.
  • Eating out without fearing for my health when someone at the next table coughs.
  • Wandering around thrift stores.
  • Exploring my home state.
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Currently, none of this is possible. Grocery shopping has become stressful, in addition to painful. My Disneyland visits are on hold until the parks reopen. I will order food via UberEats or place takeout orders, but until we are past the peak of coronavirus, I won’t be dining in. Wandering stores for fun or traveling has been put on hold.

My husband and I had a vacation planned for the end of the month. It has been canceled. Even though our destination was a bordering state, the possibility of not being able to return home is real. So is the possibility of having our home robbed for toilet paper and food.

There is nothing normal about what is going on #WotW #sick #coronavirus

In some ways, I am handling this better than others. One reason is that my life hasn’t been normal since my first chronic illness diagnosis in 2001. Each illness has taught me to be flexible and how to modify my life. The only difference this time is that the people who need to do the same goes far beyond my family and myself, it is the whole world.

What’s your word of the week?

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  1. It’s the same here. I find supermarkets stressful at the best of times, and I do most of my shopping online…and there are no delivery slots for 3 weeks!! I’m also sick on top of being sick. I have a bug that has crept up out of nowhere, it seems. I’ve been sterilizing everything since this began so I do I get a bug staying home…I guess it has to be something I’ve eaten 🙁

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