All of Your Accessibility Information for the Brand New Magic Happens Parade at the Disneyland Resort California

Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland Accessible Information

Disneyland’s new parade Magic Happens is here!

Magic Happens made its debut on Feb. 28, 2020. My family and I go to see it on the 29th and my oh my, what a wonderful sight!!!!

Here are some general parade viewing tips that everyone should know, along with some important accessibility information.

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Accessible information and a sneak peek of Disneyland's new parade Magic Happens

Magic Happens Parade Route

The parade route extends from the alley leading to the Main Street Town Square, goes around Town Square, down Main Street, goes along the east side of the Castle Hub, passes by the Matterhorn as it makes its way in front of “it’s a small world”.

When there is only one parade showing it will begin at “it’s a small world” and end at Town Square. For days with two parade showings, the early will begin at Town Square and the later at “it’s a small world”.

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Magic Happens Parade Viewing Areas

There are three types of viewing areas. Note that Disneyland no longer allows guests to hold curb spaces by camping out for hours. The rule is that you are not to find a spot until one hour before performance time. However, sometimes they allow up to two hours. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know for each area.

accessible area for Disneyland parade viewing


Guests may view the parade all along the parade route. There are a few areas around Town Square and the Castle hub that have benches to sit on. But be warned, they are hot property and go fast! Anyone sitting curbside will remain seated throughout the performance. Everyone behind that front row of viewing has to stand before the parade begins.

As a general viewer, you will have an amazing view no matter where you watch from on the route. The only suggestion I have is that if you are sensitive to being in the sun, sit on the west side of the route.



Where you choose to view should be based on the handicap of your party members and what their needs are.

If standing is an issue or a mobility aid is required, I suggest getting a curbside space. Just be sure to get one as soon as they allow for guests to start lining the street. One downside to watching curbside from a wheelchair is that our bodies are set back to the 2nd row which has to stand during the parade. People in that row tend to crowd, push, and lean into your view.

Another option is to watch from the handicap viewing area. The yellow star on the map marks where the handicap viewing area is located. Occasionally, there is one set up around the castle hub. The perk of the handicap viewing area is that no one in the area has to stand. Be sure to arrive no later than one hour before showtime because this area fills up fast.

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Last but not least, every parade has reserved areas for guests who purchase special dining packages. The Plaza Inn offers lunch with a reserved parade viewing area voucher for the evening showtime. Reservations for this dining package are highly recommended and can be made up to 60 days in advance through the Disneyland app or website. Visit their site for more details. Note that this option only guarantees you an area. It doesn’t mean that you will have seating or that there won’t be people standing in front of you. With that said, to have the best experience, show up to your designated area on time to get the best spot.

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Pre-Parade Checklist

  • Use the restroom! Once the parade starts, it will not only be difficult to leave the area but you could also lose your viewing spot.
  • Grab snacks to enjoy while waiting for the parade to begin.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, or umbrella to provide shade while waiting one or two hours in the bright afternoon sun.

Magic Happens Parade Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures I took to give you an idea of what the view is like from the Town Square handicap viewing area. This was from the 3:30 pm showing with the parade originating from the Small World area. With the handicap area being located at the end of that route, the characters and floats come at you. Whereas with the later showing, the floats and characters are just coming out and are turning the corner with their backs to you.

What Tips Do You Have to Share?

Share your suggestions for making someone’s parade viewing experience a magical one in the comments.

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