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Sleep was never an issue before chronic pain from fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and a botched hysterectomy entered my life. Physical pain makes it difficult to get comfortable. Then there are the nights where my mind races and continually lists all the ways I am failing my loved ones or remembering how far behind I am on what used to be basic tasks.

Whatever the reason for your lack of sleep, know that there is hope! Although I still suffer from what I call a few vampire spells per year, I am for the most part sleeping well again. And no! I haven’t been cured.

In this post, I am sharing what has and hasn’t helped me fall asleep. I am also including an invitation to a free webinar loaded with expert advice. And if that wasn’t enough, information about a sale on natural products that you can feel good about taking.

Good Night Sleep Products

First up are some affordable, yet high-quality herbal sleep remedies.

“Not being able to sleep is terrible. You have the misery of having partied all night… without the satisfaction.” ~Lynn Johnston #insomnia #Painsomnia #chroniclife

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone.

Sleep Products

  • Good Night Lotion
  • Sleepy Time
  • Energy Plus
  • Vitamin D Cream

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My daughter and I use Good Night Lotion almost every night! We love how it relaxes our legs. They seriously feel like they are melting into the mattress! Good Night Lotion is a magnesium-rich lotion that promotes sleep. My body is often magnesium deficient. I have tried and failed to raise my level via diet and supplements. In fact, my body hates supplements in pill form and will reject it immediately. The only way I have been able to reach acceptable levels is through this lotion. My body appears to receive magnesium better via topical applications.

We have not tried Sleepy Time or Vitamin D Cream yet. But we do plan on trying them soon! We have however, tried and love Energy Plus. It gives us the extra boost we sometimes need to get through the day.

Get Ready For Your Best Sleep Ever!

Are you struggling to get a good night’s rest?

Chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, autoimmunity, diabetes, and heart disease are all on the rise. Anxiety, pain, shift work, night sweats, child-rearing, and racing thoughts can keep us from getting the important quality sleep our bodies need.

Our host, Misty Williams, dealt with a variety of sleep and fatigue issues stemming from low hormones, hypothyroidism, extreme stress, Epstein Barr Virus and unexplained weight gain that had her snoring at night.

Along with some of the world’s foremost health experts, Misty is here to help you by sharing what she learned that gave her the ability to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

The Your Best Sleep Ever Summit will help you with:

  • Issues linked to prescription sleep medication
  • Supplements, herbs and diet tips for better sleep
  • Strategies to reduce stress and optimize sleep quality
  • Improving brain function while you sleep
  • Creating a low-EMF sleep sanctuary
  • And so much more!

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“Am I sleeping? Have I slept at all? This is insomnia.”― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club #insomnia #painsomnia #chroniclife

How I Went From Sleepless to Sleeping Like a Log!

My sleepless nights started in the fall of 1999. Long before my first chronic illness diagnosis of psoriasis in the winter of 2001 and psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia in the fall of 2003.

Days and nights would go by without the ability to reach a restorative level of sleep. In fact, some days/nights I was lucky to get 2-4 hours. I was exhausted. So much so that the opposite would take place and I would sleep a solid 12, 16, or 20 hours! It was awful! As the years and pain continued, something had to give. Sleeping in 20 minute to 4 hour increments was not cutting it. I had a teenager and a toddler that I couldn’t keep up with. Something had to change.

At the time all of my doctors agreed that their prescription pad held all the answers. They prescribed sleeping pills, anxiety medication, and heavy duty muscle relaxers. Nothing helped. In fact, my body had the opposite reaction to the sleeping pills. Instead of sleeping, I was awake for four days after one dose only sleeping sporadically in 20 minute increments. My doctor said I looked like zombie when he saw my bloodshot eyes and glazed over look. He then prescribed Valium. This would help occasionally, but not every night.


My Road to the Best Sleep Ever!

How I lived to tell my story I will never know. It was totally by the grace of God that I am here today, because I didn’t start sleeping like I should have been all along until September of 2013. What changed? The answer is more like what didn’t change!

What changed was my attitude towards pharmaceutical medications and natural remedies. Before I go on, I want to make it very clear that I am NOT anti-medication. What I am is someone who no longer asks or tries a prescription medication without trying as many natural and alternative treatments as possible. I have suffered too many side-effects, experienced the opposite reaction one too many times, and had more allergic reactions that a person should have had to endure. While some natural and alternative options may take longer to help, not suffering from all of the above makes it worth the wait.


Forget TLC, I needed THC

The first thing I tried and had success sleeping with is cannabis. I began with edibles because they provided my body with the all night relief it desperately needed at the time. I later moved onto concentrates, but swapped them out for dry vaping cannabis flower a year ago. Not every strain is good for sleep, so there is a lot of trial and error when my dispensary is out of my preferred strains. But, nothing and I mean nothing has helped me sleep like cannabis and CBD.

If you don’t have access to legal medicinal or recreational cannabis, I recommend the following companies for their CBD products.

Other Helpful Items

  • PEMF therapy for joint pain, because let’s get real, pain relief is necessary for a good night’s sleep!
  • Good Night Lotion as mentioned earlier in this post.
  • Knee pillow and pregnancy pillow provide extra comfort for this side-sleeper.
  • Writing down everything that is on my mind in a journal. A nightly brain dump helps me let go of worry or nagging thoughts and to remember what I need to do the next day.
  • Last but not least, listening to my body by following its lead as much as possible and modifying activities so that I do not increase my pain level.

Let’s Wrap This Up and Get Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep!

Now that you know what helps me, which items I use will be on sale, and where to get expert tips I want to share what didn’t work.

As I shared above, Valium helped occasionally. But there was still a problem because it would leave me feeling groggy and sluggish the following day.

Pharmaceutical medications weren’t the only things that didn’t work for me. Before trying cannabis I tried Valerian root. Unfortunately, it had the same effect as Valium. I also tried Skullcap which is supposed to have mild sedative effects. That was also a miss as it put me to sleep for two days! While I didn’t try it, my daughter had been using Melatonin to help her sleep for several years until we realized that it was causing her deep and uncontrollable depression.

Every BODY is different. We will not have the same reactions to everything we try. What helps me or the 50 experts who sharing their tips in the summit may not help you. But then again, it might. Talk to your doctor, research everything (natural, alternative, and pharmaceutical), and be patient when trying something new. It took several months of daily use before I experienced significant relief from PEMF therapy and years before I noticed improvement in my physical abilities with cannabis.

“I’m an insomniac, my mind works the night shift.”― Pete Wentz, Gray #insomnia #painsomnia #chroniclife

With that all out of the way, what helps you fall asleep?

Or should I ask what is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep?

Published by Cynthia Covert

Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

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