Valentine’s Gifts that Say I Love You While also Making Life with Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis Less Painful

Valetines day gifts

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts can become quite difficult when the object of your affection has a chronic illness like fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. But have no fear! I am here to share a few ideas that will provide your loved one with comfort and joy long after February 14th!

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Valetines day gifts

Valentine’s Gifts to Make Living With Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis More Comfortable

Chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis make life uncomfortable. We are uncomfortable in 24/7, while in bed, and sadly, also in our own skin. The following gift suggestions will add comfort to an uncomfortable life.


Wearable Gifts


When choosing slippers, keep in mind that those with chronic pain also often suffer from a lack of balance. As cute as they may be, try to avoid overly large decorative slippers. Opt for something roomy, but not easy to trip over. Something else to consider is how easy will they be to put on. Slippers that don’t require bending or use of hands to put on are a winning option!


Let’s get real. Chronic pain from fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis makes it difficult to leave the house often. As a result, we don’t have the need to dress to impress on a daily basis. In fact, on severe days we struggle to put on sweats or a different pair of pajamas! A soft or silky luxurious robe is something we can wear and use daily. Things to consider when purchasing a robe are that it is roomy, but not too long as to cause tripping and that the fabric is one that doesn’t irritate your loved one’s skin.

Day and Night Comfort

Plush Blankets

The last thing I want touching my body when my muscles and joints are inflamed is something rough. Thick and soft throws and blankets provide comfort in bed and while lying on the sofa.

Support Pillows

Pillows that provide support for the neck, take the pressure off of shoulders, elevate legs/knees, or the tailbone make a fantastic gift. They can be used during the day and at night. Not only do they provide comfort at the moment, but they may provide some degree of long-lasting relief when used to keep pressure off of an area that hurts often from lying on it. The amount of shoulder pain I experience in the mornings decreased after purchasing a foam wedge pillow.

Valentine’s Gifts to Make Living With Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis Less Painful

While it is true that those of us living with chronic pain would love to be 100% pain-free, we would also be thrilled with any amount of reduction. The following gift suggestions will provide various levels of short and long-term relief of chronic pain.


Pain-Relief Gifts

PEMF Therapy

It should be of no surprise that I am recommending PEMF therapy. I began using this form of pain-relief full-time in the spring of 2017. Since then I have experienced relief from symptoms I had been previously told would never go away. Just a few treatments a day to my lower back have rid me of non-stop pain in my tailbone and sacrum. Inflammation surrounding my spine is the cause of my migraines and debilitating brain fog. I have been able to prevent both from turning into severe flares by running treatments on my neck the moment I feel any pressure on my upper spine.

For Best Results

The key to experiencing results with this type of device is to use it often and daily. Because it is portable, treatments can be done anywhere. I treat my spine at home, in the car, at the grocery store, and even while playing at Disneyland. Another important factor to keep in mind is that to achieve optimal results you must stay hydrated. Last but not least, not all pain will be relieved overnight. When I first began using it, I would experience relief in the areas that I addressed as soon as I became aware of pain or inflammation. Long-term pains like my sacrum and feet took longer. I first noticed significant relief in my sacrum pain of 11 years after 4 months of use. My feet which had experienced pain for over 15 years took approximately 6 months before I experienced relief. PEMF therapy truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t imagine my life without it.

Restless Leg Relief

You have probably noticed that your loved one has issues with falling asleep. I personally often suffer from restless leg syndrome where my legs will not relax no matter how tired they are. However, since trying Good Night Lotion a year ago, I no longer lose sleep from restless legs.

Good Night Lotion is rich in magnesium and helps relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and ease pain. As someone who is always deficient in magnesium this lotion has been a Godsend! My body rejects magnesium when I try to boost my levels with food or supplements. However, it accepts it gladly when applied to my skin. I put it on my feet, lower back, and belly each night before bed and within minutes feel like my body is melting into the mattress. Learn more about this product and how it may help your loved one.

Lifestyle Modifiers

Mobility Aids

Maybe it is just me that would rather have a large amount of money spent on something that could help and bring comfort every day versus one day out that will undoubtedly end in pain. Think about this, what says I love you more: dinner and theatre tickets or mobility and freedom? I choose mobility and freedom!

The reason I am suggesting a mobility aid as a Valentine’s Day gift is that it is a gift that keeps on giving. Wouldn’t it be nice if your loved one could go out more and return home without a major increase in pain? My recommendation for a partner who is able to walk short distances, but needs assistance for longer distances or outings is a rollator/transport chair combination. Mine allows me to walk with stability. It provides a comfortable place to sit and rest when needed. And most importantly, it converts easily into a transport chair which allows me to be pushed by my husband when necessary. It has been a game-changer in my chronic life. Mine is the Medline Red model. You can read my review here. When choosing one, I suggest one that provides the most comfort. For example, the seat on my old rollator was hard and increased pain in my sacrum. My Medline does NOT. The back on my former rollator did not provide the comfort or support that my new model does. My new rollator has foot and armrests, where most other models do not.

The gift of a rollator/transport chair combo could mean more time spent going out if your loved one doesn’t have to worry if they will be able to walk the entire time.

A Variety of Healthy Snacks

When flaring from fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness, we lack the energy to prepare a healthy snack. Whether you order a one-time gift or subscribe to one of Snack Nation’s Love with Food monthly delivery plans, your loved one will enjoy having a variety of healthy snacks on hand during their next flare.

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